Handy Provides You with Several Ways to Connect with People Online

There are several ways to connect with people online. You may think it’s impossible to connect with strangers and prominent personalities online. However, it can happen with significant actions. According to Handy, connecting to celebrities and influencers online isn’t a big deal if you know what to do. Here’s how you can connect with people online:

Ways to Connect with People Online:

1. Be selfless –

People get easily turned off by selfishness. To connect with folks, you need to go the opposite route. Be selfless and support a good cause. It may be anything that improves the lives of other people or helps them out in some way. It may be a bike tour through 50 states to raise funds for struggling children in impoverished countries.

The fund can go to buy bikes for all those kids and give them secure methods of transportation to school. Or, it may be a big birthday party to raise funds through a charity auction. As long as the cause is moral and aligns with positive values, people get behind it in a heartbeat. Find out a reason you are passionate about and contact the influencers. Make it about them, and they would gladly join it. 

2. Create something useful for others –

Bloggers and content creators are always looking for fresh new content. You can research the topic that may interest them and bust your ass out to create something fresh and unique. Writing a shoddy article within a couple of hours and emailing it to them won’t get you any attention. 

You need to figure out what they need and provide your skills. It may be a code snippet, your editing skills, or crafting skills. You have to figure out their needs and help them out whenever possible to connect with them. Show sincerity and do the work even before you reach out to them. Also, if they don’t want that work, you can use it somewhere else. 

3. Reach out for help –

People usually don’t mind helping each other out. Especially if it’s mutually beneficial. It also gives people a ‘giver’s high,’ that’s amazing on its own. When you reach out to people for maybe a guest post or collaboration of some sort that will increase your followers and online reach, the other party will jump on the bandwagon without a second thought. 

Make sure that you don’t ask for something insignificant that could be done in two minutes. That would be a waste of their time and talent and makes them feel unimportant. 

4. Hire them

One of the easiest ways to connect with other people online is to hire them for their skills or services. Monetary compensation is always a great motivator and lets you easily connect with the other party. Moreover, if you want them to be a part of your life that badly, it means money spent on them is worth their skills and may bring you astonishing results.  


Handy suggests that you try out these ideas and connect with influencers or anyone else online. You can create lasting professional relationships or gain precious friends.

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