How To Draw A Rose In Easy & Simple Steps?

Roses are the symbol of love. Roses represent happy moments & source of joy and are given on every special occasion. All flowers in the world are incredible with their wonderful design but rose flowers stand out. Do you want to draw a rose but found it too difficult? Here you go. In this article, you will be able to draw a unique rose by following simple & easy steps with an illustration. This article is more helpful for you if you are a beginner and want to learn details about drawing a rose. A complete step-by-step procedure is written. This rose seems to be a bit complicated but is completely effortless when done in steps.

Drawing is a hobby and passion of some people. Just pick up the pencil & paper and start drawing. You can draw a lot of rose flowers in no time. Below is the step-by-step approach for drawing a fantastic rose. With complete instructions and graphical illustrations.

Master the Art of Drawing a Beautiful Rose – Easy Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

What Need To Know Before Starting To Draw A Rose Flower?

All you need to know to draw a simple & easy rose flower are some basic shapes like circles, rectangles, curvy lines, and straight lines. These shapes help you to draw petals, stems, and leaves more efficiently.

Benefits Of Drawing A Rose Flower:

There are huge benefits to drawing a rose. Few of them I gathered below:

  1. Firstly, we all know that it will improve our drawing skills.
  2. It makes you more creative & mind-blowing. Because multiple ideas are generated when you start drawing.
  3. It’s the best source of mental relaxation. That further improves your health.
  4. Rose always symbolizes love, affectation, and peace, so it will leave a positive effect on you.
  5. I think it’s the cheapest way of being innovative & creative as you need just a pencil and paper.
  6. Last but not least, you can draw it for multiple purposes. To design birthday cards, Paint them on walls, phone covers, and many more.

Parts Of Rose Flower:

The main parts we considered for drawing a rose are the petals, stem, and leaves.

Stuff Needed To Draw An Eye-Catchy Rose:

You can draw a rose just with a pen and paper. It’s that simple. But to make a beautiful and unique rose. You need a few simple things that are very common, and almost everyone has these in his stationary box. The following material is required to draw a unique rose flower:

  1. Sketch Book: Everyone who loves painting & drawings must be familiar with the use of sketchbooks. A sketch Book is a drawing book having well-finished & high-quality drawing sheets. Although we draw our rose on simple paper, the sketchbook is more appropriate.
  2. Pencil: Always use a pencil that has a strong grip and a softer & fine nib. You have to draw a rose first with a pencil so that you can easily erase any mistakes.
  3. Eraser: Always use a high-quality eraser so that there is no mark left. It adds cleanliness and neatness to your drawing.
  4. Sharpener: A sharpener is most frequently used while making any drawing. It helps you to sharpen the pencil as often as you need.
  5. Black Marker: A black marker is used to highlight the outline that we have previously done with the pencil. It gives a finished look to our drawing.
  6. Color pencils: Colors add beauty to the drawing and give it a more realistic look. The use of pencil color is easier as well as has a beautiful texture, so I recommend pencil colors.
  7. Color Markers: In the end, you have to give it a finishing touch by highlighting it. And giving bold effects to some parts to make it look like a 3D painting. This is completely optional.

Important Points:

Sometimes we are considering the prominent points but miss the smaller ones. Here I will mention some of the important points that seem tiny but should not be missed.

  1. Do not hesitate to use a sharpener most frequently.
  2. First, draw a step with a pencil, then with a marker so any mistake can be removed. I also drew with the pencil first, but you will see only the steps done with a marker.
  3. Keep your drawing paper tilted to give a little bent effect to the rose.

Step-by-Step Procedure To Draw A Rose Flower:

Following are the few basic steps that lead you to draw a rose with pencil in a easy & unique manner:

Step 1:

Firstly, draw a simple loop that comes from inward to outward. Then stretch a small curvy line from the top of the loop on the left side. Do the same on the right side. This is a closed petal, also called a bud, from where our rose starts. Also, this will act as the center of your flower.

How to Draw a Rose in Easy & Simple Steps 1
Drawing a simple loop for inner parts of a rose

No rose in the world follows the same pattern, so don’t worry if your center is a bit different from mine.

Step 2:

If you look at the petal from a side angle, you will see that it looks more like a rectangle. All you need to do is to start drawing from the bottom of the right-sided curved line and finish it with the curved line of the left side in a semi-circle way.

How to Draw a Rose in Easy & Simple Steps 2
Drawing The First Petal Of The Rose After The First Loop

As a result, there will be three corners that should be slightly rounded, followed by straight lines. This will be the first open petal of your rose.

Step 3:

You can see in the previous step that the bottom end of the petal remains open. Now you have to draw a horizontal wavy line that touches the open ends of the petal and slightly bends upward. This should be a bumpy line.

How to Draw a Rose in Easy & Simple Steps 3
Closing The Bottom Ends Of The First Petal

Stretches a line from the left side corner of the open petal and joins it with the bumpy horizontal petal a very little bit bent towards the center.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to stretch a small line slightly bent outward. Make sure the length of the line equals the length of a petal that we draw in the previous step.

How to Draw a Rose in Easy & Simple Steps 4
Drawing A Small Line

Step 5:

At this time, you have two points. All you need to do is draw a wave that touches both points. Double the wave in such a way that both ends are closed pointedly.

How to Draw a Rose in Easy & Simple Steps 5
Drawing Two Waves Touching Both Ends

This petal makes your rose look amazing as it gives us the effect of the folded petal.

Step 6:

Now it’s time to draw half circles. That gives your rose a beautiful effect; you will see your flower as half done. Believe me, it will give a mind-blowing effect.

How to Draw a Rose in Easy & Simple Steps 6
Drawing a half circle on the right of the open petal

All you need to do is to draw a half circle on the right of the open petal that touches the ends of the folded petal. On the left corner of the open petal with, the bumpy petal with a semi-circle.

Step 7:

Now it’s time to draw another open petal. I think it’s a much easier step to perform. Just draw an inverted “L” starting from the open petal and ending where the bumpy petal is.

How to Draw a Rose in Easy & Simple Steps 7
Drawing Another Open Petal

Make sure that it should have a rounded corner.

Step 8:

Draw a small semi-circle followed by a bent line from the previously drawn petal and stretch down. And joins the one end of the folded petal with that line.

How to Draw a Rose in Easy & Simple Steps 8
Drawing a bend line touching the previous petal

Step 9:

Now it’s time to make the lower part of the rose. From where all petals come out. Draw a cup shape that comes from the right side and moves towards the left side.

How to Draw a Rose in Easy & Simple Steps 9
Drawing the lower part of the rose

Step 10:

To add a little bit of 3D look that makes it more realistic, we have to double the petal we drew earlier in step 8. This is the turning point that makes the rose beautiful.

Adding double petal for 3D look
Drawing double petal for 3D look

Step 11:

Until now, we have done with the inner petals of the rose. Now we have to draw the outer petals, which is super simple and easy to draw. First, make a large doubled outer petal that comes out from the open petal and goes to the lower part with a bumpy ride.

How to Draw a Rose in Easy & Simple Steps 11
Drawing First Large Outer Petal Of The Rose

Step 12:

Draw two lines, one on the lower part of the previously drawn petal and another on the bottom in a slightly “L” shape.

How to Draw a Rose in Easy & Simple Steps 12
Drawing Two Lines On The Lower Part Of The Rose

Step 13:

Now complete the petal by joining the two lines with a single line. This petal comes in the result is small pointed. Draw a circle right on it to add one more petal.

Joining The Two Lines To Make Two Petals
Joining The Two Lines To Make Two Petals

Step 14:

Your flower is almost completed. Just add two more petals. I recommend you draw with a free hand with a bumpy ride.

Adding Two More Outer Petals
Adding Two More Outer Petals

Step 15:

A rose is incomplete without a stem. Let’s add a beautiful stem to it. All you have to do is to stretch a vertical curved line from the outer petal. Double the curvy line, and that’s all.

How to Draw a Rose in Easy & Simple Steps 15
Drawing A Stem For The Rose

Step 16:

Adding leaves to the rose makes it look more vibrant and realistic. Stretches some bent lines from both sides of the stem. These will act as the central lines of the leaves.

Adding Leaves
Adding Leaves To The Rose

Step 17:

You have noticed that the leaves of the rose are slightly different from the others. It has pointed edges all around. Draw the teardrop-shaped with pointed edges leaves on the stretched lines. Don’t forget to add the vein line into the leaves on both sides.

How to Draw a Rose in Easy & Simple Steps 17
Rose Drawing Finished Without Color

Congrats! You have completed your unique rose flower. Now it’s time to add colors to it. Is it necessary to color a rose or not? Why?

Should I Color The Rose?

Of course, everything is incomplete when drawing a rose without colors and looks so unattractive. Just imagine that if everything in the world became colorless, what would happen? If there are no colors in the world, then there will be no charm left. Everything will look so dull and unattractive. Colors add beauty to the world. Nature gives us brilliant color combinations. You can see how beautiful the natural flowers are. Birds, flowers, animals, and the sky give us huge color combinations ideas. Likewise, you Must fill your rose flower with gorgeous & fantastic colors.

How To Fill Colors In The Rose?

Fill the rose with a bright red color. I used the pencil color to fill it. Fill it in a way that there is no white space left behind. Don’t be hurried while doing colors. Take your time and make sure to do it with cleanliness.

To add a 3D effect, Color the folded or bent petals with a darker red marker. Believe me; it makes your rose look realistic.

After that, fill in the color in the stem part. I recommend that you always choose a dark green color to do so. Repeat the same with the leaves part. Color the leaves V-shaped.

Final Look Of The Rose:

Here is the final look of your rose flower after coloring.

The Final Product
The Final Rose

There is nothing more to do. Don’t you feel proud that you drew such a fantastic rose flower yourself? You must be. It will make you stand out. So, always believe in yourself. You can do anything.

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When To Draw Such An Amazing Rose?

A rose is drawn for multiple purposes. A few are mentioned below:

  • Draw a rose when you feel bored and want to try something new.
  • If you are a creative person and find peace in exploring and drawing new things with different techniques.
  • While presenting birthday cards to your friends & family, on some special occasions, it’s the best option to draw such a tempting rose flower on it. They will like it and admire you.
  • Draw whenever you want, it will please you, and the results will be high.


Drawing a rose flower is neither too difficult nor so easy. It has many petals that seem difficult but become easy when drawn stepwise. All you need is practice and practice. I am sure you can do it if you follow the instructions mentioned above, along with the graphical illustration. I hope that this article proves helpful for your drawing skills.

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