Fantastic Drawing Tricks That May Change Your Perspective

We are sharing the most interesting and unusual life hacks for drawing tricks. We are about to share a non-standard drawing method called a low portrait. The whole trick is to draw a picture using triangles of different sizes. This style comes from the world of computer games shave facial features. That stick out this will give the picture a light 3d effect darken. The places where the shadow Falls with a denser row of strokes draw an eye. Add sharpness to the look by completely painting over the black pupil. The result is a stylish low portrait; it almost looks like origami. Let’s pretend to be fashion designers and think of a dress of the most elegant style.

5 Fantastic Drawing Tricks

Dress Decorate

Dress decorate using a green marker draw the top of the dress decorate the body with curls draw a flying sleeve. Go through the flowing hem’s folds, repeat the curls on the dress color, the girl with markers. The dress is almost ready; only some minor details are left to apply Elmer’s glue on the pattern fill. The picture with red glitter removes the excess. The result is a dress with original shiny.

You need a sheet of paper and a marker pen to your favorite chapter. If improvisation isn’t turning out well, you can draw a light outline with a pencil switch markers. Create drawing tricks of different colors. You got three graceful ballerinas, your favorite lines. Turn into visual poetry looks amazing, and for this light, pack attaches a piece of paper. Get some paint place strips of tape around the perimeter of the sheet squeeze. The paint onto the paper builds a narrow, colorful column to take white acrylic paint to apply. It over the color bar hide the brave paint under the white layer.

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Take a painting knife to stretch the paint on the paper. There’s an interesting effect on the white layer. Gets removed, and the sheet is printed in bright colors mix paint layers. Enjoy art therapy such a delightful process. It’s addictive. Remove the tape from the drawing after the paint is dry.

We will tell you how to create a drawing trick using disposable tableware squeeze. The paint on the palette dips a spoon and applies the paint on paper turning the spoon. A picture with a black marker go over the leaves and draw needles.

Lifehack with a photo frame

The photographs and the glass squeeze a large drop of paint on the center of the glass smudge. The colors with your fingers paint the bottom edge blue. Draw a flock of gulls and stars with a thin brush draw white curls on the ways. The frame of this unusual bright landscape looks much more interesting.

Draw the letter A with a plain pencil make an eye from the window in the middle at a closed eye and a mouth. Draw a pineapple tail on top make other letters fruit shape to R and T color. Them paints mix red, and yellow flowers make the tail. Green, don’t forget to draw a grid on the pineapple paint a strawberry and a banana. You need a thin sheet of paper.

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Draw sharp ragged edges

Face open the upper part of the sheet and draw sharp, ragged edges. A tiny brain unfolds the second crease and draws scary triangular teeth. Finish the drawing tricks with a long tongue color, the hidden parts of. The picture adds bats around the brain draw a black mouth and a red tongue. They find out who’s hiding behind the mask of the father of a cartoon family. We guarantee they’ll be surprised and now draw a square on a piece of paper draw a diagonal.

The square inside draws a few more squares reducing the distance. They move the ruler and draw the lines on the drawing, paint the central square black paint. The squares around an in a chessboard pattern divide the space around the squares. The dots in black highlight black squares with a white pencil shade the free square.

Creative drawing

It would help if you had paper and a regular incandescent bulb outline the ball draw the base’s stripes. A pencil draws the surface of water clouds, and a boat adds in a rope with an anchor make. Some fish for the ocean starting from the base color the drawing tricks with markers and pencils. The light bulb’s inner world makes the sky blue and the ship brown color in the anchor. The seaweed and the fish make the ocean blue. It’s a great idea that’s super easy to draw and for this idea.

You need a black capillary pen and a pencil draws small flowers with a pen cover. The entire sheet with the flower pattern draws a circle with a marker in the middle of the pattern color. It over with black paint over the space between the colors with the marker apply. Therefor shadow with a black pencil made a monochrome floral pattern.

If you want to know more there are some cool drawing ideas with pictures and step by step drawing instruction. Just click the link and you will be there in no time.

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Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians