10+ Annoying Men Quotes That Get On Women’s Nerves

Many men sincerely do not understand why almost all women are offended by some words and men quotes. In this article, you will learn annoying men quotes and reasons you should avoid them.

Women, in their way, evaluate the meaning of what men say. For this reason, in order not to have problems communicating with their beloved women, men should avoid such moments in conversation. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just met on the best online dating sites or are married for 20 years.

Communication is the key to healthy relationships.

Top 11 Men Quotes That Get On Women’s Nerves

Often, men, unwittingly and not meaning anything wrong, hurt women’s vanity with many of their words, irritating women with a lack of understanding of elementary things. The list of such annoying men quotes about love is extensive and familiar to almost every man. Moreover, this entire list of annoying men phrases irritates almost all women. So let’s take a closer look at it!

10+ Annoying Men Quotes That Get On Women's Nerves 1

You Look Tired Today

You know that girls react quite vividly to everything related to their appearance, especially when it comes to imperfections. Saying that she looks tired, you imply that she looks at least not very good. Instead of this phrase, it is better to ask how she is in general. Most likely, your girlfriend is having something not very good going on if she looks “tired.” Telling her about it is not very correct. Instead, show concern, help her to cope with problems.

Can’t You See I’m Busy?

A man who does not even try to come up with any funny way to avoid doing his household chores, but utters this banal, another ne of the meaningless men quotes, is a desperate, risky guy. Sometimes it is worth giving a girl a minute of your attention to avoid resentment and misunderstanding using such annoying men quotes and sayings.

11 Annoying Men Quotes That Get On Women's Nerves 1

You Look Great. Have You Lost Weight?

It seems to you that you are complimenting the girl that she has become slimmer and more attractive. But in a woman’s head, it sounds like

“you seem to be overweight and generally unattractive.”

Instead, it is better to say that you are happy to see her or that she becomes more and more beautiful every day.

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Have You Eaten It All Alone?

It is one of the top annoying annoying men quotes for someone. This is one of the most embarrassing remarks that we are sure most guys make jokingly. To note that she finally does not starve with these exhausting diets but eats well. Yet, she hears:

“Do you have a nutritional problem? You should be ashamed that you have eaten so much.”

The opposite of this phrase is:

“Is it everything you’re going to eat?”

So you’re suggesting that the serving is too small, and the girl is exhausting herself again to lose imaginary fat.

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It’s Not Very Feminine

And what does “feminine” mean in general?

Sitting at home with children and obeying men in everything, dressing only in women’s clothing, and being sure to wear makeup? Forget it. Women do not always want to wear dresses and skirts; they also strive to build a career and do anything they want. So to say that a woman does something unfeminine is 100% sexism.

11 Annoying Men Quotes That Get On Women's Nerves 3

Why Do You Always Do This?

Just don’t say that. The assumption that a girl always throws her clothes around makes her defend herself and make excuses for a couple of occasions. So, for example, by saying that she constantly leaves dirty dishes in the sink, you hint at her laziness.

Even if this has happened several times, you should not use these annoying men quotes. Instead, discuss problems as they arise, or at least ask questions without using the word “always.” So your girlfriend will feel more comfortable because, without “always,” the phrase takes on a completely different meaning and applies only to a specific case.

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I Do Not Care

If a girl asks you which dress looks best or where you want to go for dinner, you don’t need to say

“I don’t care” or “it doesn’t matter,” or “whatever.”

She asks you this question not to annoy you or shift the responsibility for the choice onto you, but so that you can help her choose.

Remember: if a girl asks you such a question, your opinion is important, so try to avoid annoying men quotes for her. Would it be better if she always decides without you?

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Well, if You Like it…

It is another attempt to express disapproval or a desire not to decide anything while not offending. You know what? Women are pissed off. They love men for their straightforwardness and ability to make decisions.

If you don’t like it, say it. And explain why. She’s not just asking you without any reason.

You Act Like a Typical Woman

Want to avoid annoying men quotes for my girlfriend? It is worth forgetting all these derogatory men phrases that compare negative behavior to female behavior. In addition to the awful sound, it is also wrong because you compare her with everyone else, claiming that she is exactly the same.

You Need to Smile More Often

You Need to Smile More Often

We’re sure you’ve said this to your girlfriend at least once. What would it be like for you to hear this kinds of men quotes? Most likely, you will think something like:

“You know I have problems. I am not in the mood right now.”

Don’t think your woman is a frivolous person. Just make her smile instead of saying that.

I Don’t Know

This answer to any, even the simplest, female question simply annoys any woman, discourages, and outrages her. Silence to any question is okay for men, but women can’t stand it. So if you agree, say it, and vice versa. Or you get her disappointment, resentment, and irritation leading to misunderstandings.

And sometimes later, you may say,

“You didn’t tell me that!”.

These men quotes are even more unfavorable, forcing a woman to think that a man is not at all interested in her actions. Therefore male “deafness” extremely provokes any woman.

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Psychologists believe that men should more often give compliments to women to maintain sincere care for each other. Thus, men will not only do their women a pleasant favor but also greatly simplify their lives. Be patient with each other and try to avoid annoying men quotes and messages that can lead to misunderstandings.

What are your annoying men quotes? Do you say these annoying men quotes to your girlfriend? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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