Cat Toy – A Smart and Time-Saving Solution for a Cat Lover

Why you need a cat toy? As a cat lover, playing with your cat is very entertaining. Moreover, some people said that playing with your pet can reduce stress and increase a special bond with the owner. However, you do realize that you will not spend your whole time playing with your cat. At the same time, your cat needs entertainment just like a human does.

The best solution for this issue is cat toys. You can have a cat toy that moves on its own and make your cat happy without worrying it will bother your schedule. As for now, we will share some helpful information about cat toys that any cat lover should know. The information below is need for you to understand so your cat can have a proper toy.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Cat Toy

  • The first thing you need to consider before purchasing a cat toy is that it must suit your needs. If you only have one cat at home, you can buy them a toy that they can play with individually.If there is more than one, you can consider types of toys that you can use in groups.
  • The second is to consider the cat’s body. The instinct of cats as animals is to hunt and prey, so they will treat their toys as prey to be hunted. If you buy a larger size than his body, he will not be interested because he does not consider it his prey. If it is too small, they may swallow the toy accidentally.
  • The third is to choose a cat toy that has a soft texture and non-sharp angles. Cats play by biting, so you need to give them a toy with a soft texture and not sharp. Toys that are hard and made of metal can injure a cat’s nails, lips, and gums while playing.
  • The next is considering the cat’s age. Kittens and adult cats have different tastes in toys. Kittens prefer to play with small balls and stuffed toys filled with catnip. After growing up, they tend to prefer to play chase and hunt.

To help them play, you can give them a fake mouse or cockroach. The other thing you need to count is don’t buy toys that can poison cats, including a toy that has a scent or smell. This can cause poisoning. A poisoned cat will be characterized by restlessness, vomiting, and convulsions.

In addition to the smell, you also need to analyze the material of the toy. The last thing does not ever give a live animal to your cat. Cats love mice and fish. However, don’t give the two live animals as toys. This is because live mice can transmit diseases to cats, such as the Toxoplasma parasite. While raw fish can carry parasitic worms and heavy metals.

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Which Cat Toy Do You Prefer?

Several types of cat toys can entertain your cat. Some of them can even move by themselves, which can make it looks natural. Besides, cat toys have different prices based on their quality. The following list is the example of cat toys you can buy:

Rope Games

Cat Toy Rope Games

Your cat’s instinct as a hunter makes it attracted to any object that reflects its prey – such as a toy tied with string.

Just swing the toy in front of him, and see how he looks just like a tiger.

Smart Cardboard

One way to make your cat happy is to make a cardboard box for him to play with.

Cat Toy Smart Cardboard

Not only will it be a fun playground, but it will also be a shelter from the sun during hot weather.

If you own more than one cat, they will probably enjoy playing hide and seek there.

Cork or Stockings

You can also find numerous cat toys in your environment without worrying about your expense on this cat toy.

Cat Toy Cork or Stockings

Cat also likes the cork, empty tube lined with paper, attach colorful strings, tennis ball, and stockings filled with cloth.

However, even those toys are available at your house, they will get bored quickly, and you need to spend your time more on creating them.

Therefore, purchasing a cat toy is the best solution for you.

Based on those explanations, a cat toy is an intelligent solution for a cat lover who wants to entertain them.

Besides, a cat toy is completely time-saving because your cat can play it by themselves without bothering your busy time.

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Featured Image by BUMIPUTRA from Pixabay

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