10 Hacks To Craft Your Content With Intent To Boost Up Google Rank

Are you worried about the ranking of your website? Well, there are thousands of people who are trying to rank their site on the search engine. So, you are not alone in who is facing this issue. To get a better position on the search engine and give tough time to your competitors, there are multiple techniques to craft your content to boost up Google nank. All of them are discussed here.

Everyone needs a solution to attract more visitors to the page, and you also need a way out, and we are here to tell you all.

Numerous factors are needed to rank the page, and you can’t get traffic directly without making it informative for the reader.

Some writers consider that getting traffic on the page is very easy. So, they try to craft the content lengthy and hope to get the audience over this element. But it is a wrong perception.

Many other aspects are needed for it, and the top one is optimizing your content according to the search engine policies.

In this article, we will discuss top hacks that can boost up Google ranking; but before it, we will give you a quick view of SEO and its importance.

Importance of SEO

The term SEO stands for search engine optimization which means the content you are crafting should be worthy enough to get a good rank on Google.

It’s not only about the search engine but also the user experience. The audience trusts Google and believes that they are getting the correct information here.

Therefore, Google also gives value to users’ time and maintains the trust factor; it only ranks the content that can be helpful for readers.

10 Tips To Craft A Content For Google Ranking

This section will discuss some critical elements that can be pretty handy for making the article SEO-friendly and ranking better on the search engine.

10 Hacks to Craft a Content with Intent to Boost up Google Rank 1

Make Your Search Better

The first thing that you must remember before starting to write is gathering ideas from other sources.

You have to look for the relevant material on the search engine and pen down the most important ideas that can help craft your content worthy.

You are writing an article on the “benefits of SSD”. However, you may be aware of the advantages still it needs to read the thoughts of other authors. There are possibilities that you may get some extra information that is new for you.

So, do proper research before starting to write and after it, write the ideas into your own words. That means you have to be unique with your words.

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Focus On the Quality of Content

Quality of content matters a lot in getting better on the search engine. Many writers don’t concentrate on this factor and make too many mistakes in the content. This is a lousy SEO factor and can reduce the volume of traffic on the page.

The question is what type of mistake a person can make in the content. Well, it may be a grammatical error and a fluency issue.

While writing in a flow, you never know what type of mistakes you are making in the lines. So, you must focus on this element and avoid the mistakes that can distract a reader or misguide him while reading the content.

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Avoid Lengthy Paragraphs

Making the content lengthy will never get you up-rank if your quality is not up to the mark. So, instead of improving the article’s length, you need to focus on the quality of the article.

Once you make the text limited and add the relevant lines to the content; it will directly benefit you in generating a healthy article.

While increasing the article’s word count; you will add some fake ideas that are not even related with the topic, and it will hurt the readers.

To overcome these issues, users can get help from a word count checker and upload content there after completion. It will tell the total words and characters present in the content and keyword density.

10 Hacks to Craft a Content with Intent to Boost up Google Rank Word Counter

If the word count is more than the limit, you can remove the lines that are not much important. Crafting like this will make the content more information for the readers and help in improving the quality of the text.

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Make the Site User-Friendly

Make sure that the site is user-friendly. When a user visits the page, he can directly land on the right section where he wants to go.

Sometimes, we see sites that are too complex to understand, and users find it hard to distinguish the parts of the site.

Also, there are many ads on the page that the reader gets frustrated while reading the content and moves to another site.

You need to keep this aspect in mind for your website and create a scenario that can be a helping factor in ranking on the search engine.

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Reduce the Page Loading Time

Page loading time is a crucial aspect that can increase or decrease traffic on the page; and this is a primary element of SEO and can help get more visitors to your site.

Readers will not wait for your page to load fully, and they will instantly move to another page that will increase the bounce rate of your site.

To escape these elements and keep your readers engaged, you must value their time and provide them with informative results.

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Use Images in the Article

Images make the intent of the article clear for a reader. People who find it hard to understand the text can see the pictures.

Also, a picture gives a more attractive look to the article. So, it is essential to craft graphics in the content and makes it more informative for the audience.

Make sure that you are using a good quality image relevant to the topic and can help the audience solve their problem.

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10 Hacks to Craft a Content with Intent to Boost up Google Rank 2

Select the Right Keyword

You need to remember that you have to focus on the keyword as it can be a crucial ranking factor. Because, it will attract the right audience on the page.

Let’s say you are selling PlayStations online. Here, the audience gets two types of materials on the search engine related to their intent, depending on the keyword.

One person is searching with the keyword “PlayStations”, and the other is using the keyword “Best PlayStations”. Although both words will show the same material in the first one, you will get the product directly. Moreover, with the second keyword, the user will get the articles of best PlayStations present online.

So, it is crucial to focus the keyword and rank your website on the right one to attract the perfect visitors.

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Upload the Content Regularly

Most of the time, we see websites that don’t publish articles regularly. For such sites, it is challenging to get a good rank and give a tough time to the competitors.

To get more audience and keep your page among the bests; it is essential to upload the content regularly on your site.

If a reader likes the article published on your site, he will probably visit again next time. So, don’t let him go without getting information. Provide him some ideas every time so he could be among your regular readers.

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Avoid Mistakes

While crafting the content, a writer can make multiple types of mistakes; and it can be in the form of grammar, irrelevancy, or fluency. It doesn’t matter what type of issue it is; you have to resolve it and provide foolproof content to the audience.

Some individuals apply the technique to add some irrelevant information in the article to increase word count. However, it is making the content lengthy but will never help boost the ranks on search engines.

You must be honest with your audience. Provide them with the actual piece of information and avoid such mistakes; that can distract the readers or force them to leave your website.

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Get Advantage of SEO Tools

Without SEO tools, ranking on the search engine can be difficult, especially for beginners. They don’t know what mistakes they are making concerning SEO.

So, all must get help from SEO tools before uploading the articles. These online tools will highlight the lines that need improvements.

Bottom lines

To rank nicely on the search engine and give tough time to your competitors; it is essential to improve the quality of content and craft it better than others.

You can’t expect good performance from the website unless it has valuable material for the readers. So, you need to focus on this aspect, and your site will quickly boost up in Google rankings.

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