How To Learn AWS – The Different Methods To Learn AWS

In this article, we have discussed about what AWS is. What are the different methods to learn AWS? How to start learning AWS?

Companies are deploying cloud solutions for a better outcome at an increasing rate. To match the current global competition, companies always look for resources with training and experience. They must be able to handle and deliver cloud solutions.

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are the top 3 companies capitalizing on and offering the best cloud solutions. IBM, VMWare, Rackspace, and many others are in the queue too. With all these platforms booming at an increasing rate, qualified engineers & learned professionals are rapidly increasing.

There are several quality learning resources available offline and online for professionals to get acquainted with cloud solutions. If we take one such cloud solution provider, say, for example, Amazon, we might get several resources to learn. We are here to discuss the top 3 ways or methods to learn Amazon’s cloud solution as a whole.

What Are The Different Methods To Learn AWS?

Amazon Web Services, commonly known as AWS, is the cloud solution provided by Amazon. In recent years, it has been in an overwhelming position in the market. If you are new to AWS; we understand that it will be challenging to find the best way to start learning. The solution we have provided in the article will leave you without any doubts about where to start. 

We will solve all your queries, uncertainty, and discuss everything you need to know while starting your AWS journey. Before understanding the steps to learn AWS, we first need to understand what Amazon Web Services or AWS is.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a range of computing products offered by Amazon to tackle various cloud tasks, on-demand. Currently, AWS are the most used and the biggest service provider of the cloud market. It has services offering from the databases to the standard website hosting.

AWS is not designed for the casual website builder. Big enterprises that want to handle their entire business on the cloud can use it. So it is quite tricky and difficult to decode the exact way to get used to the AWS. Don’t worry, we could decode the path, and here is the best way to learn AWS.

How to start learning AWS?

In the introduction, do you remember that we have short-listed three steps to understand Amazon Web Services best? Yes, so these are those steps.

  • Learn the core AWS first.
  • Prioritize your hands-on learning.
  • Go for structured learning.

Don’t worry! We are not just listing them; but we will be talking in-depth about each of these points we have mentioned above. Let’s deep-dive, starting with the first pointer.

Learn the core of AWS:

The services provided by Amazon in AWS are mingled with each other. You might have started thinking that if connected, then what is the core of amazon web services. Let us understand it by taking a brilliant example.

Let us say you want to learn the Elastic Container Services, commonly called as ECS. ECS allows you to run container-based services. When you run services on ECS, you can configure the host for your containers. One of the options is to run your host on Elastic Cloud Compute, commonly called EC2. Taking this scenario in our mind, EC2 is the core service. Without understanding EC2, it will not be straightforward for you to understand ECS. 

We hope the example will clear your doubt about the core services. It’s key for you to learn the core of Amazon Web Services first. And remember, just by answering the AWS quiz, you won’t be the champ of Amazon Web Services. It will help you get confident with Amazon Web Services. But, you will need to cover all three points mentioned above.

If you have understood this point, let us now switch to the second pointer of our discussion.

Get hands-on with the AWS:

The best way to learn AWS is to get hands-on with the AWS setup process.

Remember, you might lose too much money or get your account hacked if the setup is not done correctly. Many first time users spend much money while setting up their accounts. They make many mistakes. These mistakes lead them to waste money on the setup by getting a large bill or getting their account hacked. This is because, they have not received the proper training to set up the account.

The structured training that we will discuss in our next pointer. But, before you start working on a real-life project and the AWS quiz is crucial as a starter. 

Opt for a structured training To learn AWS:

And the last of our three-pointers is to get a structured training of AWS. If you don’t go for the structured training, you might be getting lost in the sea of details and services. So, it might be causing trouble for you to learn the right areas of AWS. Instead, you might waste time and money in learning unnecessary areas of AWS.

One of the best ways to add the structure to your learning is online training. You will find several online resources to learn AWS. Along with structured learning, you might also end up playing a few AWS quizzes. These might strengthen your root knowledge about the AWS. 

We will also suggest you give the AWS exam post completing the study. It will credit to you if we look at the present demand for the professionals. They may need hands-on experience on AWS.

Final Note:

We wish the information we provided were worthy enough for you to give a start for your journey learning AWS. We wish you all the best. And don’t forget to attempt the AWS quiz!

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