How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Business Growth?

Are you struggling to post consistently on Instagram? Do you know how to schedule Instagram posts? Are you using the best Instagram post scheduler for empowering your marketing strategy for Instagram? This blog serves as an ultimate guide that helps you learn how to schedule posts on Instagram.

Why Should you Use Instagram for your Business?

How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Business Growth 1

When we talk about leading social media platforms for a business marketing strategy, Instagram is well-known for its enormous potential.

Over the years, it has grown one of the largest, fast-growing, and most lucrative social networks for users as well as marketers.

However, there is no disbelief that there is a bottleneck competition for grabbing your crucial audience’s attention.

  • Instagram has highly impressed the marketers.
  • Boasting a global user audience,
  • The platform brings many opportunities for brands to promote their business and connect with their potential customers.
  • Therefore, you need an effective Instagram marketing strategy to succeed and achieve your goals.

Studies claim that there are around 130 million users in the United States and 100 million Instagram users in India. This number shows that Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks worldwide. As a result, around 71% of digital marketers are already using the platform to meet their marketing objectives.

According to a global survey conducted by Statista, 76 percent of the responding social media marketers are using Instagram to promote their business.

But no matter how great your marketing strategy is, it is incomplete without an Instagram post scheduler. Scheduling content has become very crucial for your social media marketing strategy, mostly on Instagram. Now, you would wonder how scheduling posts on Instagram can help businesses? Well, because of the fantastic advantages of doing so.

Social media marketers are using innovative strategies and pioneering tactics for finding success at Instagram marketing and rise above the noise. Despite following the best strategies, including timing, consistency, hashtags, and links, not many businesses can lead a successful business account on Instagram.

Hence, time management, challenge to streamline the processes, and strict Instagram guidelines are the common problems faced by Instagram marketers.


Why Do You Need to Schedule Posts on Instagram?

How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Business Growth 2

Before moving to the benefits of using an Instagram post scheduler, let’s discuss why you need to schedule posts on the photo-sharing app. The main reason is that the Instagram marketing ecosystem is competitive. So, it would be best if you dedicatedly worked on gaining an edge to stand out among your competitors.

Given that, you must create appealing images with engaging captions to attract your audience. It would also be best if you found the trending but relevant hashtags to boost your post reach. Besides, you must make sure that your content is published at the right time when most of your audience is active.

All in all, creating aesthetic content and cute captions, finding hashtags, and optimizing your social presence on Instagram makes it tiresome, challenging, and time-consuming for the marketers. So, it would help if you had a way out.

Still not convinced? The following compelling reasons can change your mind.

This is why scheduling posts on Instagram is essential. So, learning how to schedule Instagram posts will help you to execute a successful strategy.

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How to Schedule Instagram Posts?

Here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you to schedule Instagram posts-

Create and Optimize Your Account

The first step that you require to do is creating your account on Instagram. Then, it would help if you optimized it as per your business niche. Most importantly, you need to convert your account to a business account.

To turn your account into a business account, open the Instagram app, go to settings, tap on accounts, switch to a professional account, select your business, and follow the requirements.

As a result, a business account will bring plenty of benefits such as easy access to Instagram’s advanced native analytics, promoting your posts as ads, learning more about your audience, and many more. Now, you will need to manage your business account on Instagram.

Study Your Audience Thoroughly

When it comes to social media marketing, your business needs to know about your audience. This will help you know the most suitable time to reach your audience, choose your message tone, pick the right voice for your brand, and know their preferences. Given that, you will be able to expand your brand reach, drive engagement, and deliver an excellent customer experience.

The more you know and understand your audience’s interests and needs, the better you connect with them. Significantly, strong connections will foster long-term relationships. However, choosing the best social media marketing tools to find your audience’s persona helps you build a loyal customer base.

Check Your Competitors

There is no doubt that the Instagram marketing ecosystem is becoming competitive day by day. But the question is, how well do you know about your competition. It is necessary to know who your competitors are, identify their audience persona, and recognize their marketing strategies for Instagram.

This will help you learn from their mistakes, innovate the marketing strategies that work for them, and gain remarkable marketplace insight. Moreover, you will be ready to identify your weaknesses and strengths that would help you to refine your Instagram marketing strategy. So, perform a competitive analysis to gain an edge over your competition.

Create Your Posts

Now, when you know for whom you post, what you post, and when you post, the next step is to create posts. Still, it would help if you remembered that Instagram marketing works on aesthetic appeal. So, you must create perfect posts to engage your targeted audience with a beautiful newsfeed that your audience would appreciate and love.

However, many marketers advise that crafting posts for Instagram is not as easy as it may seem. You need to create quality images with an appealing message, better caption, and relevant hashtags. Therefore, you can use the right tools, such as Practina, to create comprehend Instagram posts for you without any hassle automatically.

Schedule Your Instagram Posts

Once you have the perfectly crafted posts for Instagram, the next step is to share them with your audience. But did you know why you need to publish your Instagram posts at optimal times? Well, Instagram engagement does change at specific times and days.

So, you should schedule your posts at the optimal times with the help of an Instagram post scheduler. Moreover, it will help you automatically publish your posts even on weekends, special days, and specific events.

Additionally, it will save the time that you can utilize to drive real-time positive interactions by responding to comments, messages, and feedback shared by your customers.

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5 Benefits to Schedule Instagram posts

Here are the marvelous benefits to schedule content on Instagram-

How to Schedule Instagram Posts for Business Growth 3.

Create Perfect Posts

As discussed earlier, your Instagram marketing success depends upon the aesthetic content that you create. So, scheduling content will give you enough time to create and review the posts.

You will be able to create unique and likable images, better posts, and find your niche and industry-specific hashtags. Hence, you don’t need to rush and work more creatively and logically to engage your audience with perfect posts.

Make Real-Time Interactions

Do you know what boosts Instagram engagement other than perfectly crafted posts? Well, the answer is positive and quick interactions with the responders.

To Schedule Instagram posts will help you save you plenty of time that can be utilized to make real-time communication with your audience. Moreover, people love quick and positive interactions with brands and become your loyal fan base.

Establish Active Online Presence

Scheduling content on Instagram will help you make your online presence more strong. Since you can plan, create, and schedule content in advance, you don’t have to worry about posting content on holidays or special events.

Hence, you will never be inactive and can build a more substantial presence on Instagram.

Reach Audience at Right Time

What is the right time to post on Instagram? Experts suggest that the best times to post on Instagram are lunchtime (11 am to 1 pm) and evening (7 pm to 9 pm). Because most of the Instagram users are younger than 34 years, these are the best times to post and reach your audience.

When you schedule posts on Instagram, you don’t have to worry about publishing your content at the right time.

Increase Your Followers

Businesses are focused on creating beautiful newsfeeds to put an excellent first impression on the visitors. This is because visitors don’t spend enough time on a business profile to check their posts.

A well-organized feed will help you to grab their attention. So, you must schedule Instagram posts to plan and design your feed. Hence, you will deliver a more consistent brand experience through your Instagram feed that will push people to follow your brand.

So, these are the compelling reasons to use an Instagram post scheduler such as Practina to put a personal spin on your newsfeed. Hence, you will be able to handle your Instagram business account hassle-free.

We hope these benefits of scheduling content on Instagram will help you to reach your business goals. Are you ready for auto-publishing posts on Instagram?

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