If A Water Main Bursts, What Do You Do? (Until The Plumber Arrives)

When water main bursts, you will become frazzled in an instant. Water is splattering all over your house, wreaking havoc on your possessions and increasing your anxiety. In such cases, if you do not seem to be confident enough to do it yourself, you will have to rely on plumbers.

What Do You Do If A Water Main Bursts – Before Arriving The Plumber

Before we get into the correct procedure for dealing with water main bursts, you should know your priority: CALL THE PLUMBER!

If A Water Main Bursts, What Do You Do? (Until The Plumber Arrives) 2

Your first line of defense against extensive water central damage would be to call a plumber. For prompt and reliable plumbing services to protect your home from extensive water damage, trust the experts at Indigo Home Services as your first line of defense.

To Begin, Locate The Main Water Shutoff Valve

Switch off the main water valve first. The location of your key water shutoff valve is valuable knowledge to have ahead of time. Imagine yourself in one of two examples.

  • You have a burst water emergency and are now searching all over the place looking for the dang shutoff valve as water is spraying everywhere. You look in the basement, crawl spaces, and around the water heater for something suspicious. Is there a key water shutoff valve inside the home? Perhaps it’s hidden beneath the metal lid near the driveway. You’ve become frazzled by this point.
  • You experience a burst water emergency. You have called the plumber. You have quickly shut off the water to the house because you already know where to find the main water shutoff valve.

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To Assist With The Main Water Burst, Turn Off All Faucets

  • Draining all faucets is the next step in primary water repair. Most water main bursts occur throughout the winter when the water within the pipes freezes and expands. You relieve extra pressure by removing the excess water from the plumbing system, particularly if the water has a chance to freeze.
  • Drain the excess water from the pipes by turning on the cold water faucets. Don’t forget about the restrooms.
  • Switch off the water heater and drain the hot taps after tapping the cold water faucets.
  • Allowing warm air to flow around frozen or cold pipes can be beneficial. For example, you may raise the thermostat, open cupboard doors that contain lines, or use a hairdryer to defrost a frozen pipe.
  • After the water primary repair emergency has been resolved, you can consider cleaning up the potential harm caused by water main bursts.
  • You’ll want to log all of the water damage to your home and belongings for insurance purposes. Take pictures of everything you can! Your notes would also serve as a historical record for you to provide to a plumber if you have any potential plumbing issues.
  • You can now get the mop out and bring it back where it belongs.

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If A Water Main Bursts, What Do You Do? (Until The Plumber Arrives) 1

A Few Extra Steps Will Help You Avoid Frozen Pipes

  • Frozen pipes most often cause water main bursts. The high cost of replacing main water lines will encourage you to keep your pipes from freezing. However, taking a few extra measures now will save you time, headaches, and money in the long run from hiring plumbers.
  • Allow warm air to enter pipes to prevent freezing.
  • Pipe sleeves or heat tape may be used to insulate exposed pipes from the cold.
  • Check for pinhole leaks that can lead to frozen pipes by hiring a skilled plumber. It’s challenging to find and patch pinhole leaks. However, any experienced plumbing company can quickly and efficiently locate and fix even the tiniest leaks.

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Expert Plumbing companies with emergency services will respond rapidly and efficiently to water main bursts and it’s primary emergency. For example, in a water pipe link burst emergency, you need to contact the local expert plumbers. Our guidance, prevention tips, and service provide you with the best possible service if you cannot hire plumbers.

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