10 Emojis That Will Show Your Affection To Your Romantic Partner

Being romantic during chats with your special partner can be pretty tricky, especially if you want to be affectionate. There could be times or chances that you or your romantic partner might misunderstand each other. What sounds like a joke might sound like an insult. Or maybe you would say something supportive, but your partner received it as insensitive. In cases like these, emojis can help you sound better, show affection and even avoid misunderstandings with your romantic partner.

But which emojis should you use? Well, there are a ton of choices. Some people may go for romantic flowers such as emoji rose or bouquets, while others may pick emojis that depict gestures or even cute animals.

Top 10 Emojis Of Affection For Your Romantic Partner

Since there is a massive selection of emojis, here are 10 of them that can help you show your affection to your romantic partner. You could use most or all of them to make your statement sound more sincere.

  • Heart Emojis
10 Emojis That Will Show Your Affection To Your Romantic Partner Heart Emojis

They might be overused, but heart emojis never fail to deliver affection to your partner when it comes to being romantic via chat or messages.

What gives them uniqueness is their versatility and an appealing selection of designs. Aside from the classic red heart, you can also choose other colors such as purple, green, yellow, orange, blue, white, brown, and black.

This variety of colors allows you to send a heart emoji depending on your partner’s favorite hue.

And in terms of designs, colors are not the only thing special about heart emojis. Other emojis include two hearts, a growing heart, a beating heart, and many more.

With such a variety of versions, you can always send heart emojis without becoming too predictable or repetitive.

  • Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes Emoji
10 Emojis That Will Show Your Affection To Your Romantic Partner Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes Emoji

If you want to show affection with a cartoonish touch, then this emoji is a great option.

Whether in western or Japanese pop culture, heart eyes are often displayed when someone is infatuated. Even classic characters such as Tom Cat, Donald Duck, and Snoopy had their moments with hearty eyes.

As such, you can use the emoji if you want to show infatuation or adoration to someone.

Send your partner a smiling face with heart-eyes emoji when you find their picture or even their message adorable.

You can also use the emoji when describing your feelings of falling in love with that person. Sure, it may look a bit cartoonish, but its fun design makes it even more appealing.

  • Face Blowing a Kiss Emoji
10 Emojis That Will Show Your Affection To Your Romantic Partner Face Blowing a Kiss Emoji

Do you want to kiss your partner, but you are not together personally? Why not send them this emoji instead?

The face blowing a kiss emoji seems like a combination of the wink and a red heart emoji, resulting in an all-new icon in general.

Aside from literally kissing a person via text or chat, you can also send this emoji to show extra affection in general.

Instead of simply saying things such as “eat well” or “have a great day,” add this emoji as well. It will show that you are being affectionate to your partner even if your message is simple.

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  • Smiling Face with Hearts Emoji
10 Emojis That Will Show Your Affection To Your Romantic Partner Smiling Face with Hearts Emoji

Giving affection is not the only thing necessary in healthy and loving relationships. Receiving it is a factor as well.

So if you want to let your partner know that you are feeling loved or appreciated, send them the smiling face with hearts emoji.

People sometimes confuse this icon with the smiling face with heart-eyes emoji, primarily due to the hearts.

While both emojis of affection for your romantic partner convey feelings of love or infatuation, the smiling face with hearts emoji leans more on being loved instead of giving it.

This emoji is also applicable when you are talking about the feeling of someone having a crush on you.

  • Love-You Gesture Emoji
10 Emojis That Will Show Your Affection To Your Romantic Partner Love-You Gesture Emoji

Although this hand sign can be heavily associated with a certain web-slinging superhero, the love-you gesture is a way of showing affection in American sign language or ASL.

People sometimes confuse this emoji with the sign of the horns emoji due to both of them showing raised index and pinky fingers.

However, the latter also has a raised thumb and is commonly associated with rock and metal cultures.

Be creative in showing your affection with the love-you gesture emoji! Instead of simply saying to that person that you love them, send this icon instead.

It might even be a bonus point if your partner is a fan of the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.

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  • Kiss Mark Emoji
10 Emojis That Will Show Your Affection To Your Romantic Partner Kiss Mark Emoji

Flirting is natural in relationships, even if you are still talking to get to know each other. But instead of beating around the bush, it is better to be straightforward about your intentions.

So if you feel like raising the romantic tension a bit, feel free to use the kiss mark emoji.

You can use this icon like the face blowing a kiss emoji mentioned above. Meanwhile, the kiss mark has a vaguer feel as it can sound flirty, romantic, or even both.

However, the latter has a cuter and more romantic approach due to its overall appearance.

  • Sun Emoji
10 Emojis That Will Show Your Affection To Your Romantic Partner Sun Emoji

Love does not always have to be flirty or romantic. Greeting your partner good morning or wishing them a great day is also necessary when you are in a relationship.

And if you want to tell your lover these statements, a sun emoji would fit in nicely.

Instead of simply telling them “rise and shine,” add in a sun emoji too. That way, you will sound more casual instead of cold.

Your partner might even greet you back with this emoji included to wish you a great day!

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  • Teddy Bear Emoji
10 Emojis Teddy Bear Emoji

Send your partner a teddy bear icon to show affection cutely!

Just like roses and chocolates, teddy bears are often given by people to their romantic interests, especially during Valentine’s day.

But with this emoji, there is no need to wait for February 14.

  • Clinking Glasses Emoji
10 Emojis Clinking Glasses Emoji

Celebrate with your partner using this emoji.

If you and your important one are celebrating something, be it your anniversary or personal success, then the clinking glasses emoji is appropriate.

After all, if you want to let people know about a special day, your romantic interest is one of the first people you will tell, right?

  • Ring Emoji
10 That Will Show Your To Your Ring Emoji

And maybe you and your special one have reached the peak of your love. Perhaps, you are planning and preparing to propose.

In that case, tease your lover a bit by randomly sending them a ring emoji.

Sure, it is a bit of a troll move, but it might make your actual personal proposal even more memorable.

In a Nutshell,

In general, these emojis can help you show your interest and affection to your romantic partner more clearly. However, do not rely on these emojis too much. After all, the best way to show love to your romantic interest is clear communication and sincerity in everything you do and say.

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