What Is The Difference Between Stucco Repair And Stucco Remediation

Stucco repair or stucco remediation what is the best option? Best-Stucco Contractor can help you understand for stucco repair or if need remediation.

The Difference Between Stucco Repair And Stucco Remediation

If you have a house with a stucco exterior and are no longer bearing the looks as good as it once did, you are likely to confront two possibilities: Stucco repair or Stucco remediation

Both terms narrate different services that might not be clear at once. There is no use of repairing the stucco when you eventually need remediation. Similarly, there is no use of remediation when the walls only need a fix. Learning the difference between the two can save you both pocket and time.

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Stucco Repair Or Stucco Remediation: What Should You Opt For Your Stucco House?

Fixing a stucco siding is not something we homeowners wish. Unfortunately, overlooking it is likely to cause additional damage. Failing to mend wrecked stucco siding can lead to moisture ingress and eventually harm the foundation of your house; which can further pave the way to more expensive repairs.

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The stucco industry’s jargon can most probably make you feel perplexing. Should you opt for stucco repair or stucco remediation? It is, unfortunately, tricky to decide between the two.

If you are amid stucco repair and stucco remediation, you are at the right place. Continue reading to figure out the difference between the two.

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Stucco Repair

Stucco repair is the fixing process performed to remedy the surface-level damages. This fixing procedure is often executed to fix the damage caused by an external force; like something striking the wall and damaging the material layered on the wall. Besides, you can professionally repair minor cracks that develop over time in certain parts of the stucco wall with an immediate process.

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Pros Of Stucco Repair

The two key benefits of stucco repair over remediation are that the process is quicker; and also the least expensive. Repairs are usually surface-level fixes; however, they lack extensive work that stucco remediation may otherwise need. Besides, for minor stucco fixing, you need less-skilled human resources. So, the cost is less expensive as compared to remediation.

When Is Stucco Repair Required?

They typically perform minor fixing for surface-level damages to the stucco wall. If you encounter small cracks that haven’t yet discovered moisture or mold; and stucco is also new comparatively, fixing the damage might be all you need. It may take a comprehensive check by a professional stucco repairer to examine if it is surface-level damage, or it is the consequence of substantial underlying problems.

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Stucco Remediation

Stucco remediation is a complete fixing and re-plastering procedure of the entire wall system performed to repair the underlying problems; that can create more harm to your house foundation. The inherent issues often include moisture penetration into the gap amid the outer stucco layer and the interior wall frame. The problem may occur because of inappropriately done original work or is aged and doesn’t hold anymore. As the stucco remediation is a comprehensive process, it needs expert hands of highly trained workers to perform the job.

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Pros Of Stucco Remediation

The critical benefit of stucco remediation is that it permanently mends the inherent issues that damage the stucco exterior. If moisture intersperses the exterior surface, repairing the damage even multiple times will not resolve the issue. Rather, the problem will keep on returning repeatedly. With stucco remediation, your professional stucco contractor will resolve the issue right at its root. You might have learned that stucco damages take place because of moisture; this is often a sign that your house’s interior structure can also cause damages by moisture. The process of remediation will protect the rest of your house walls from future damage – exterior and even interior.

When Is Stucco Remediation Required?

Remediation is crucial if you encounter more profound stucco damage. Stucco remediation is far more expensive than an ordinary stucco repair. However, you should not execute the process unless required. The price of performing simple stucco repairs to postpone inescapable remediation repeatedly will be far higher. If your stucco is old and showing signs of mold and moisture, it is the time to opt for stucco remediation.

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Checking The Stucco

Before you decide against stucco repair or remediation, you will first-of-all need to check if there is an issue. Suppose you notice cracks, lumps, or molds on your stucco, you need to get the right and effective solution. Leaking through the walls even if there isn’t any plumbing issue shows stucco damage. These are the clear indications of stucco damage, and professional stucco contractors Oakville can give you a correct review and provide you with the right plan of attack.


The price gap amid both stucco repair and remediation is the gap between an immediate repair and a lasting investment. Repairing a single section of your house exterior will only save you cash in the short term, but will not be lasting. Several repairs repeatedly will, for sure, cost you far more than a thorough, professionally done remediation. Stucco siding installation done appropriately will also enhance the resale value of your property.

Opt For The Best Contractors

Stucco repair is a more straightforward procedure that most professional contractors can watch off, but stucco remediation is more sophisticated on the contrary. It carries the stucco siding process out as a system that functions. If installed inappropriately, the entire system will cannot function correctly. However, it is imperative to use highly experienced, and best-stucco contractors in Oakville since stucco remediation requires the right skills and scientific rigor. You will not want a general contractor handling your stucco repair or remediation process with no or least experience in the field.

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