Top 5 Applications of Electric Discharge Machining

Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) is a manufacturing operation that uses electricity to remove material. The applications of Electric Discharge Machining allow for creating complex shapes, which would be difficult or impossible to make otherwise.

As a facility owner; it pays to know the various applications of EDM machining and whether you can employ it in your industry.

5 Applications of Electric Discharge Machining or EDM

Here are five applications of Electric Discharge Machining or EDM.

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Applications of Electric Discharge Machining In Aerospace Industry

The use of EDM is extensive in manufacture parts and components in the aerospace industry. The process allows for producing highly complex shapes that would be difficult or impossible to make with traditional machining techniques. Some aircraft parts made using EDM are turbine blades, compressor blades, and splitter ducts.

EDM is used to cut precisely engineered holes to insert suitable components in aircraft wings. We can also use the process to create accurate shapes on the inner part of these wings; so that no additional machining processes are required after production.

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Blanking Punches and Extrusion Dies

Applications of Electric Discharge Machining is in  making punches and dies for blanking and extrusion processes. The punches and dies are used to cut metal sheets; and tubing and extrude metal through a die.

The EDM process allows for the production of complex shapes with sharp edges and intricate details. This is also essential for the manufacture of high-quality parts which need to be accurate and precise.

For example, the punching process uses a die for cutting a metal sheet into a particular shape; such as a hole or a slot. This is done by forcing the material through this die; with the shape of the die determining the shape of the finished part. A blanking punch made using EDM will cut the metal cleanly; removing burrs to ensure no imperfections in the finished product.

An extrusion die is used for forcing metal through a hole; or a slot with the same shape as the die’s inner part. This reduces material wastage so that this inner part is accurately cut using EDM.

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Applications of Electric Discharge Machining In Medical Industry

The Electric Discharge Machining has applications to manufacture surgical instruments and implants in the medical industry. The process also allows for producing intricate shapes with smooth surfaces.

Some surgical instruments made using EDM are scalpels, forceps, and retractors. EDM can also be used to produce implantable devices; such as hip replacements and pacemakers.

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Small Hole Drilling on Hard and Soft Materials

Applications of Electric Discharge Machining is to drill small diameter holes on various hard and soft materials. The process allows for high-quality holes with intricate details and sharp edges; also, this is essential for many industrial applications, where precision is paramount.

For example, drilling small holes in metal plates is commonly used to manufacture electrical connectors. The holes need to be accurately positioned and consistent to ensure a good fit for the connector.

Drilling small holes on soft materials is required for many medical applications. For example; tiny holes are drilled into the bone marrow; during a bone marrow biopsy to extract a sample of marrow fluid. These holes need to be accurately positioned, and of a consistent size; so EDM is commonly used for this process; because it can provide both of these things.

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Final Word

As you can see, Electric Discharge Machining has a wide range of applications in various industries. EDM can also help produce the required results if you need high-quality, precision parts. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient manufacturing process, consider using electric discharge machining.

Now that you know what EDM is and its various applications; where do you plan on employing this concept in your facility? Tell us in the comments!

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