What Is The Cost Of Towing A Car?

How much does it cost to towing a car nowadays? It does not matter if you are a once-in-a-week driver or a daily commuter; you need to keep your vehicle in its excellent condition. This will reduce its chances of a breakdown in the middle of the road.

Still, no matter how thoughtful and careful you are, you may find yourself looking for a tow truck to bring the vehicle to a repair shop or your residence.

It may seem a simple and straightforward task to pick up a vehicle using another vehicle and then take it to a destination. In reality, there are many complications and technicalities, including pricing and mileage, that you need to understand.

For instance, a usual tow truck trip is counted no more than five miles. Keep in mind that towing companies are not rare breeds. You can find plenty of professional towing services to choose from while you are stuck in the middle of the road.

In this post, we will address pricing and its structure to help you understand the process more clearly.

Breakdown In The Cost Of Towing A Car

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There are many factors based on proximity, time of the day, day of the week, and so on; those go behind determining a tow truck fee.

The process becomes a little bit more cumbersome and unfavorable when there are no legal ceilings to how much a tow truck can charge.

Base Rate Or Typical Cost Of Towing A Car

When a vehicle-owner needs to remove their vehicle from the middle of the road and take it to a destination, they have to pay a base rate to the towing company.

It is also called a hook-up fee, and it is calculated as;

$35 to $100 + $2.50 to $5 (number of miles)

Typically, the first five to seven miles of the journey are included in the base rate. Keeping that in mind, it may cost around $35-$125 for five to seven miles or less, a forty miles trip can cost somewhere between $125-$300, and a hundred-mile tow could cost $300-$600. The best towing companies charge around the same.

If your car needs to cover a couple of hundred miles to reach the destination of your choice, you are looking at something more than $1,000.

In areas where there is no legal towing fee structure or little to no competition, you may have to pay even more than that typical rate.

Type Of Towed Vehicle

Many towing companies discriminate the price for towing depending on the type of vehicle. In the case of a truck or some other heavy vehicle, they charge 20%-25% extra.

So, for a base rate breakdown, you are looking at paying $45 to $50 plus $3.50 per mile. This is only an estimate.

You need to contact a towing company for precise pricing and find out what they charge for a truck or other heavy vehicle.

Special Circumstances

If a vehicle is stuck in mud or in a position where towing would require more time and effort, the pricing may go upward.

In situations like this, many towing companies resort to billing per hour. Usually, companies charge between $50 to $200 an hour.

Free Towing Services?

Several insurance companies offer free towing services to their clients under a roadside assistance package against a yearly fee. This service could be under the insurance of a specific vehicle or a driver.

Insurance companies like GEICO and Allstate Motor Club charge an annual fee to provide free roadside assistance and towing services to the members.

There are other companies with varying fees and services structures, but the idea for free towing rests on paying upfront in the form of an annual subscription fee.

The Additional Cost Of Towing A Car

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Like any other service, tow trucks may charge extra during nights, weekends, and holidays. So, if you are stuck on a road in the middle of a night on a festival weekend; you need to consider the extra costs when you call a tow truck on your location.

While Hiring a Tow Truck

After details in cost of towing a car and some caveats are out of the way; it is time to discuss some points regarding hiring a tow truck.

  • It is evermore an excellent idea to have the contact number of a tow truck company with you. You can get a referral from your mechanic or a friend to get a recommendation. If you are not sure which company to hire; you need to contact the police in the area and get offers for a reliable and professional two truck company.
  • Be ready to give an accurate description of your vehicle and location; to ensure they can find you easily without any hassle.
  • If your car is broken down the side of the road; it is best to ensure it is out of the coming traffic; hazard lights are on, and take your personal belongings before leaving the car. It is best to either remain inside your vehicle or stay in a building within clear sight of your car.

Tow truck services are like insurance coverage. You should always have an active cover against unforeseeable circumstances, hoping you would never have to use one. It takes some research to land on a reliable tow truck company.

In addition to that, you need to be on top of the details; like pricing, mileage, special fee, etc., to ensure you get the best possible help in times of crisis.

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