Influencing Social Media during Pandemic

Social media influencing is a pretty hefty job. It is not easy being an influencer because the competition is fierce. The whole industry these days, however, is suffering during this global crisis. Influencers are losing their jobs and not getting as many projects as they used to. Since they are a bunch of go-getters, they let nothing stop them. They will always find innovative ways to inspire and influence the youth.

Influencing People Using Social Media:

Here in this article, we’ll discuss how you can, from your own home’s safety, influence people using your social media handles.

Explore the Inside

Most of the influencers take selfies of their exciting lives. Bar hopping and destination shoots are on the menu. But lockdown and restrictions on traveling have put a temporary stop to the process. It is time to shake things up. It is time to look for inner guidance and channel your emotions. Your followers might love watching a different side of you.


If you want to showcase your lifestyle from inside your home, you might want to change your home setting a bit. Maybe upgrade the artwork and the sitting area to make it look posher. The look of your home should reflect your personality. If you plan to run a YouTube channel from your home, you might need to plan a backdrop accordingly. Now, you might think that all these up-gradation will cost you a lot. Well, it certainly can, but you have to be smart about your money. Instead of investing your savings on your home remodeling, you can always go for the home equity line of credit. The rates are quite lower than other forms of personal loans. You can register for loans easily and make online payments monthly. This might be the opportunity you really deserve at this point in your life.

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In-House studio

We all know that a proper studio is such a necessity for influencers. It makes things look polish and sleek. Works done in studios look professional. Even the Instagram posts appear to be a million-dollar market plan when done right. For that, you need to have a working studio in your apartment. Many people are going for it as it lets one be experimental and creative in their own way.

Influencing Social Media during Pandemic 2
Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash


If you are writing a novel, or creating art that takes time, make sure that you use a social media platform to keep your followers updated. They must stay with you every step of the way. They should be as excited as you are with the upcoming project. The publishers or the producers look for artists who can share their artwork with an already built customer. Take your prospective buyers to the journey of your life. If you update them with bits of your life daily, it will create an alliance between the artist and the prospective customers. They can easily reach the artist and ask details if need be.

So, these are a few ways you can still stay connected with your audience. If you do not provide relevant content to your clients you are just one unfollow click away. Nobody wants to lose followers on social media. Losing followers would be mean losing on various future business deals.  Make sure you stay yourself update with the world around and let the world have a piece of you.

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