How Much Does Cleaning Cost When We Move Out?

The end of a lease is a period of stress for tenants. You want to keep your bonds. Many feel it’s helpful to contact experienced cleaners. They can help clean the property and ensure you get your bond back. You may even step out and have to scrub up thoroughly before the new tenants move in. Whatever position you find, it’s nice to know how much the move-out cleaning costs. This lets you estimate it in advance and understand what cleaners charge for it.

The prices of vacate cleaning would depend on:

  • Home type (apartment, house)
  • Number of rooms at home (Size)
  • The things you intend to carry out (carpet steam cleaning)
  • How much cleaner work is involved

If the end of lease cleaning services are withdrawn or stopped, a flat fee will be charged. The fee is $200 for smaller one-bedroom units and $500 for bigger homes.

The cleaning cost of hiring skilled cleaners can vary according to the size and resources of your house.

Why Lease Cleaning Service?

When moving out, you would be shocked to hear how much work and cleaning costs are involved. It is something more than light dust and a fast vacuum.

You may want to get back your bond (usually a month’s lease). You may also want to stop credit report checks against your name on your national tenant directories. And, leave it in good condition for the next tenant.

You will also be busy packing up your house. You’ll arrange the transition of power and internet utilities to your new location. And you’ll let people know your new address. So, you may not find much time for a deep clean.

When you move before you sell your house, you have much more work to do to get it ready. You want potential buyers to find it as appealing as possible. Nobody underestimates how much a decent clean face-lift will owe you your house.

Should I Clean My Property To Save Cost Before I Move Out?

In short, yes. Suppose you leave the property in an unacceptable condition. In that case, the landlord could claim the property during the pre-settlement review. You would have to pay for any needed maintenance.

Therefore, it makes sense to “do to others as you would do to them” and keep the house clean with attention to detail.

More Should Be Done Cleanly Than The Eye Meets

When you clear all your belongings and furniture, you find dust in places that were once impossible to access. You can also find empty wardrobe drawers and cupboards for cleaning.

The same applies to surfaces like kitchen tables, range hoods, racks, and window sills. These surfaces generally need dusting, sweeping, and cleaning.

You must also take care of the tapestry, mainly if you left any stains. Otherwise, a decent vacuum can be adequate, or book a steam cleaner for deeper cleaning.

You may be OK with a mop and a scrubbing brush. But, pros have the right equipment and cleaning goods to do a decent job much faster. After all, it’s their daily work!

How Much Is The Lease Cleaning Cost Involved When Moving Out?

The price of bonds clean depends on the location, the size of your house, the cleaning needs, and the location.

How Much Does Cleaning Cost When We Move Out 1

You should expect to be paid from anywhere:

  • $150 for the clean-up of leases for a tiny one-bedroom studio, not including oven cleaning. This will be a further $40 – $50.
  • $210 to move out cleaning for a two-bedroom flat, or $250 to vacuum and steam clean the carpet.
  • $360 for a family house with three bedrooms or $490 with carpets being steam cleaned.
  • $440 for a four-bedroom house or $590 with carpets, respectively.


Checklist For Cleaning When Moving Out

The cleaning checklist is issued by the State of Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority:


  • Clean the cupboards inside and outside.
  • Clean all floor and counter-tops.
  • Clean indoors and outside, refrigerator, washing machine, fridge, and freezer (if supplied).
  • Clean cook-tops, barbecues, and hood set.
  • Clean the drain, taps, and disqualification.
  • Clean windows, sills or tracks, flying panels, and window and door frames.
  • Clean or wipe surfaces with a vacuum.


  • Clean the sink, bathroom, and toilet, including taps.
  • clean the shower screens and look for any molds
  • Clean curtain tub. Or wipe doors or enclosures for the bathroom.
  • Clean all surfaces.
  • Vacuum all surfaces and wash them.

Additional spaces

  • Clean all surfaces and wash them.
  • Clean door and window frames and window sills or tracks with stain and wash.
  • Clean reflectors.
  • Fans of ashes.
  • Scrub off air conditioners and vacuum filters.
  • Vacuum any wardrobes or cupboards.
  • Sweep skirting boards and dust.
  • Floors with vacuum and shower.

External areas

  • Mow turf, weed, and borders trim.
  • Clear all leaves or waste from the pool (check for any special conditions in the tenancy agreement).
  • Exterior window cleaning.
  • Clean bins and wash them out.
  • Clear any oil marks from the entry or garage.
  • Remove fabric.


  • Destroy all land waste.
  • Vacuum your tapestries

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Choose An End Of Lease Cleaner

The easiest way to find a decent cleaner is by family and friends’ word of mouth. Or ask your real estate agent to make a suggestion or check online. Check the cleaners’ ratings and consumer comments or inquire for references.

The primary need for people to be truthful and trustworthy in your household. Ask what products cleaners use if it’s important to you. This is especially true if the landlord wants them to use green products. And crucially, you have found out they are insured. You found this out after finishing the lease cleaning price search with all the added services.

In this case, you need a “move out” cleaning company. They must be good at cleaning and know what impresses landlords or homebuyers.

Get quotes from various cleaning firms. Check that they detail the services they offer. They should include 72-hour re-cleaning if needed. Notice that it’s not just the price; maybe the cheapest cleaning service is not the best!

Dirt2tidy does end-of-lease carpet cleaning and you can trust them for the best, low cost move out cleaning. They follow endorsed property managers’ cleaning checklist. They use professional cleaning teams and Eco-friendly material.

Check also if the cleaners are versatile. They must be ready to change their services to suit your needs. They must also be available when you need them. If the next occupant moves in soon after leaving, there will be a brief time for cleaning.

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