Instagram – The Best Social Media For Architects

According to the data from clients and analytics, it is clear that architects use social media a lot. They use it for both personal and business reasons. It goes on to reveal further that the popularity of social media for architects show an upward curve. For instance, social media helps promote the things that architects value. It comes from their hearts. In addition, social media also helps make images more visible that is a top priority for most architects. Social media networks are valuable for sharing thoughts and discussions.

Why Is Instagram The Best Social Media For Architects?

Since its launch, Instagram has been one of the most popular social media for architects. They post useful content for most people. However, when it comes to using Instagram, social media for architects, you may be in two minds. Well, it is time you shed off thoughts and embrace the application of this social media network. Read on to find why architects consider this platform useful for their needs.

  • Due to the visual nature of Instagram, architects and designers flock to the platform.
  • It is one of the platforms that help marketing and promote their work and ideas or get information.
  • Many new architects use this social media network to find and encourage new talent. This helps the community of people in architecture.

You will find many designs on this network. But, you need to find out how businesses use it to share their architectural splendor. During this platform’s early days, it was easy to share pictures with others.

However, it has undergone a sea of changes since then. Today, businesses use this network a lot. But, they are eager to buy real likes for their brands from Stormlikes and enjoy its popularity.

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What makes Instagram the best social media for architects?

Take a glimpse at the reasons for its emergence as one of the most visually active platforms available today.

  • This network has had some big additions. They include Stories, direct messaging, Instagram TV (IGTV), and ads. These changes have made it better for architects who want to share on Instagram.
  • The quality of content on this platform has also improved radically over the years.
  • The one in your mobile device is even more powerful than the latest cameras on the market. There’s no doubt about Instagram’s contribution to this success.
  • You can take high-quality images on this platform. They will make your firm’s posts powerful. Post-production apps let you share them with everyone.

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Everyone knows how architects and designers have used Instagram in the last four years. Suppose you already have a website of your architecture firm. In that case, it is time to delve into a well-structured social media marketing strategy. Instagram is the best place to start.

Instagram is for photos. Success here comes mostly from the images you choose and how often you post them. Image quality is vital. The architects understand this well. They fear their images will gather dust.

Instagram - The Best Social Media For Architects 2

Suppose you have a big collection of professional images on your hard drive. In that case, you can autopilot Instagram for another year. You can focus on winning the ample content instead of small details.

You can also expect huge growth. Clients’ Instagram accounts will have lots of activity and will be responsive. You won’t have to worry about making new things, picking hashtags, or writing captions.

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Effortlessness and consistency

The social media is hardly surprising. Architects love Instagram because of its visual features. It gives them a chance to post inspiring content. For the starters in this field, Instagram is a valuable network.

However, you have to do it right to make it easy to put your design at the forefront and connecting with clients. However, you need to know how to do things properly to chart your success correctly. Besides this, you need to stay consistent with your messaging.

You need to stay on track with your photographs. They should know it’s time to sneak into your images before they know your name. You may get many encouraging and inspirational home design images. But, you must compare them to your firm to check if they work.

The idea is to stay congruous as people may find it difficult to understand too many stories simultaneously.

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Instagram and its functions – Social Media for architects

Architects need to understand the following functions on Instagram. They must do so to use it as a social media for architects.

Instagram - The Best Social Media For Architects 3
  • It is one of the best sites to get inspiration from every angle. For instance, architects can check their accounts from anywhere. This is especially true when they are communicating with clients. Many architects use Instagram. They find it easy to get vibrant designs from the places they travel to or through their daily experiences.
  •  The prospects are more likely to check your work and hire your firm.
  • You can choose some of the pictures from your existing project and show them to the world. Several magazine designers and editors use this platform. So, they might look at your work.

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Things to know

For a long time, many people thought architectural photography didn’t work due to social media. They thought professionalism did not work. But, this is not true. Social media is slowly changing architectural firms. While briefing the photographers, you need to stress quality. You also need to urge them to delve into details. They need to change their way of exploring buildings.

Opportunities are increasing every day. You will enjoy the project. It will last two years and let you expand nearly a hundred images. This will let you capture every detail beautifully.

Also, Instagram is a social network that lets you explore and share ideas beyond a particular design. If you own an architectural firm and are already on Instagram, there is no need to feel disheartened if you have only a few photos.

You must not let your audience become stagnant. You can access organized content from many parts of the world.

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