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Why is the best resume writing service important if you are looking for your first job? Because, naturally, you have no work experience, and it will not work to focus on it. In this case, focus on education.

Write down the full name of your educational institution, your specialty, and years of study. Besides, if you can boast, for example, an average score, feel free to mention that too. By the way, it will be a great advantage if you attended, say, additional educational events, for example, training, conferences, and masterclasses.

Such activity will make it to where the employer gets to see what a curious person you are who has a keen interest in the chosen direction, develops, and loves to learn new things. Nowadays, educational institutions offer many activities of this kind, so do not be lazy to take part in them, especially since they are mostly free.

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Online Resume Writing Service Provides Resume Writing Help

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It is unlikely that, without work experience, you possess any highly specialized skills. But in no case should you skip this section in your resume since everyone has some professional skills.

You acquired some of them during your studies and learned something yourself, but something turned out to be an innate talent. The main thing is not to lie because the employer will still understand if you have significantly embellished reality.

What can you Write in the Skills Section?

In the skills section of your resume writing, you can safely write the following points:

  1. Skills of working with a large amount of information;
  2. Computer fluency;
  3. Flexibility in training to work with new software;
  4. Confident user of PC and office programs;
  5. Correct speaking and written language;
  6. Teamwork skills;
  7. High-speed printing.
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This is a rough list of common skills that can applicable to everyone.

Skills of working with a large amount of information

If you have any special skills, be sure to mention them when you write the resume. Even basic knowledge of, for example, programming languages, accounting entries, cash payments, etc., will be an excellent advantage. Think about what you learned back in school, what were your interests, and try to transform their occupational skill. A candidate who has at least a general idea of the specifics of the job is always in a better position than one who has no idea what his job will be.

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Correct speaking and written language

Another essential item that will help you attract the employer’s attention is language proficiency. Even if this is a basic level, for example, French, write it down; just do not get too carried away with embellishment. In companies where knowledge of languages is a mandatory requirement, you will undoubtedly be tested. So, it is better to speak frankly, for example: “spoken – above average, written – basic.”

Past achievements

If you have any achievements and merit in your chosen field, be sure to write them in the resume. For example, you won a prize in a competition of scientific papers or have your own development of a program or application. Even if no work experience as such, this is a significant advantage to your credit; the employer will see in you a person interested in the chosen direction. Even if the necessary skills are not enough or not at all, you can learn everything.

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Perhaps this is the most favorite section of novice specialists because you may feel free to tell about all your positive aspects in the best way possible. But for some reason, the majority still does not deviate from the magic trinity of “sociable-responsible-purposeful.” Try to get away from commonplace phrases and ‘come up with such wording so that it becomes interesting for the employer to communicate with you just as a person.

For example, even this favorite set of qualities can be turned into something interesting and standout:

  1. Sociable” – I easily find a common language with any person. I am not afraid to be the first to enter into a dialogue, and I like to communicate;
  2. Responsible” – I always finish what I started, I’m not afraid to take responsibility and always vouch for my work;
  3. Purposeful” – I always try to achieve my goals, especially if they are complex. I quickly find new ways and solutions if something does not work out.

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And such phrases-synonyms can be thought of literally for every word that we are used to writing on a resume. Just don’t be afraid to show your imagination. Employers love it when beginners not only create an automatic resume based on a ready-made template but add personality to it.

Such a creative and unconventional approach can sometimes even outweigh the work experience. You can also describe your hobbies, mainly if they can serve as your advantages; active sports, reading specialized literature, etc.

Good luck finding your dream job!

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