Best YouTube To MP3 Converter in 2024

Here is a listing of the most reliable YouTube to mp3 converters to contribute to your mp3 collection. There is a popular YouTube video that you love listening to and watching. But there is a catch. You have only to watch it online or download it as a video. Both these two approaches are inconvenient, not to mention being costly. So, what is the way forward if you may ask?

Your solution rests in the leverage of the YouTube to mp3 converter. This is typically an online resource that you tap into to convert the videos from youtube to mp3 or audio formats. We are here to help you in finding a suitable resource for your cause. To do that, we shall identify and explain the 20 leading Youtube to mp3 converters at the moment.

Best YouTube to MP3 Converter

Best YouTube To Mp3 Converter in 2021

1. YTMP3 Video Converter

YTMP3 - YouTube To Mp3 Converter

If you have a video that is no more than 1 hour long, this is the converter to consider leveraging.

It is appropriately suited for those videos that are shorter in length.

Moreover, it also comes as a free service and is hence pretty convenient to make great use of on the whole.

How to Use YTMP3 – YouTube to Mp3 Converter?

To use it, simply copy and paste the link or uniform resource locator (URL) of the video you want. Paste this link in the provided bar. Then, hit the send button. The resource will automatically convert the YouTube video to an mp3. Then, it will make the mp3 ready for download.


  • Available as a free service
  • Simple and straight forward to use
  • Converts to the mp4 formats as well


  • Cannot convert YouTube to mp3 that is more than 1 hour long

Visit YTMP3 Video Converter

2. x2Convert

X2convert To Download From YouTube And Convert To MP3

Do you also download many videos over and above, merely converting the same to the mp3 format? If you do, we would want to draw your attention to this x2convert. It is optimized for the attainment of both ends at the same time – and correctly.

How to Use X2convert to Download From YouTube and Convert YouTube to MP3?

The resource does have a bar in which you may put in the URL of the specific YouTube video of your interest. Then, you hit the process button that goes ahead to do the conversion. And when you are done, you engage the download button to have your mp3 audio deposited to your computer.


  • Manages the high-speed and unlimited downloads with ease
  • Supports all video and audio formats available now
  • Requires no registration prior to the eventual usage


  • Slightly complicated to a simple user

Visit X2Convert

3. Go-mp3

Go-mp3 - Download MP3 files from YouTube videos

Moreover, it also comes as a free service and is pretty convenient to use. Most converters do collect your personal data as a user and relay it to a remote server. This is somewhat dangerous. It can predispose you to the risks of security breaches. It can also make you more vulnerable to other dangers that come with over-exposure to other internet users. Choose to work with this that won’t collect your personal data.

How to Use Go-Mp3 To Download MP3 Files from YouTube Videos?

To convert your favorite YouTube videos to mp3, follow three main steps. First, use this resource. For one, you ought to select a YouTube video of your liking and choice. You do this by copying its URL. Proceed to paste this link above the search field. Finish off by downloading your mp3 output on your computer.


  • Devoid of the many complicated parts that other converters have
  • Delivers the necessary ends faster and promptly.
  • Facilitates the sharing of the downloaded audio contents


  • May seems not to work across certain formats or video files.

Visit Go-Mp3

4. Clickmp3 – YouTube to MP3 Video Converter

ClickMp3 - YouTube to MP3 video converter

Short on the necessary time? This is the converter you may have to set your eyes on. The design aims to deliver the necessary outcomes faster and promptly. In fact, even if you have to use it across a slow network, you still won’t have to fret. It is optimized for speed.

How to Use Clickmp3 to Download High Quality MP3 Files from YouTube?

Before using this converter to obtain your mp3 audio format, you have to adjust it to fit your specific gadget. These could include tablets, desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and television sets. That is to guarantee seamless handling and conversion all the while of use.


  • Conforms as nearly as can be to the specific gadget you have in mind
  • You need not install any particular browser or piece of software to use it.
  • Highly adaptable and genuinely flexible for all practical purposes


  • A more straightforward user might find it too complicated for his ends.

Visit Clickmp3

5. EasyMp3Converter – Easy YouTube to MP3 Converter

EasyMP3Converter - Easy YouTube to Mp3 Converter

Have a very long video in mind? This Easymp3converter is the one to consider dedicating to your usage. It can handle long videos well without losing any bits or portions. Moreover, it also comes definitely safe and free for you!

How to Use EasyMp3Converter – Easy YouTube to Mp3 Converter?

Like other converters, this one also requires you to simply paste the link of choice in the space provided. Then, the software will handle the rest of the conversion. You won’t need to provide any further input. All these it does in ways that are faster and prompt to the point.


  • Works across all kinds of browsers
  • Manages unlimited conversions per unit time
  • Takes excellent care of the long videos with absolute ease


  • Prone to the leakage of personal data

Visit EasyMp3Converter

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6. YOUTUBETOMP3 – YouTube to MP3 Converter

YOUTUBETOMP3 - YouTube To MP3 Converter

If you plan to use this commercially, you need a converter that works in all browsers. We are informing you that this one can work across Safari, Firefox, and Chrome browsers. This pleases us. It also works alongside many of the leading platforms we have around.

How to Use YOUTUBETOMP3 – YouTube to MP3 Converter?

The site accepts links from YouTube and other video sources you may have in mind. When you paste the link in the bar and click the ‘convert’ button, it transforms the video into the audio format. Then, it activates the download button. You hit the button, and there you have it!


  • Allows for unlimited conversions
  • Supports links from all sources and relevant sites
  • Requires no external software to operationalize


  • Too superfluous for the common everyday usage


7. OnlineVideoConverter (ONVICO)

OnViCo - Online Video Converter Any Video or YouTube link to mp3 or mp4

While handling the HD quality videos, there is usually the risk of losing some of the quality in the process. To prevent that from happening, you need a converter. It can maintain video quality, regardless of the format. You can dedicate it to that.

How to Use OnlineVideoConverter (ONVICO) to Convert Online Videos, YouTube to MP3, MP4, Etc..?

Just paste the URL or the link of that video you would wish to convert YouTube to mp3 format. Go ahead now to select the specific format you would wish to convert it to, in this case, the mp3. Then, hit the ‘start’ button to trigger the conversion process. The system shall generate a download link that you will use to retrieve the audio output.


  • Highly compatible with all the modern browsers
  • Converts the contents at speeds that are truly great and reliable
  • Supports a similarly high range of portals


  • Limited to the HD quality videos alone

Visit OnlineVideoConverter

8. MP3Studio YouTube Downloader

MP3Studio YouTube downloader and mp3 converter

To save yourself some time and effort, you need to use a converter that can handle large volumes of files quickly. This one can download a whopping 99 files at once. It is appropriately suited for large scale engagements and activities.

How to Use MP3Studio YouTube Downloader Plus MP3 Converter?

This app functions much like your ordinary converters. Nonetheless, it can handle many conversions at a time. It can transmit the same to the many formats you may wish to tap into. You have to specify the formats you want for your outcomes and the number of files you want to convert.


  • Handles many files at a time (99)
  • Converts the videos to many formats per time
  • Preserves the quality of the videos while converting the same


  • Calls for some expertise before the eventual engagements

Visit MP3Studio YouTube Downloader

9. YTD Video Converter

YTD Video Downloader & Video Converter and youtube to mp3 converter

Sometimes, you may usually want to download the audio but play it later. That calls for a system that can queue the mp3 audio and make it available when they need to access it comes about. How about you attempting your fate on this converter?

How to Use YTD Converter to Convert Video to MP3 and Video to MP4?

After you are done with converting your video contents naturally, you go ahead and place the same in a queue. Then, you access the same at a time that is somewhat convenient for you. The resource is also capable of handling many other formats besides the standard YouTube to mp3.


  • Delays the access and playing of the mp3 contents
  • Capable of downloading whole videos
  • Able to handle numerous videos at one go!


  • Slightly slower than many others of its kinds

Visit YTD Video Downloader And Converter

10. 4k YouTube to MP3 – Converter And Downloader

4k youtube to mp3 converter

As its designation implies, this is a resource that is wholly intended to tackle the 4K videos. Therefore, it is fully optimized for high-quality conversions. They are generally found in commercial settings and professional applications. Count on it if you have a profit element.

How to Use 4k YouTube To Mp3?

This one goes beyond merely downloading and converting a single video. It even includes whole channels. Hence, it is a suitable resource to set your eyes on. You might need it to tackle the large scale and often huge volumes of YouTube to mp3 contents per unit time.


  • Handles the 4K Youtube video contents with ease and converts them to mp3 in one click,
  • Dramatically simplifies the conversion process.
  • Also able to extract YouTube subtitles.


  • Available as a premium resource

Visit 4KDownload

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11. ByClick Downloader

ByClick Youube to mp3 Downloader

If you have limited space, you want a machine that can convert and back up your contents. This is the one to consider dedicating for the job. It can communicate and send the contents to a remote cloud upon the full conversion thereof.

How to Use ByClick YouTube to mp3 Downloader?

This YouTube to mp3 converter works much the same way as your ordinary tool or resource. However, upon generating the mp3 audio output, it also gives you the leeway to store or back it up in a cloud. Of course, this allows for smooth and seamless retrieval later on when you might need the same. You can download YouTube to MP3 with ID3 Tags and YouTube to MP3 with cover image.


  • Tackles two ends at a time!
  • It saves a big deal of time and effort.
  • Compatible with just about every other format out there


  • Demands a relatively high degree of expertise to handle

Visit ByClick

12. ITubeGo

iTubeGo YouTube to mp3 Downloader

This has the highest download speed of all the converters we are considering. As a matter of fact, it is intelligent to do so at a pace that is ten times faster than your ordinary converters would. Moreover, it also handles and tackles the 8K, 4K, and HD video qualities.

How to Use iTubeGo YouTube to mp3 Converter?

This converter is different from conventional ones. It lets you decide whether to download a single track or a whole channel. Additionally, it lets you determine the specific format you want for your course. You may wish to have the contents made available at the end of it all.


  • It has a genuinely fantastic download speed.
  • Downloads whole channels at the click of a button
  • Supports and works in tandem with 10,000 plus websites


  • It costs some money to use

Visit ITubeGo

13. VideoProc

VideoProc V4.0 one click video converter

You may want to edit the contents and make a few alterations before releasing it for your use. To save yourself some bit of time, you may have to seek and make use of a piece of software that is comprehensive. None beats that need better than this one.

How to Use VideoProc to Convert YouTube to MP3?

This tool converts your favorite YouTube videos to mp3 files. It also lets you make any necessary changes before saving the files. You may convert, resize, or adjust the scale as need be.


  • Comprehensive in the sense of allowing many purposes ‘under one roof.’
  • Possesses a host of advanced settings and functionality
  • May serve commercial and professional processes well.


  • Clearly not for a novice do-it-yourselfer

Visit VideoProc

14. MP3 Juice

Best YouTube To Mp3 Converter in 2022 MP3 Juice

One-stop website to convert and download your YouTube Videos. Of course, you do not just convert the video from YouTube to mp3 formats just like that. You may also want to make it very fast speed. This resource has been designed with the ability to easily download and convert YouTube videos you want. You may hence have to look up to it for such kinds of applications.

How to Use MP3 Juice?

This is no your ordinary converter in the sense that it can also go beyond merely converting your videos. It is safe and supports different audio formats. For a large part, it uses free services to avail this excellent end for you. All these it does in a way that is straight, simple, and modern.


  • It need not to install, use direct from their site.
  • It helps you to download MP3 from YouTube in plenty of bitrate options.
  • Super fast Download and Convert Speed.


  • Sometime, sound does not come out after downloading MP3 (For some copyright protected videos)

Visit MP3 Juice

15. YouTube to MP3 Converter

YouTube to MP3 Converter

Do you shuffle around many sites and operational platforms? If you do, we ask you to try your luck on this specific platform. It is designed to work across numerous operating systems like iPhones, Android, Mac, and Windows. Also, it does lend support to 1,000+ websites.

How to Use This YouTube To MP3 Converter?

After converting your YouTube video to mp3, this tool lets you upload the file to a cloud or download it. Thus, it goes beyond merely letting you convert your videos to audio signals. You have it for the enjoyment of many relevant ends thus.


  • Suitable for prolonged and uninterrupted downloads and conversions
  • Supports and works hand in hand with most platforms.
  • It does not need any software to use alongside it.


  • A bit too slow to rely on well in the long run

Visit YouTubeToMP3 Converter

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16. Mp3Fy – Best YouTube to MP3 and MP4 Converter

mp3fy best and mp4 converter

Sometimes you may want to download and convert content. However, you may not be sure which one. This converter is built with persons of your kind in mind. It has a powerful search engine. It lets you easily find the track of your interest by offering suggestions.

How to Use Mp3Fy – The Best YouTube to MP3 and MP4 Converter?

Your first and foremost step is to search the site for the specific music track of your interest. Then, you click it and then proceed to convert to the audio format. After that, you have the leeway to download the same or even share it with other like-minded users.


  • Has no limit on the time or the size of the content to download
  • Offers support to all the popular websites
  • Searches the sites for the necessary suggestions


  • Some users have complained of distorted outcomes.

Visit Mp3Fy

17. BigConverter – YouTube to MP3 Converter

Big Converter

For your convenience, you need a converter that can communicate seamlessly with other platforms and software. We are delighted to let you know that this one can certainly transfer the data across numerous platforms. For example, Facebook and Instagram.

How to Use BigConverter to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Format in High Quality?

After converting your YouTube videos to mp3, this one goes further. It asks you to share it on the platform of your choice. Thus, it cheapens the way in which you make fair use of the ends that you have in mind.


  • It lets you download from a platform or format of your liking.
  • Operates fast, free, and secure
  • Works across all the major browsers and systems


  • Its privacy is somewhat wanting.

Visit Big Converter

18. ATube Catcher – Convert YouTube Videos To MP3

ATube Catcher To Download All Your Favorite Videos To Any Format

Do you generally work in conjunction with many other people at the same time? If you do, then this might as well be the resource to set your eyes on. It can easily share data and the final ends across many sites and platforms. It can share with GPS devices, MP4 players, cell phones, and iPhones.

How to Use ATube Catcher to Download All Your Favorite Videos to Any Format?

Its inner workings do not differ so significantly from your ordinary converter. They follow the same steps and procedures. Nonetheless, it also allows you to choose the kind of end-user you want to share the contents with. Then, you can proceed.


  • Works alongside many other social sites
  • It makes the sharing of the data simple and convenient.
  • Tackles all of your conversions ‘under one roof.’


  • Too bulky and slow to tackle

Visit ATube Catcher – Convert Videos To MP3

19. Any Video Converter (AVC)

AVC Free or Video Downloader

Many of these converters are locked in the sense of being only able to work across specific platforms or handle only restricted kinds of video content. This one, going by its designation, can work alongside just about any other video resource or site. It is hence great for your all-round engagements.

How to Use Any Video Converter (AVC) to Free Download YouTube Videos to MP3 or in Various Formats?

This resource does not differ markedly from your ordinary converter. However, it is a little bit more open as it can handle many kinds of videos. It is also not limited in how it may operate and is hence somewhat more convenient to tap into and make great use of.


  • Downloads all formats of the videos
  • It is appropriately equipped to deter all kinds of dangers.
  • Displays the outputs via various formats


  • Likely to cause confusions when in engagements

Visit Any Video Converter

20. Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player via Setapp to download

Needless to say, at any given time, you may often have to download or convert the contents in a variety of formats. For that to happen, you need a converter that can also handle other formats besides the mp3. This Elmedia Player is highly optimized to allow for the attainment of that very end.

How to Use Elmedia Video Player and YouTube to MP3 Downloader and Converter?

The core working principle of this item is that it extracts the audio contents from the video. Then, it relays it to the specific format that you may have to deal with. Also, it grants you the capability of saving or sharing the same contents with other potential users.


  • Downloads videos without any limitation at all
  • Lacks and adverts and is hence faster.
  • Supports all kinds of formats


  • May require some registration and subscription before use.

Visit Elmedia Player – Video Downloader


Our roundup of the top YouTube to mp3 converter comes to an end there. We now pass the buck to you to put in place the insight you have received. Of course, that cannot mean anything else. You now can use any of the converters mentioned above to spruce up your audio productions.

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