Instagram For Business: How To Increase The Instagram Followers?

For that reason, how to increase the Instagram followers is a question that concerns every business owner, newbie blogger, and marketer. Nevertheless, there are correct ways to use your Instagram account, incorrect paths, and intelligent methods like every other social network.

What is the reason behind it? Instagram is a highly targetable visual marketing and sales channel for any business and offers excellent possibilities to form a loyal audience that grows with your brand. In fact, over 1 billion Instagram users use the app daily, which makes it home to one of the most active audiences out there.

Number of Instagram users worldwide from 2016 to 2023

Top 5 Tips On How To Increase The Instagram Followers

Mass liking and following are pretty questionable techniques for attracting an audience. However, there are some nuances you can consider. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get more followers on Instagram and how to acquire more likes on Instagram in time. The social network algorithms are constantly changing, and things that helped before may not work longer and may even be harmful.

Instagram For Business - How To Increase The Instagram Followers 1

So, read along to find out the top current Instagram business tips to help you on how to increase the Instagram followers or your business audience the right way.

Use The Correct Hashtags To Increase The Instagram Followers

Your objective is to continually engage your audience while increasing the number of followers on your profile. Posting fresh, interesting, and engaging images will fulfill the first requirement. However, to grow, you’ll find that hashtags are beneficial.

Hashtags make it effortless for Instagram users to search for particular terms to find your posts. So, what sort of hashtags should you use? Like Twitter and other social networks, users on Instagram unique specific hashtags over others.

So, If you use popular and proper Instagram hashtags within your posts, you’ll be much more likely to reach new audiences and get discovered.

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Always Post At The Right Time To Increase The Instagram Followers

Above adding the proper hashtags to gain more followers on Instagram, you must also consider the timing of your posts.

A proper approach includes analyzing what has and hasn’t worked for you previously. By going through your optimization section, you can get a complete analysis of your posting history against engagement. That report will also emphasize the best times during the day and best days of the week to post.

So, after going through that report carefully, you should develop a new and improved posting schedule according to the analysis.

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Attract Your Competitors’ Followers

One of the best ideas to find and get new followers is by looking for your closest competitors’ Instagram profiles and starting to engage with their audiences. These users have already shown a certain level of interest in the products you hold only by following your competition.

So how do you successfully attract your competitors’ followers? The answer is by engaging with them. There are multiple ways to engage with users, and the more effort you put in, the more followers and continuous engagement you’ll get out of it.

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Pay For Sponsored Posts Or Product Reviews

All this amended and optimized posting to your profile is excellent. However, suppose you want to find out how to immediately obtain more followers on Instagram. In that case, you should take advantage of influencer marketing and expose your products and services to a broader audience.

So how should you do that? First, contrary to the tactics to increase the Instagram followers mentioned previously, this one generally isn’t free. Still, if done correctly, it’s worthwhile.

To begin, you’ll need to make a list of extensive Instagram profiles in your niche. There are some things to search for in the account results:

  • A large following, generally 20K to 200K;
  • A high engagement rate;
  • An email address in the profile’s description;

If there is an email address in the description box, it generally means that the profile is open to sponsored posts or sponsored shoutouts in a Story. So, you’ll need to email and ask about their sponsored post prices. Typically, the average rate is around 20-50 dollars per post, depending on the number of followers.

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Use Instagram Live Videos To Increase The Followers

Live videos are the key to running a successful marketing strategy on any social media network. You can use Instagram Live to stream live videos to your audience and engage with them in real-time.

Once your brand launches a live video stream, a circle encases your profile picture in Instagram Stories to notify your audience they can check out your stream. Additionally, your followers get a notification once you start a live video. When you’re done with your live streaming, you have the option to upload it to your Story for the next 24 hours.

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Final Words

Instagram is a valuable tool that can connect you with millions of potential customers. As a result, you must continually engage your audience and continuously find and try new ways on how to increase the Instagram followers and reach new audiences.

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