How To Install And Configure A New Windows 11 PC?

You are the proud owner of a laptop computer, and you are about to start it for the first time. How to install and configure a new Windows 11 PC? Also, what are the steps for configuration? Startup, password, file transfer, device installation. Follow our complete guide to quickly and easily get started with your new device.

How to install and configure a new Windows 11 PC/laptop?

Install your computer securely 

Once you’ve unboxed your device, you can’t wait to boot it up, but don’t skip ahead! Start by plugging your power supply into your device and into a wall outlet, checking that outlet is properly attached. Also, check there are no exposed electrical wires. It is essential to carry out this check to avoid harm to your charger from the first use.

Start your computer for the first time

Now your computer is connected to power and charging. Now, you can start it up for the very first time. Simply press the “On / Off” button.

When starting for the first time, the process is always the same: you will have to answer a series of questions (language to use, acceptance of the general conditions, connection to the Wi-Fi network, etc.). Once the computer has recorded all of your answers, you will be taken to your desktop and your main menu.

Customise personal data protection settings

Take a required step now: the security of your personal data. You can access it by going through the “Quick Start” screen and clicking on “Personalization Settings”. To protect all your data as much as possible, we recommend that you uncheck the various options that will appear on the screen. Most of them are indeed useful for Microsoft to send you targeted advertisements.

Choose your password

When you start your laptop for the first time , the system will prompt you to choose a username and password to access your session. Be careful, if you forget this access code, you will have to perform a complete reset of your computer to access it again. This unfortunately means losing all of your content! So remember to keep a record of your password in a safe place to avoid this problematic situation.

The little tip: To get started with your new Laptop, you can choose to create a Microsoft remote account when you use it for the first time. This means that your account will be accessible online, so you can open it from any device. By choosing this option, resetting your password if you forget it will be much easier. 

Transfer your files from your old computer

As you had stored all your content on your old device: it’s time to transfer it to your new device for easy daily access. For this step, two solutions are available to you.

  • The external hard drive: You just have to plug it into the USB port of your old PC, and drag all the files to the hard drive of new windows 11 PC. Eject the device before connecting it to your new device, then transfer the documents to your desktop.
  • The cloud Storage : The formula is similar except that, all your files are stored online and not on a hard drive. By securing all your content via the cloud portal, you will be able to access it at any time from any device. Just, you only need your ID and password. 

Install your various peripherals

Printer, webcam, scanner: Before using your peripherals, you will have to install and configure them on your new Windows 11 PC. You can configure your new windows 11 PC either with the original DVD/CD supplied, or by downloading the new drivers from the supplier’s website. Then you just have to follow the different steps that will appear on the screen to install, configure, and then use your new Windows 11 PC.

Install a good antivirus

As soon as you connect your computer to the Internet, you expose it to multiple dangers (viruses, hacking, etc.). There is only one solution to protect your PC; install an antivirus. This will allow you to scan and clean your computer, to eliminate all potentially dangerous content.

Also, the good news is that recent models generally have software already installed: be sure to check that this is the case by looking at the instructions for your device. Otherwise, you can install one very easily. Check out our complete guide to keeping your new device online.

Install a password manager

I do not know if I had put it a few years ago in the list of essential software, a password manager for me is interesting; because I am sure you have several passwords on several websites, used the same word It is not recommended to go everywhere.

Configure power management

Why this is important, especially if it is a new laptop, configuring the power settings allows you to optimize the life of your machine and especially that battery, it is also here that you can manage the standby, the screen brightness. Often times when the computer is on battery power instead of mains power your computer screen is suddenly darker.

Install the software

Install the software as you need, don’t forget the essential software like an antivirus; internet browsers if you have a favorite, Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox, or other software for working, playing. Yes, that’s a change in computer check if the program (s) are compatible; in particular video games, photo editing software, etc.

The software that you need almost every day is not the same depending on your profession. If your job is an accountant or a secretary, for example; will not need the same programs as a graphic designer, or an architect, or a doctor. It will depend on your needs and use whether it is personal, home or office.

Check for updates

Check the operating system, a new laptop or PC is sold with Windows 11, may not be a used computer. Anyway check for updates.

Why is it that between the time of manufacture and the sale. It can sometimes pass several months and therefore Microsoft can have carried out an update. To do this, go to your computer’s settings and Windows Update and click on Check for updates.

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