Vinyl Carpet Tile – A Great Option For Building and Remodeling

If you’re wondering if carpet tiles can be used as an interior flooring material, the answer is yes. A Vinyl Carpet Tile is a textile floor covering made up of a core upper layer of woven pile attached to an outer backing. Traditionally, the core textile material used was usually made of wool. However, nowadays, synthetic fibers, including polypropylene, nylon, or fiber-cement, are also used since they cost less than wool but are more durable. While there are numerous different types of materials used for this purpose, the one thing that they have in general is that they are easy to clean and, if properly maintained, can last a lifetime.

Vinyl Carpet Tile Is Versatile And Stylish

The core is then covered with either loose-fill or dry padding, which can be found in many styles. One style that’s gaining in popularity is modular construction. These Vinyl carpet tiles are made up of individual modular units that are attached in four-foot long sections.

Each module has a yarn filled center, and the exterior face has a pre-printed polyethylene backing with foam backing installed between the threads. The interior face has side sewn-in stitches, and it is then covered with a felt pad. Because each module is connected in this manner, it’s much easier to replace damaged modules, unlike traditional wall-to-wall carpeting installation.

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Durability of Vinyl Carpet Tile

Many homeowners also like the look and durability of vinyl carpet tile. The process of manufacturing modular units is similar to the production of traditional wall-to-wall carpeting, although the actual fabric content is smaller.

Modular vinyl carpet tile can be purchased in several different configurations, including single color, double color, standard (nearly full) square, tri-color (nearly half square) squares, and oversized squares. Also,  you can customize larger units to your specifications.

If you are considering a renovation or constructing a new home, modular vinyl carpet tile is an excellent flooring option.

Types of Vinyl Carpet Tile

If you are looking for some types of PVC Carpet Tiles to be fitted in your home or office, you will find many options available. The most popular are the hot Vinyl, interlocking Vinyl, and the peel and stick variety. Each of those brands has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to choosing them for installation.

When choosing amongst these different types of carpet tiles, you will need to take into account the area where you want to install them and the type of subflooring you have. Other considerations such as the thickness of the material, the cost, and even the appearance must all be considered.

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Source: FlooringInc

Hot-Vinyl is a trendy brand of carpeting tiles.

  • They are created from high-quality polyvinyl chloride.
  • Although Vinyl is a reasonably new material when compared to other materials such as carpet, it is still becoming more popular due to its long life span and its ability to resist wear and damage, which in turn reduces the costs of replacing your existing carpet.
  • You can choose to purchase hot-clean Vinyl or the more expensive cleaning spray variety from most leading carpet retailers.

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Vinyl interlocking tiles

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Source: ModuTile

Vinyl interlocking tiles are another type of tile that you may be interested in.

  • They come in a range of different colors and styles. Most of these tiles are made to interlock together tightly, but some are available in a ‘do-it-yourself’ adhesive variety.
  • These particular tiles are relatively easy to install and, therefore, do not require any professional help.
  • They are also available in various thicknesses to suit your specific needs.

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Peel and stick carpet tiles

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Source: MazerWholeSale

Peel and stick carpet tiles are also an option, although they are relatively new in the market.

  • Peel and stick tiles are relatively cheap compared to other types of vinyl carpet tiles and are proper for most types of subfloors.
  • They are straightforward to install and do not require you to use any glue.
  • They do tend to peel, though, as with any tile that comes into contact with moisture.
  • They do, however, leave a reasonably neat, clean finish when used.
  • They are also available in a diversity of different colors, which may appeal to some consumers.
  • In addition to those, there are also several other Vinyl flooring tile options to consider. For example, you can opt for a mat or a strip. The mat is used to prevent dust from entering the room, while the strip is used for extra emphasis. Finally, you can use a self-adhesive carpet for areas where you want a purely decorative effect or where repairs are needed.

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Advantages of Vinyl Carpet Tile

Vinyl carpet tile has become one of the most popular floorings in recent times. Many people across the world now prefer them for their number of advantages and characteristics.

  • These carpet-tiles come in various designs, patterns, and shades and can be placed either on concrete, wood, or ceramic tiling.
  • They are also known for their durability, waterproof, stain-resistant, slip-resistant, fire retardant, comfortable and safe for children and pets.
  • Moreover, these tiles are easy to install and clean and are the perfect flooring solution for the house as they do not cost a fortune.
  • If you plan to decorate your house flooring or have just bought a house floor, it is a good idea to consider vinyl floor covering as it provides pleasing aesthetics, durability, and safety to your floor.
  • Also, you need not have to put in a lot of effort to maintain it like you would have to when using real carpets as they need to be cleaned up often.
  • Cleaning of this kind of flooring is also simple and is not time-consuming.
  • Also, these tiles have no adverse effect on the other floorings’ condition and can be easily cleaned with water, detergent, or carpet cleaner.

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You will notice many advantages when you use Vinyl Carpet Tile. They are available in a wide range of colors and designs that can be easily used to complement your interior and other accessories, for starters. Also, the vinyl tiles are easy to maintain as there are no loose threads or stains that may spoil the look of the whole room.

The price of these tiles is relatively low compared to the other carpets and other flooring Dubai options. Therefore, if you have also been considering using vinyl tiles for flooring, now you have a better option.

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