Best Neighborhoods in Nashville for Affordable Living

Are you looking for the best neighborhoods in Nashville for living? Welcome to Nashville, the world’s capital of songwriters. It’s a city of music, enjoyment, and pleasure. Living in Nashville is like living in a paradise. People listen to music everywhere, and joyous crowds take coffees. They also enjoy perfect cocktails in lively bars.

Many of our readers from Nashville and surrounding cities and states asked for our help. They wanted to know about the best neighborhoods in Nashville when searching for apartments for rent. There are so many beautiful apartments available around the city. But if you feel confused about choosing the best neighborhoods in Nashville, read more.

4 Best Neighborhoods in Nashville

Best Neighborhoods in Nashville for Affordable Living 1


This is a bit costly than any of the best neighborhoods in Nashville and ideal for wealthy people. But still, to me, this is reasonable considering its sidewalks, porches, medians, perfect neighborhood associations, and historic designation.

The best part of this neighborhood is this it is only a couple of miles from the main town. This region is so attractive with its scenic beauty and organized structure. Schools are within walking distance, and the city is entirely walkable.

For working singles, there are some lawnless condos that are affordable and attractive enough.


This is one of Nashville’s best neighborhoods. It has a giant geographical footprint, which is ideal for families and creatives. This city historically attracts musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs for decades.

Local breweries of this area are popular among travelers and locals. The contemporary restaurants opened recently are also charming among food lovers. This area is perfect if you are looking for casual bars where you can sit for a drink and a business discussion. There are many bars for this purpose here.


This area is famous for its lower crime rate, which is as lower as 82% than any other Tennessee area.

As a suburban area, this is suitable for young adults. Thanks to newly modernized Victorian apartments and the incredible walkability of this region. German immigrants founded this neighborhood, giving it a charm of European styles and vibe.

Famous for stylish boutiques, clothes, and shoes. But, the Nashville Farmers’ Market of this area is a great place to produce seasonal products and global electric eateries.

For music lovers, this area is blessed. Some outstanding musicians have six weeks of famous jazz classes at the Nashville Jazz Workshop.


The Gulch is an artsy residential area in Downtown Nashville. It is one of the best neighborhoods in Nashville. It’s in walking range of some of Music City’s best amenities, including Riverfront Park and The District.

The area doesn’t allow as much homeownership. The Gulch has lots of the latest condos, townhouses, and studio lofts available for rent. This is one of the most loyal places to live in Nashville for singles and young professionals.

They want to be close to job possibilities with significant employers. They also want great dining points and some of Nashville’s most fantastic cultural attractions!

Again, one of the top places to live in Nashville for singles and young professionals. Close to Nashville’s top cultural attractions having some of the excellent restaurants and dining spots having music all around.

Every recognized city in the USA is unique and exclusive, like Nashville, TN. This city is famous for its title, “ Songwriters capital in the World.” Also, its affordable cost of living and Nashville’s scenic bar environment and food varieties make this city attractive to the people around the country.

City people are always liberal and generous to welcome new ones who are looking to move here permanently. 

If you are eager to move to Music City, keep reading. You will learn about the pros and cons of living in Nashville’s top neighborhoods.

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Pros and Cons of Living in The Best Neighborhoods in Nashville

Best Neighborhoods in Nashville for Affordable Living 2

To make your choice more secure and viable, carefully read through the following pros and cons of moving or living in this city. 

Pros 1: Coffee Shop Around You

In this music city, coffee is unbelievably available. You don’t have to spend an extra minute to find a quality coffee shop. Local coffee shops are almost everywhere. Do you love the crowd around your coffee?

Ugly Mugs and Crema will be excellent choices for you then. Enjoy your coffee with live music. It’s a chance to create a great ambiance while taking a cup of coffee on their spacious, well-decorated patio.

Pros 2: Lively Bar Scene 

I guess you love crowds and parties. You are looking to settle in very near the best neighborhoods in Nashville. After all, Nashville is the city of lively bars with well-crafted cocktails. The most exciting and best part of their bars is you can choose a bar according to your purpose.

If you are looking for a casual meet-up and business deal, they have decent ones. Love to dive and take cheap drinks? Yes, a lot are available.

Pros 3: Almost no Unemployment Rate 

Nashville’s booming economy and variety of businesses make this city having an extremely low unemployment rate. Jobs are available for diversified fields of study and expertise. 

Being one of the fastest-growing cities, it has only a 3.2% of unemployment rate.

Pros 4: Housing 

Compared to the other cities like Denver or Austin, this city is truly affordable. Don’t panic to see the advert for Nashville apartments for rent. It’s surprisingly cheap enough.

Cons 1: You need a Car 

WeGo Public Transit, the city’s public transportation is not good enough to cover all the corners. Probably you will need a car to explore all the facilities and beauty of this city and enjoy yourself. 

Cons 2: Summer is Intolerable 

Significantly, the humidity of Nashville will kill you for at least three months of the year. Get ready for it. Like any other southern city, the summer is hot and humid here, which sometimes are not bearable. The average high temperature is around the 80s.

So, Nashville has both some benefits and a few disadvantages.

To Conclude

Do you consider the humid weather and a bit of traffic? If you love music, parties, clubs, and crowds, then the best neighborhoods in Nashville are ideal for you.

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Images by Domingo Trejo and Paul Brennan