Perfect Guide to Writing an Academic Paper

Formal writing done by students or professors, which is used in the publications of schools, universities, or higher institutions is called academic writing. Academic papers are always written in a formal tone, which is structured in such a way that they are explained by extensive research based on substantial evidence and statements. According to many professors, only some of the students know exactly how to write an academic paper. The rest of the students either don’t know how to write it or find it very difficult to write an academic paper. A lot of students always opt for paper writing services instead of doing it themselves. Therefore, I bring the perfect guide to writing an academic paper. Here it begins.

8 Steps to Write An Academic Paper

Topic Selection

Select a topic that you have an interest in. There is always one subject that you love amongst all of the subjects that you study. Pick a topic that you fancy the most and would love to write about. Don’t forget that you can always take help or consult your professors even while deciding or selecting the topic. Remember, the discussion is the answer to the confusion in your mind.

Make a Schedule

Scheduling the process of an academic paper is one of the most important things that you have to do. This may include:

  • Self-study about the topic.
  • Collecting previous research papers and making notes.
  • Discussion with experts
  • When to start writing
  • Deciding the deadline

Keep your goals realistic. Don’t make a schedule that allows you to delay the work or makes your life very hectic or unorganized.

Find Information

Collect information about your topic or paper. There are many places where you can find information related to every topic, but the internet is one of the best places for researching. Collect all the information related to your topic on different websites like Wikipedia, encyclopedias, and publications of various official education websites. Remember to find previous statements or publications related to the topic that will act as evidence or support all your statements mentioned in the academic paper writing.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the central idea of the academic paper. All the things that you will talk about in the paper will revolve around this thesis statement. Make the statement simple. Clear and concise. The thesis statement will clarify the main idea behind your study and research. Try to write this statement to explain a broad topic in a few words or sentences that are covered in detail in the entire paper.

Structure/Outline your Academic Paper

Now that you have researched about every tiny detail about the topic, it is time to decide the structure or give a structure or outline your academic paper.

Decide about:


The phrase, first impression is the last impression cannot more accurately fit in this scenario. Try to start writing your academic paper with a reliable and exciting introduction that also explains a bit about the topic as a whole.


Give your thesis statement. Present all the arguments that are in support of and explain your thesis statement. Try to cover every aspect of the topic that you can. The body is where you need to put all your heart and research work into.


Provide a solid conclusion. Give a summary of all your arguments that support your thesis statement. State the benefits of your academic paper and explain how it will help others in the future. Remember, a clean and robust structure will take your paper to the next level.

Prepare the Draft:

Prepare the final draft of your academic paper. You must have made a draft of the paper in each step. Now is the time to prepare a final draft by compiling and finish your writings and findings of academic paper. Make sure that the formatting and structure are appropriately followed, and your academic paper looks neat and clean, simple, informative, problem-solving.


Proofread your paper, again and again, to find out errors or mistakes(if any). You can consult your teachers or experts in the industry to proofread or discuss all the things you’ve written and discussed in your academic paper.

Submit Before Deadline:

If you’ve followed all the steps correctly, you must have completed your academic paper well before the deadline. All you have to do now is to submit the paper for final review.


In this article, we discussed all the things that you need to know when writing the perfect academic paper. I hope this will help you in writing one of the best academic papers in your life. Let us know how this guide helped you and your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy Writing, Folks!

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