Kisscartoon Review: Top Free Features And Its Alternatives

This article will talk about Kisscartoon review, one of the best sites in 2021 that you can use to watch cartoons online for free. Stay with us till the end to get everything about the best cartoon streaming service out there.  

Watching cartoons is one of the best ways to relax and create peace of mind, especially when real-life is boring and depressing. Kids, for instance, spend most of their time watching their favorite cartoon series on the television.

Still, the good news is that anyone at any age can watch their favorite Cartoon show online without necessarily paying bucks. Yes, the current digital trends have made it possible for anyone to access Carton shows on the KissCartoon, among others.

Modern Cartoon shows are for viewers of any age group can enjoy watching at their convenience. And now, with all the fantastic free streaming services out there, it is easier than ever to search for and stream your favorite cartoons, and anime shows online. 

Kisscartoon – Best Free Site For Streaming Cartoon Shows And Anime Movies For Free

Kisscartoon review 2020 best free cartoon and anime shows streaming site
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Kisscartoon is a world-renowned website for streaming cartoon shows and movies online. This website also hosts a massive collection of the latest subbed and dubbed anime. You can visit this site to stream all your favorite cartoon shows and animated movies without having to pay for subscriptions and stuff like that.

The official was taken down a few months ago. But there are many clone sites under the same that you can visit for almost the same user experience. All these sites and safe to use and offer a massive collection of cartoon shows and anime. You can stream cartoons and anime here for free.

Kisscartoon features a massive collection of cartoon shows, but the shows are only available for streaming online. Unlike Movierulz, this site doesn’t offer torrent download features. Still, the streaming quality of this site is pretty excellent and exceptional.

Some Quick Points About KissCartoon

  • KissCartoon website is an online platform that focuses on streamlining online cartoons,
  • Just like any other online streaming sites,
  • KissCartoon too doesn’t host content on its serves.
  • You can figure the KissCartoon as a giant phone book to search for the content, including content hosted by third party sites.
  • Although KissCartoon is one of the most famous online Cartoon sites, other alternatives are offering similar content.


  • You can access over 5 000 cartoons on KissCartoon.
  • Everything in KissCartoon is accessible for free.
  • The site is speedy.
  • The site includes an adblocking software to turn off unwanted Ad(s)


  • The site has too many annoying ads.

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Features of KissCartoon

Watch Cartoons, Animated Movies, Anime Online:

This site features the biggest collection of cartoons, and anime shows that you can stream here for free. The anime offered by this site are available in dubbed as well as subbed. Search and enjoy your favorite cartoons and anime for free with Kisscartoon.

HD Content Quality:

This website offers High Definition cartoon quality for the user. Unlike most free cartoons and anime sites, you won’t have any unfavorable screaming quality issues here. This site only features HD quality content that can be streamed through it for free. HD content quality is one of the reasons why this site is so popular all around the globe.   

No Ads on the Site:

Most cartoon sites and free movie streaming sites have many ads that entirely ruin the streaming experience. Kisscartoon and Movierulz, both these sites don’t have ads. You can have a safe and interruptions free streaming experience on this site. You won’t even have to pay anything for streaming shows here.

Benefits of Kisscartoon

The most significant benefit of this cartoon’s website is that you don’t need to go through registrations or anything like that. You can visit the site to stream cartoon shows and animated movies of your choice. Along with that, it features powerful, smart search options that you can use to search for the cartoon shows of your choice.

Search Bar Saves Time

You can use the search features by adding in the keyword for it in the search bar. Once you hit enter, the results corresponding to your search would be given to you.

We like the website design of this site and how easy it is to use it for everyone. The user interface design approach is as per the latest UI design standards. You can even add anime to your list of favorites to get easy access to whenever you access the site later on. You’d need to login first to use this feature, though. The login process is simple and hassles free.

Safe & Secure

Unlike most free streaming services, this site is safe to use and doesn’t pose any threat to your privacy and security. This site is safe to use and won’t put your personal information at risk.

Massive Collection of Cartoon and Anime Shows

Whether you want to watch cartoons or anime, this is the site for you. You won’t find another free site with the same user experience level and the number of shows like this site. Just visit the homepage of the website and choose the show that you want to watch from there. Once you have selected a cartoon show, you need to open its page to stream the episode of your choice from there.         

Wrapping Up

Although there are many free sites for cartoons and anime that you can find out there, the level of services that Kisscartoon has to offer is incomparable. You won’t find such a massive collection of cartoons and anime anywhere else. The streaming quality is excellent, and the content can also be downloaded using some video downloader tool. Make sure to sure check out this site and all the features that it has to offer. 

You must keep an eye on your kids. Watching cartoons all the day can make them sick. Try to make a routine for your kids to enjoy KissCartoon or KissCartoon alternatives. Buying smartwatches for them can also have an added advantage. You can buy the best smartwatch for kids to maintain their times when watching cartoon shows.

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Top 10 Best Sites Like KissCartoon – KissCartoon Alternatives

1. KissAnime

KissAnime Top 10 Best Sites Like KissCartoon
Source: KissAnime

KissAnime is among the top best alternatives to KissCartoon, where you can browse amines and cartoons at a very high speed. The site has a comprehensive collection of items that are well organized alphabetically. It has comics and amines with genuine reviews. It focuses on streamlining Japanese anime, which, after hand-drawn, are computer-animated.

  • Features computerized animation, which is often characterized by superb and colorful graphics.
  • It has a fantastic theme and vibrant characters.
  • It has the same layout and almost a similar design to KissCartoon.
  • The website updates its uses 24/7 with some of the latest recommendations, critic ratings, and releases in the market.
  • Besides, it offers to download and streaming options, thus making it possible to watch later.
  • It charges a few bulks for you to access its content.

2. CartoonExtra

CartoonExtra is one of the best KissCartoon Alternatives.

  • It is just pure fun watching cartoons and anime in CartoonExtra.
  • It is one of the most polished online cartoon streaming sites where you can watch all the famous cartoons on one platform.
  • Also, It has a considerable collection of comics and movies.
  • Some of the famous cartoons featuring in CartoonExtra include the SquarePants, SpongeBob, and The Loud House.
  • It has a straightforward layout that makes it sometimes hard to discover recent and exciting cartoons.

3. Anime Toon

Anime Toon Top 10 Best Sites Like KissCartoon
Source: Anime Toon
  • Anime Toon is among the best cartoon sites to be considered as KissCartoon alternative.
  • The website has a very user-friendly interface, thus making anyone at any age comfortably access its contents.
  • Children and adults can scroll down the various cartoon options they can enjoy watching.
  • The website has about 3 million traffic per month, making it one of the most liked online cartoon sites.
  • The site has a comprehensive collection of animes, both subbed, dubbed, pictures, and even more.
  • All the content is well organized in various categories and subcategories.

4. Crunchyroll

Source: Crunchyroll
  • Crunchyroll is obviously among the top five most popular cartoon browsing websites under the KissCartoon alternatives.
  • As an American based website, you are assured of high quality and genuine content.
  • It offers its uses with secure links that they can use to download or stream any anime or cartoon anytime or anywhere without annoyance.
  • The Crunchyroll unique streaming services are the best in the list of the best KissCartoon alternatives.
  •  The site has numerous features, such as uninterrupted streaming services and free premium subscriptions.
  • If you are a fan of Manga, the good news is that you will enjoy a wide range of these options.

5. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Top 10 Best Sites Like KissCartoon
Source: Cartoon Network

Are you aware that Cartoon Network is one of the oldest cartoon sites existing today? Yes, the site has been streaming cartoon series since our childhood.

  • It is still one of the most prevailing Cartoon sites across the globe.
  • The site grants you access to a wide range of cartoon collections from web hosting and homesick old-time cartoon initially watched as TV shows.

6. CartoonCrazy

Are you looking for a fantastic and reliable cartoon website among the top ten KissCartoon alternatives or sites like Kisscartoon?

  • Then you better check out CartoonCrazy, especially if you are looking for the dubbed cartoons or anime.
  • The site has a big library accommodating all famous cartoon and anime that you have ever dreamed of watching. The site has over 12 million cartoon watchers that visit the site every month.

7. 9Anime

9Anime offers a chance to enjoy unique features such as recommendations about the upcoming cartoons and animations they are yet to watch.

  • User-friendly. It is one of the easiest to operate.
  • The site offers an exhaustive, extensive list of cartoons and animes you can choose from.
  • The site keeps itself up to date and with the most recent releases that expose you to the new and different themes of animations and cartoons you are yet to watch.

8. Disney Junior

Disney Junior
Source: Disney junior

Are you aware that this website has been offering fantastic cartoon and anime services for several years?

So far, it has retained its title as the most popular and the best producer for cartoons and animated movies. It is one of the best among KissCartoon Alternatives.

  • Disney junior has outstanding choices for your binge-watching animations and cartoons.
  • The site has an extremely kid-friendly design.
  • It is not only easy to browse but also very colorful to make your watching experience unique.
  • It includes a massive collection of both cartoons and animations.


One of the most amazing things about this site is that the site has several cartoon series to suggest to you. If you are a genuine cartoon lover and don’t like anime blocking your favorite cartoon series, join this website.

  • It has user-friendly features, thus making it easy to navigate around the various cartoon options available.
  • However, other third-party clicks redirect you to the multiple ad sites and mainly sponsor them.
  • The HD streaming features attract massive traffic of over 15 million visitors per month.

10. AnimeRhino

  • The site has several pretty unique features making it a fantastic among KissCartoon alternatives.
  • Besides, the site has tons of anime and cartoon movies and series available for users to select according to their preferences.
  • The standard interface on this website makes it possible for anyone to browse anything they want involving anime or cartoons. The listed links also make it possible for you

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