How To Keep Cats Off Your Artificial Lawn?

After forking out for a stunning new artificial lawn, the last thing you want is cats making a mess of it. How to keep cats off your artificial lawn? Because, unlike natural grass, the synthetic lawn will not simply regrow whenever it runs into some bother, leaving you to deal with it. So, what maintenance solutions are available?

4 Ways To Keep Cats Off Your Artificial Lawn

How To Keep Cats Off Your Artificial Lawn 1

Cat Deterrent System

Perhaps the most effective way of keeping cats off your lawn is a cat deterrent system. These detect movement within the vicinity of your yard and emit ultrasonic sounds or strobe lights. However, you can adjust the system, so that humans or dogs can not affect it. Typically, these systems are easy to install, lightweight, and waterproof, meaning they minimize hassle from start to finish. Most systems are simply operated by batteries; resulting in a long lifespan and cheap running costs.

How To Keep Cats Off Your Artificial Lawn Cat Deterrent

Though this is an effective way of keeping cats off your artificial lawn, they are not so practical for cat owners. As a cat owner, you don’t like your pet to fear entering your garden. Therefore, this is a solution for people who don’t have pet cats and would like to keep random cats off their property.

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Scat Mats

Scat mats create a barrier around your lawn that humans can simply step over, but, cats will not manage to do so. You can restrict cats from walking any further. Not only do scat mats deter cats, but they’re also effective in keeping squirrels and other potential pests away from your lawn. Scat mats are easy to fit but, depending on the size of your lawn, they can end up being rather expensive.

How To Keep Cats Off Your Artificial Lawn Cat Scat Mat

This is perhaps the most effective way of keep cats off from your artificial lawn if you’re a cat owner, as this method doesn’t evoke fear within cats. Instead, the lawn will simply be cordoned off; so that they’re unable to access it. Although this solution is best suited to small or medium lawns; placing scat mats around large lawns will incur a high cost.

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Cat Repellent

Quite simply, you spray cat repellent across your lawn regularly to keep cats off your artificial lawn. Cat repellent has a smell that cats can’t stand; but don’t worry, as a human, you won’t be able to smell this. Unlike the previous solutions, cat repellent will run out; so you’ll have to purchase more over time, meaning that it may result in high costs. Similarly, you can’t spray cat repellent across your lawn once and be set for life; it does require constant upkeep. Rest assured, the application of cat repellent will not harm plants and animals. Since this is a modern solution, it has been developed to be as environmentally friendly as possible; and won’t weigh heavy on your conscience.

How To Repellent

The effectiveness of this solution depends on the weather of your area and the time you spend on upkeep. In the UK, it’s no secret that we’re often subjected to a lot of rain. Therefore, you may only use cat repellent when it’s typically drier during the summer; and it won’t frequently wash away the chemicals. Additionally, if you’re someone who works full time and doesn’t have the time to apply repellent to your garden constantly. This may not be the most convenient solution for you.

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Pet Correctors

Pet correctors resemble spray bottles and emit a loud sound to interrupt poor behavior when you press on them.

How To Pet Corrector

Therefore, if you noticed a cat walking on your lawn, you would press the pet corrector; and, if effective, the cat would evacuate your synthetic grass area. Although this can be considered a practical solution when you catch cats in the act; you have to be on hand for this method to work.

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