Where To Buy Windows VPS That Fits For You?

To buy Windows VPS, that runs on Windows server OS is an excellent choice of hosting plan whether you start your first website or looking to move from the shared hosting to have your own exclusive resource. Virtual Private Server that uses Windows a good starting point and unquestionably a server that can upgrade your working process.

After the release of Windows Server 2019, the Windows OS server becomes more unbeatable in terms of hosting plan. One of Windows 2019 features is a shielded virtual machine; its function is to enable you to run another operating system like Linux on your Windows VPS. In doing so, you do not have to differentiate the coding language or control panel that you want to use.

Since you can run both of these operating systems on a single virtual machine, for that reason, this article will help you to understand anything you need to know in regards to buy Windows VPS hosting plan.

Buy Windows VPS

When considering to buy Windows VPS hosting plan enables you to operates any of your business or professional tasks more efficiently. From running several managerial applications, managing your business website, etc. You can do it all and support your business at the same time by buying the windows hosting service.

Besides, you can use Microsoft’s Windows RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to create a protected connection to your Windows server, which you can control your workspace freely from different locations.

Talking of buying Windows hosting service, when you compare several hosting providers to identify which one is the best of them. You have to pay attention to the location of the data center provided by the hosting provider. In doing so, you can select the one with a data center that matches your business and can mitigate the highest latency.

Besides, you have to opt for SSD storage instead of HDD in terms of the type of disk. When it comes to disk sustainability, SSD is more dependable than HDD. Also, using SSD will give you the speed you need to operate any applications.

Buying a Windows server also gives you the perk of easy hardware resource scalability; this is significant because when your website starts growing and drives more traffic, you do not have to worry about resource usage. Also, to buy Windows VPS gives you the Windows Remote Desktop feature that can give you full control to do any software installments or configuration of the server based on your interest.

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How Should I Connect To Windows VPS?

If it is your first time using a Windows server, you probably here to seek an answer on how to set your Windows VPS with the remote desktop; we provide this guide to assist you in connecting with your Windows server for the first time.

In general, it will take 20 to 30 minutes to start the server OS system for the first time, right after the activation of your Windows server. Afterward, you can link your Windows VPS Hosting with Instant Setup by using Windows RDP (Remote Desktop) Connection.

You can download this application from your mobile phone, and if you are using Android, you can download it from the play store by using the keyword “Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client.” If you are using iPhones or iPads, you can search for this Windows Remote Desktop from the Apple Store. Let us take a look at the procedural steps below on how to connect the VPS server by using RDP:

  • First, look into your email and search for your hosting provider’s email where you buy the RDP access. Next, open the email, and you may have your login information to log in to the server.
  • Open your RDP Connection application on your mobile devices.
  • Now, input the IP address that you have previously received in your email. Note: make sure that you have to wait for 15-30 minutes before you try to connect to your server.
  • Press on the Connect function, then input the username and password you get in your email before and click OK.

Now, you have already connected to the Windows server by using Microsoft Remote Desktop.

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What Is The Difference Between Windows VPS And RDP Server?

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In this part, we will help you in how to distinguish VPS and RDP servers. Since most people think these two are quite similar. In fact, you may ever see RDP included as one of the Windows VPS features. But how exactly these two terms differ from each other.

Access Authorization

RDP and VPS server is entirely different when it comes to access authorization. When you opt for VPS hosting service, you may notice the term “full administrator”. It implies that you got total control of your server. From its setting to software installation, it is up to your interest.

While using the RDP server, you do not have this kind of access. What you get is limited access only for software installation and as a user to operate the program.

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Resource Usage

Utilizing a VPS server allows you to do anything you want with your resources, like using a dedicated server. VPS share this same characteristic when it comes to resource usage.

Meanwhile, using an RDP server is similar to using shared hosting. In this case, you have to share the resource somewhat with other users. Like we said before since it works the same as shared hosting, you probably would encounter any neighbor issues when a particular user is violating the rule.

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In the VPS server, the SSD storage implements the RAID 10 SSD to enhance the disk protection and enable the data backup process. Implementing this system, if one hard disk gets an issue, the VPS server and your data will still perform well.

On the other side, the RDP server uses the RAID 0 build to enhance disk processing speed without creating the data backups. Hence, when a hard disk gets a problem, the server’s data will get an error, making the whole server down.

These three aspects are the main differences between the VPS server and the RDP server.

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