Is Internet Connection Slowing Down – 4 Things To Check

Nowadays, most people can’t live without the Internet. Some need it to stay in touch with their loved ones or remain atop the news, while others need it for their work or business. If you belong to any of this group, you know how crucial it is to keep your Internet connection fast. When internet connection is slowing down, you’re more likely to get frustrated, especially if you’re chasing a deadline.

With such, you must know some of the reasons why your Internet connection is slowing down. You should also know how to fix them. With such, here are some of the issues and solutions to a slow Internet:

4 Things That are Slowing Down Internet Connection

Is Internet Connection Slowing Down - 4 Things To Check 1

Poor Quality Internet Service

Is your internet connection slowing down? Unfortunately, your service provider could be one reason for your slow Internet. What you can do, then, is to call customer service so they can fix it. Or, even better, you may want to switch to a better provider. If you decide to stick to your Internet provider and call their customer service, it’s good to mention the following:

  • Signing Up For Better Plans: One option you have is to upgrade your plan. That way, you can enjoy faster speeds or, perhaps, more Mbps, like what AT&T Fiber Internet and other service providers offer. If most of your Internet consumption includes streaming videos and video calling, you do need a higher Mbps. That’s because both of them require fast Internet. Thus, you may want to ask your provider for a more suitable plan for your Internet needs.
  • Modem Replacement: Another problem that’s causing slow Internet is a faulty modem. The modem is the square thing that Internet technicians bring to your home to connect your devices to the provider’s Internet. Over time, modems tend to age and become outdated. That’s why it often needs replacement every now and then. Thus, it’s best to ask your support agent if your current modem requires replacement. If so, you can set a schedule when technicians can visit your home to install a new one. Another solution is to purchase a modem yourself, which the Internet provider will activate in their system. You can easily buy modems that usually sit below USD 100.
  • Technical Problems: There may also be technical problems between your provider’s system and your location. In such cases, customer service is likely to detect the issue from their end and will let their technician solve the problem.

Placement Of Your Router

Is Internet Connection Slowing Down - 4 Things To Check2

The location of your router is also an essential determinant of your internet speed. Most people don’t think much about the placement of their modems. Thus, they often put these on shelves surrounded by walls from all sides or even on their floors.

If you do either of those things, your router may not transmit as much signal since it can’t penetrate physical barriers, such as walls, shelves, and the like. Once the signal hits a barrier, it’ll have to transfer vertically. In addition, putting your router on the floor doesn’t help since lower grounds decrease its performance.

Lastly, you might be placing your router too far from your devices. The farther the space is between the modem and your devices means the signal has to work harder to reach your devices. As a result, you’re more likely to have a poor connection.

So, something to consider is changing the location of your router. If it’s too low on the ground, then try to raise it to a higher position to keep it away from potential interference. Also, try to get rid of physical barriers as much as possible.

  • If possible, move your stuff around to make way for the radio waves.
  • If walls are your problem, try to remain square from the wall and not parallel to it.
  • Also, if you can, try to put your devices and router as close as possible.

In cases where your devices are separate from each other, then place your router around the center of the room. This way, each device can have the same level of connectivity to the router. Lastly, consider getting an extender that expands your Wi-Fi signal’s reach if you have ample space.

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Lagging VPN – Another Reason That is Slowing Down Your Internet Conection

Is Internet Connection Slowing Down - 4 Things To Check 3

A virtual private network (VPN) hides the connection of your gadget to a particular server, often by changing or concealing your IP address. Many people use VPN to enhance security while surfing the web. Many organizations with remote work setups advise their employees to use a VPN to hide confidential resources and protect their data.

And VPNs can come in paid or free versions, depending on which brand you use. Regardless, VPNs can sometimes slow down your Internet connection since it’s rerouting you to a different IP address. Paid VPNs tend to be better at not internet connection slowing down, but they can still be a factor.

A solution for this is to select a different country that’s offered by your VPN service. You’ll have options to choose from, which will connect you to a different server with adequate speed. Another thing is to stay away from free VPNs as much as you can. Although they’re free, they do come with a trade-off, and such a trade-off compromises your Internet speed. If your slow Internet becomes intolerable due to your free VPN, then it’s time to make the switch.

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Using Cheap Devices Can Slow Down Your Internet Speed

Using a cheap device can sometimes affect Internet speed. Some devices out there can’t hold up the speed of the current Internet connection. This could be because of their outdated CPUs, or it could also be because such devices don’t support your Internet’s bandwidth.

One thing you can do is to upgrade your device’s processor if you’re using a laptop or a PC. You may also start shopping around for a new device. If your device is too old, then there’s nothing your Internet service can do.

Test your Internet speed on a new device and your old device to see if your old device is the problem. Compare the two results, and if the speed is slower on your old gadget, then replacement is the only solution you’ve got.

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If your internet connection is slowing down, then you can solve it. By checking the issues, like the ones mentioned above, you’ll know what appropriate solution to apply. You don’t need to learn advanced IT skills to improve your Internet speed; you only need to find the cause. With such, you can enjoy surfing the Internet.

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