10 Warning Signs You Need to Know When To Change Car Tires

Tires are one of the essential yet most overlooked parts of a car, and knowing when to change car tires is a mandatory requirement of a safe driving experience. Have you ever wondered how long your vehicle tires can last? There is no one definitive answer to the question: several factors impact their longevity, such as driving habits, mileage, road conditions, weather, maintenance, and structure and design of the tires.

While it’s true that our daily hustle and demanding routines leave us drained with no time to thoroughly check the tires to determine if they need replacing, getting them professionally inspected at car dealers is the safest resort for a proactive approach to avoid road accidents that can be detrimental to both the driver’s and passengers’ safety.

10 Warning Signs of When To Change Car Tires

If it’s been a considerably long time since you have last changed car tires or at least checked your car tires and are unsure whether it’s the right time or not to change car tires, continue reading as we mention ten warning signs that you need to take into account and pay attention to before you find yourself at the verge of any possible harm.

Tire Wear

10 Warning Signs You Need to Know When To Change Car Tires 1

Tires have exposure to various kinds of stresses, and if they have uneven wear patterns, it’s a sign that they have undergone extra stress.

What causes excessive tire wear?

There could be reasons leading to uneven wear, including incorrect inflation like over or under-inflated tires resulting in increased abrasion and the worn-out outer section of the tires, wrong wheel alignment, and suspension leading to too much load on one side causing uneven wear. You need to change car tires.

Tread Depth

Tread depth inspection is an essential tool to consider when to change car tires. No matter your tire type, tread wear indicates that it has lost its grip and needs to be changed.

However, you can quickly check the tread depth yourself by performing a penny test. If you can’t, you can go to your nearest dealership to have it inspected.

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Weird Vibrations

Do you experience a weird vibrating sensation even when you’re driving through a smooth motorway? While there could be many reasons for those annoying vibrations, if wheel alignment and shock absorbers seem okay, then worn-out rear tires must be the culprit.

In this case, it’s appropriate to seek a professional tire inspection service and get them fixed or altogether change car tires if the need be.

Air Pressure

Driving with over or under-inflated tires can cause damage to the center and shoulders of the tread. It’s equally important to note that weather can also significantly impact the air pressure of your tires as the rubber material tends to get worn out over time, cold temperatures can cause the air pressure to drop.

In contrast, hot temperatures can increase air pressure, resulting in under and overinflated tires, respectively. So, you need to change car tires.

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Recurring Punctures

Are you fed-up with your tires getting punctured now and then? It’s time to replace them. As the tires become worn out, the rubber tread is impoverished and vulnerable to sharp objects like broken glass, nails, and wires that puncture the tire.

On the contrary, when the tires are new, you may experience less frequent punctures as the rubber tread is good. So, if you’re experiencing frequent punctures, you better to change car tires before they get burst.

Poor Grip

Your tires can lose their grip due to poor quality rubber, worn-out tread, or simply because you’re using the wrong type of tire, making it dangerous to be used on the road surface.

It can also result in life-threatening incidents like fire, and blowouts which can cause the driver to lost control of the vehicle and ultimately lead to the crash. Therefore, it is wise to inspect such issues beforehand and change car tires.

Uneven Bulges

Have you lately been noticing uneven bulges on the tires of your car? It’s about time to get them replaced. Driving through rough surfaces can cause intense impact, resulting in bulging tires that can be very dangerous as they can even explode, making you eventually lose control and prone to accidents.

The next time you see any bulges on your car tires, get them checked and change car tires immediately.

Cracks on Tire Surface

This is one of the most apparent marks of decaying tires. If you can spot visible cracks on your tires’ surface, it’s necessary to get them replaced. There could be several reasons causing your tires to degrade; extreme weather conditions or lower than average tire pressure are two of the many possibilities.

As soon as you find any cracks on the tires, visit your nearest dealership to get them checked and change car tires for good.

Tire Ageing

Just like the other spare parts, your car tires also have a limited lifespan.

If your tires are more than 5 years old, it’s suggested to be extra careful, perform proper inspection and pay attention to their maintenance. However, if the tires are more than ten years old, it’s a clear indication to change car tires.

10 Warning Signs You Need to Know When To Change Car Tires 2

Lack of Traction

When the tires’ internal belts get separated, it results in large bubbles in the tread, weakening the tire, causing the vehicle to bounce back and forth and reduce traction, resulting in severe accidents. When you notice such changes, change car tires as soon as possible.

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Final Thoughts

Wrapping up tires is a critical component to ensure your safety while driving. All of the warning mentioned above signs are core indicators signaling that something is wrong and needs to be attended to.

By getting your car’s tires professionally inspected at a dealership, you can save time and attain peace of mind when to change car tires according to the need to ensure that they are in great shape and functional enough to make every drive safe on the road.

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