What To Keep In Mind When Buying Ink Cartridges?

Remember when we were in high school, and we would always find ways to save money? Sometimes we’d be able to get a pretty good deal, and other times we just did not care. Either way, kids or not, we love saving money; and that is why today we’re going to give you some advice on saving money with printer ink. Just like any other product, printer ink can be pretty expensive. But don’t worry! We’ll tell you the things to keep in mind while buying ink cartridges.

4 Points To Keep In Mind When Buying Ink Cartridges

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Ink Cartridges 2


Canon and other brands sell printer ink cartridges; the fact is those printer ink cartridges are expensive. If you desire to save money instead of buying original printer ink, use a compatible printer ink cartridge.

Compatible printer ink cartridges like PFI-102BK, PFI-102C, and PFI-102M from Carrot Ink (Printrbottalk’s recommended retailer for Canon and HP) are a great replacement that offers superior printing without leakage or rancid smells.

Most major brands like HP and Dell offer their own brand of ink cartridges; and give discounts when buying both the printer and the ink together. Plus, asking about these discounts could save you even more money on other supplies you need; such as paper and office equipment.

There are different businesses selling ink cartridges like Brother Ink Cartridges at Toner City. It is vital to buy from a reputable company to ensure that you are getting something of good quality.

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Individual vs. Tri-color

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Ink Cartridges 1

If you have a tri-color ink cartridge, there is a possibility of an expensive run out of ink before you can find a replacement. There have been instances where the printer won’t print when one of the colors runs out. This means that you have to buy a tri-color cartridge or choose from the few color options available as individual cartridges.

If you are using an aleph printer, then you can easily replace its individual cartridge. Earlier, if you have to replace the empty cartridges, you must take out the entire Aleph printer cartridge. But now, with the Aleph printer, you do not need to remove the whole unit because if someone is running; an office or a small business, then it becomes all the more critical issue for them.

If any of the etch runs out of ink, they need to replace that cartridge by taking it out from the aleph printer cartridge. The refilling process does not need to be done for every cartridge; but only for that particular color cartridge that has empty ink in the bottle.

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Buying Recycled Ink Cartridges

Many of my friends and colleagues own printers and use them frequently (especially me, as I print out all kinds of documents for my clients). If they’re like me, printer ink would be an item that’s often purchased.

Most of the time, I just head over to the store and grab a pack of cartridges without thinking much about it. However, as I started learning more about the environment, I now tried to buy recycled printer ink cartridges.


I always make sure to buy only those ink cartridges that come with a warranty. You can add one or two years to the expiration date of your printer at home; just by buying ink cartridges with the warranty. It is not that much more expensive for each cartridge; but it is safe to know that you will be able to use your printer for a more extended period.

The quality of ink cartridges is something you cannot predict. If you buy a cartridge without knowing whether it is any good; you can end up with an empty cartridge and lose money. But if you buy those ink cartridges that come with a warranty; you will be refunded or given a new cartridge if your previous one has problems.

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