What Makes Your Instagram Feed More Interesting?

Instagram is totally different when it comes to publishing content and promoting a business. Unlike other social media platforms, it provides users with some exciting features, which are meant to engage viewers at first sight. But what if your Instagram feed is not interesting and causes others to leave right away?

The marketers believe that exciting and compelling content on Instagram is worth looking at. It increases engagement and followership that doesn’t count on other social media platforms.

The fact is somewhat right but not altogether gives a negative impression of other platforms. This is because no matter what platform you are using, interesting content remains the priority of every user.

But the question is, how can you make your Instagram feed extraordinary? Well, there is no hard and fast rule to make your feed stand out. You can still bring out exceptional content for your viewers that makes your feed memorable and catchy.

So, here is what you have to do to make your Instagram feed relevant and exciting.

Essential Elements That Make Your Instagram Feed Interesting


This is the first element that makes your feed stand out from the competitors. Instagram’s platform view is quite different from other social media sites. It allows you to post images and videos to convey a visual message to the viewers. However, consistency remains integral, no matter what the content is all about.

Consistency enables you to maintain a seamless and uniform view of your page. It is one of the factors that capture the audience’s interest and makes your content impressive.

You can also look at a few examples where the marketers post content without considering this only element. Such profiles are hardly viewed and may have a few followers.

Do not use multiple filters

The same goes for the filter property. A filter is only applied to images to enhance the results and make it impressive to the audience. We often use filters to reduce any flaws so that it gives a better impression as required.

Adding a different filter to your visual content can make your feed look awkward. There will be no consistency, while users will question you about enhancements that are not much given attention.

Keep in mind that the more you enhance the picture, the less viewership you will get. This is because everyone knows the photography tricks. We all prefer to see the raw and original pictures so that no one fools us.

This is what you must ensure before putting up the content on your feed.

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Use the same border

Whether you are a blog marketer or seller like the ones on the international B2B marketplace, you should always know about your pictures’ look. This means that you should not post content that does not look alike.

For instance, do not use different borders to impress your audience. It looks awful and can make your content wasted. This is the simple tip that ensures to transform your feed like anything. Please pay attention to what border you are choosing for your images and stick to it.

There should be nothing too extra and too different that may affect the user experience. Your main aim should be to capture interest and increase engagement. And this element proves to be one of the things that can help you achieve the goals.

Ensure high-quality content

Last but not least, high-quality content is more preferred than anything else. Regardless of the platform, it would help if you learned to develop high-quality content that is promising and gets you closer to the desired audience.

Moreover, high-quality content increases the sound of your feed. This means that it helps to convey the message and drive your business more than anything else. Similarly, if you post a blurry photo, you will hardly get to see any impressions. Does that count? Not at all.

So, why waste your time putting up awful content that will not give you anything? You should work on your content skills and do what gives satisfaction to your audience. Definitely, proofreading tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid can help you to write even better contents.

That’s enough to achieve more followers than before.

Add natural elements

Nothing can beat the power of nature. When such elements are used in creating visual content, a different essence is popped. It brightens the image and enhances a unique aesthetics.

If you see big influencers on Instagram, you will notice how they use natural effects to brighten a significant part of the content. It adds power to the image and gives a perfect blend to the feed.

It would help if you were considering this fact so that your followers can perceive a traditional and classy feeling. Also, it will transmit a better message to the followers than the fake filters applied in varying numbers.

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Stick to the purpose

This is something fundamental that users often don’t pay attention to. Sometimes, personal and business touch are combined, which distracts the followers. If you are handling a personal account, sharing business posts can be manageable. But, if you are handling a business account, individual instagram posts should be avoided.

Your followers came here to know your business and not about you. For instance, the sellers on the China B2B marketplace must add posts regarding their products and services. By adding fun facts, memes, and personal photography, you will lose the primary essence of handling the account.

The best practice is to stick to the purpose. Neither you should add unique content or posts from other categories.

Arrange the order of your content

Since you are following a theme, you should not mess the flow at any cost. You definitely have a unique layout in your mind. It is better you should be confident about the arrangement of posts so that it gives a compelling and aesthetically powerful view.

Do you know why some Instagram feeds look so flawless?

Flow matters a lot when it comes to posting visual content. Such Instagram users know which image will look good next to each other.

This is the theory that you need to follow in managing your Instagram. Try to rearrange the order of your posts so that it looks great.

It won’t be easy to figure out which one will be more appropriate to add with another image. Hence, try out the preview app to get an idea of the arrangement. The app will help you know how your Instagram will look like before posting an image on the feed.

You can also delete the photo if it doesn’t match the feel.

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Final Thoughts

Did you see what’s missing in your feed? Well, not everyone is an expert in managing Instagram. One must have skills to learn and know the aesthetics to go with the flow. It isn’t your mistake. Maybe you find it interesting, but it doesn’t work best for everyone. So, try to fix these problems and make your content and feed outstanding than before. Remember, you are not late because there is always room for improvement. Give your audience a chance to believe in you and develop trust in your brand to achieve what they desire.

Image by isuru prabath from Pixabay

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