Top 5 Instagram Photo Editing Trends

It’s time to upgrade your content marketing trends and make the best use of Instagram. The photo-sharing social media platform can boost your brands. It can also make you a famous influencer or public figure. Nowadays, some cool Instagram photo editing trends are becoming popular among the Instagrammers. You must replace the heavily-filtered and square-cropped photos with stylish and futuristic images.

Almost every digital marketing agency in the world is leveraging the power of Instagram. But, only a few can post fresh photos on their IG handles. Instagram photos are not some random pictures that you click and post thoughtlessly. You need to add some touches to those pictures and edit them in a specific way before posting them.

This year, your original photo can bore average Instagram users. It can quickly become a cliche. You need to add some new photo editing skills and spend some more time on the app each day.

Top 5 Instagram Photo Editing Trends 1

The Throwback Selfie

The majority of people engaging with Instagram have been isolated at their homes. While everyone is at home, there are not many who have someone to shoot their looks. Last pandemic had led to an uncharacteristic rise in selfies. They are being posted on Instagram more than usual.

To click an attention-grabbing selfie, use an exciting backdrop. You don’t need to stage your photo shoot. Millennials are using the humble mirror selfie again. They are making their pictures more natural and intimate, not staged. You can start shooting your self-portraits without tripods. These throwback selfies are now a new way for retail brands to run their spring campaigns.

Fashion brands ask their models to click selfies at home while wearing their apparel and donning lo-fi looks. For a real throwback selfie, enhance the graininess of the image and add a film-like feel to it. You can also use photo editing tools that can add subtle light-leak effects and dust to your selfies.

The Vertical Shot

In 2010, Instagram only allowed square photos. Ten years since then, Instagram has lowered its restrictions on image formats. The latest trending image format on Instagram is the vertical shot. Vertical photos have taken the spotlight. Because, they give more impact to your images and fill the whole screen.

These images scrap distractions. And give you the liberty to modify the framing and composition of photos. You no longer need to crop your images. This long, vertical format is best for creating immersive nature photos and big fashion portfolios.

Technically, Instagram requires vertical photos to have a 4:5 aspect ratio. They can be at most 1080 x 1350 pixels.

The Maximalist Food Photo

A few years ago, images of foods on Instagram were quite refined and cleanly. Now, people have lost their cravings for those perfect food photos. Today, the new aesthetics of food photos are more messy and vibrant. The close-up of served food platters replaces the perfectly plated food shots. It offers viewers dynamic and appealing visuals.

When you use magnified shots, they capture the most screen area. This makes food look good enough to satisfy viewers’ hunger. For maximalist food photos, try to use high saturation and high contrast. They will give your food a vivid and crisp look.

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The Neon Effect

A relatively new trend on Instagram comes from a retro kick of neon lights. The bright glow of your Instagram pictures grabs viewers’ attention. They see them as they scroll through dozens of images every day. If your picture is lit by neon lights, it shows an active mood. It will create a lively and radioactive essence.

The neon effect is great for fitness photoshoots. It is also popular for dramatic portraits and cinematic shots. To use the neon effect on your Instagram photos, set up blue and pink lights on each side of your image. But, do this before taking the photo. You can also use photo editing apps that offer a range of colorful neon filters.

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The Flash-On Snapshot

Instagram is also a community of people who are seeking popularity as influencers. These users are experimenting with different ways to share their posts and be more genuine than fake. The flash-on photos help you showcase your authentic side. They also put forth an experimental version of your images.

By using the flash effects, you get some high-focus and crisp photos. However, these photos are less polished but rawer. Hence, you need to add more grain and textures while editing these images. To make good flash-on photos, you can copy the flash effect of old disposable cameras. Just, do this by using your smartphone’s flashlight.

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