How Numbing Agents Work and Their Benefits | An In-depth Analysis

As a makeup artist, you must have had clients excited about shaping their brows, lips, or eyeliner. But the fear of pain puts them in doubt. We know it can be tricky to balance stunning results with clients. They prioritize comfort. But what if there were a secret weapon in your PMU kit to alleviate their discomfort? Introducing primary and secondary numbing agents, your partners for pain-free PMU procedures! This innovative product lets you offer your clients a better experience. It makes tattooing, eyebrow, lip, and eyeliner procedures happier and smoother. This blog will provide detailed information about primary and secondary numbing agents. It will cover how they work and their benefits. So, let’s get started!

What are Numbing Agents in Permanent Makeup?

Numbing agents are unique products. They come in different forms. People use them to reduce pain during tattooing and permanent makeup. They contain ingredients like Lidocaine that temporarily numb the nerves in the skin. This makes the whole tattooing or PMU process less painful for your client.

Note: Numbing agents come in two types. The first is Primary, and the second is Secondary. They come in different forms, such as sprays, creams, liquids, gels, or foams. Different procedures or skin types may need different consistencies.

Now, the next question comes: how do these numbing agents work? Come, let’s explore the answer.

How Do Numbing Agents Work?

How Numbing Agents Work and Their Benefits | An In-depth Analysis 1

Let’s understand how a numbing agent works. We’ll use the example of a client getting a tattoo.

First, when a client gets a tattoo, the moment the needle touches their skin, the nerves react. Instantly, these nerves send pain signals to their brain, indicating discomfort. As the needle continues, the pain grows too much for some clients.

This is where primary and secondary numbing agents come to the rescue. It is made specifically to ease your client’s pain during a tattoo or PMU procedure. The secret behind these products is simple: they contain ingredients like Lidocaine.

Once applied to the skin, Lidocaine in the numbing agent interrupts pain signals. Nerves send them to the brain. Basically, it acts like a signal blocker, telling the brain to take a break from pain. This mechanism enables your client to have a smoother tattooing or PMU experience.

Best Numbing Agents to Buy in the Market:

How Numbing Agents Work and Their Benefits | An In-depth Analysis 2

The Solution Numbing Spray

The Solution Numbing Spray was developed by Scalp Tech Inc. Lidocaine is an ingredient in it. It relieves your client’s pain during tattoo or PMU procedures. This spray also reduces redness and inflammation. So, it offers comfort to clients during the process.

It is made to be applied generously on open skin. You do not need to worry about adverse reactions. Rest assured. This product has natural preservatives. They keep your client’s skin safe.

The Solution Numbing Foam

Scalp Tech Inc. manufactures the Solution Numbing Foam. It offers a safe and effective way to relieve pain during tattoo or PMU procedures. This foam reduces redness and inflammation. Also, it brings quick relief for your clients.

It is Paraben-free. It has natural preservatives. They keep your client’s skin healthy. The foam contains Lidocaine and Epinephrine. It gives quick relief when applied to tattooed skin.

Topical Anaesthetic Numbing Cream

Zensa Skincare numbing cream is the natural choice for pain-free procedures. It has the highest strength, Lidocaine (5%), for superior relief. Its velvety texture ensures client comfort during and after use. It has a long-lasting numbing effect of 2-3 hours (extendable with reapplication). Over 50,000+ beauty and healthcare pros trust it. Its Health Canada approval shows it’s safe and effective.

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What are the Benefits of Numbing Agents?

How Numbing Agents Work and Their Benefits | An In-depth Analysis 3

Provide the comfort your clients deserve

Numbing creams, sprays, and foams provide the comfort your clients deserve. They act as tiny shields against discomfort. When clients are comfortable, they move less. This leads to better results and a higher satisfaction rate. Also, less discomfort creates a calmer setting. It helps both your client and the artist.

A great tattoo or permanent makeup experience

A tremendous permanent makeup experience is essential for both artists and clients alike. Creating beautiful permanent makeup is an art. Ensuring your clients have a smooth, enjoyable, and painless procedure is also an art. Nervous clients can add complexity to even the most straightforward processes.

Numbing creams, sprays, and foams are crucial. They help customers feel at ease during their permanent makeup sessions. Also, they improve the looks and make the experience comfy and fun for your clients.

Lesser duration of the tattoo or PMU procedure

Too much pain while getting a tattoo can make your client demand frequent breaks. This can add up to the total duration of the tattoo procedure. Numbing creams, sprays, and foams have a significant benefit. They can shorten the whole procedure by eliminating the need for a break. As a result, they will significantly reduce the duration of the tattoo procedure.

Improved precision and results

These numbing agents aren’t just about pain-free transformations. They also improve the precision of your PMU procedure. They deliver outstanding results for your clients. This will make your clients trust you more and encourage referrals. As a result, your reputation as a PMU artist will increase in the market.

Faster healing time

Numbing creams, sprays, and foams reduce inflammation. This creates a better environment for healing. These numbing creams, sprays, and foams minimize swelling and discomfort. This is crucial during both tattooing and PMU sessions.

During the procedure, clients may move a lot. They do this because of their uneasiness. This can reopen micro-wounds, which can cause infection. You can use numbing creams, sprays, or foams. They can make healing safer and infection-free for your clients.

Reduced Bleeding

Some numbing creams, sprays, and foams have unique ingredients called vasoconstrictors. They tighten up tiny blood vessels. This can lead to less bleeding during tattooing or PMU procedures. You can harness the power of numbing creams, sprays, and foams. They let you create flawless results with confident strokes. This will result in both your client and you smiling!

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Wrapping Up

Numbing creams, sprays, and foams are changing permanent makeup and tattooing. They put client comfort first and refine artists’ techniques. By alleviating pain and inflammation, this product streamlines procedures. It promotes faster healing, enhances results, and ensures client satisfaction.

What are you waiting for if you’re not already using numbing sprays? Order them now. They will make your PMU sessions much better and more comfortable for your clients.

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