Factors Influencing The “For You” Feed and Methodology of TikTok Algorithm

Which Factors Influencing The “For You” Feed and Methodology of TikTok Algorithm? TikTok has a new appeal for people across the world. It is cutting across age and class barriers. People across the globe are sharing videos and related content through this popular platform. It has become a platform to voice social issues and quarantine ideas amidst the pandemic. Millions of users are using apps like Tiktok to have fun and gain fame. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) posted a video on TikTok about protecting yourself from the deadly virus. Since then, the channel has gained 1.7 million followers. But the channel has posted only 17 videos so far. It shows the reach TikTok gained amongst users. We can quickly spread awareness across the globe with the help of widely used social media platforms like TikTok.

“If Snapchat is super-premium, Instagram is premium, and Facebook is average, then we can safely say that TikTok ranges from below average to above average and beyond, as almost everyone is on TikTok”; says Honey Singh, CEO, public relations and content marketing of ARM Worldwide.

With the right level of trending campaigns, governments can quickly curb the spread of the fatal virus.

Let us look at the recent stats of TikTok:

  • Tiktok is the most downloaded non-game app as of March with more than 115.2 million installs; according to the survey conducted by US-based app analytics firm Sensor Tower.
  • It represents a 98.4% increase compared to previous year downloads. The coronavirus had significantly increased smartphone flexibility. More users are now regular users of this trending application. People in remote places are also familiar with this attractive media sharing platform.
  • So far, it has been the best year for the TikTok app, with over 315 million installs.
  • In India alone, 33.4% of people use TikTok adding to 612 billion downloads from the country. More celebrities and famous personalities are becoming a part of this trending platform. 
  • According to a report submitted by Zefmo media in April 2020, more than 77% of TikTok users created COVID-19 related content and posted it in the app. Close to 80% of users are planning to continue doing the same through this application.
  • ARM WORLDWIDE’s user analysis suggests that people spend an average of 38 minutes a day on TikTok. In the beginning, when the app launched, users only spent 4 minutes a day. It shows the kind of growth the platform has had through these years.
  • The Chinese firm ByteDance merged with Musical.ly in 2018. This is one of the main factors contributing to the application’s extensive usage.

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Here is how the TikTok algorithm works?

TikTok clone app algorithm has a functionality similar to that of the popular application, TikTok.

The ‘for you’ page in TikTok lists the content based on every user’s preference and liking. The feed appears whenever users open the app to view their favorite content through the app.

The system recommends the videos for the feeds based on a series of factors such as 

User Interaction:

The feed can be based on the videos shared by users and contents commented by the users. It can also be based on the accounts users follow, and content users create.

Video Information: 

It captures the details in captions, sounds, and hashtags.

Device and account settings:

The feed is based on language preference, country/region, and device type.

Every one of these factors is individually weighted for each user, and recommendation is listed.

For example, TikTok explains that a reliable indicator of interest could be if users watch the complete video. The weaker index will include factors like if the creator and users belong to the same countries.

From these indicators of interest, the data for the ‘for you’ page is ranked based on the likelihood. It can also be ranked based on the views of the content.

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Here are some of the ways to personalize the ‘For you’ page on TikTok

Once users have created an account on TikTok, they can select their favorite categories, such as pets, travel, beauty, and sports. The TikTok script uses this information to tailor content to their feed. Even though the users might not have used the TikTok app to its fullest potential. And, this can be the initial step to get content of users’ liking into their feed.

The second is to fine-tune the app’s settings to suit users’ requirements. These include

  • Hashtags,
  • Sounds,
  • Effects and
  • Trending topics on the Discover tab.

 Users may not like every content that TikTok has. So when users come across any content they don’t like, they can select the ‘Not Interested’ option.

Using these steps, users can expand the horizon of viewing their favorite content in the popular app.

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Other factors that influence the TikTok clone algorithm:

We have already looked into the factors that influence the content of ‘for you’ page. Here are some more factors that influence the TikTok clone script’s algorithm. It also works similarly to the popular platform, TikTok.


The videos and content popular among other users are considered to be factors in the user’s feed. TikTok clone app developers believe users will also like the content liked by most users.

TikTok Duets 

It is a type of video where users can recreate the content created by the original creator. The original content and recreated content appear side by side. Usually, users choose viral videos to recreate as the chances of trending are high. If many users view your content, it is likely you can be a part of others’ feed. TikTok clone app script includes these fantastic features. 

New features

The TikTok clone app script keeps users captivated through its new features. People can edit the videos and other media content as they post. Another feature is that users can voice over the existing videos.

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Summing up:

TikTok’s growth is moving at the speed of light with new features, more brands, businesses, and influencers joining the platform. It is fascinating to look at the evolution of the platform after the launch. Business owners can be part of a similar platform acquiring the Dubsmash clone app from a well-reputed app development company. Musically clone app will also be wise to invest in, considering the market growth it had during its launch.

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