How To Choose The Perfect Size Conference Table For Your Meeting Room?

When shopping for a conference table for your meeting room, it’s important to choose the perfect size conference table considering of the room where you will place the furniture. A large table can overwhelm a small space and limit movement.You want to ensure enough clearance between the conference table and existing furniture like credenzas or a wall.

4 Things To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Size Conference Table For Your Meeting Room

How To Choose The Perfect Size Conference Table For Your Meeting Room 1

Size Of The Room

When selecting the right conference table for your meeting room, you must consider the size of the space in which you will work. Also, the conference table should accommodate all the people you need to be seated simultaneously.

You must determine the size of your conference room by measuring it in feet. This will help to find an idea of how big or small your conference table should be. It is also helpful to consider any extra furniture you may want to include in the room, such as a credenza or a lectern.

Allowing for some clearance around the conference table is also a good idea. This will ensure that chairs can be pulled out and other meeting attendees can pass by. Also, you must leave about 56″ between the conference table and the presentation board or easel. It will help if you use the conference room for visual presentations.

While most enthusiastic business managers gravitate towards straight rectangular-shaped conference tables. It is beneficial to explore a variety of shapes and designs to find the one that works best for your company’s specific needs and expectations. For example, an oval or boat-shaped conference table can promote creativity and collaboration. But, a U-shaped conference table helps to define leadership roles clearly.

Number of People

Regarding conference tables, the number of seats you need often depends by the room size. But, you must consider different factors. You will also want to consider how many people your organization has and how often you plan on using the conference table. This will help you choose the perfect size of conference table you need to ensure everyone can comfortably fit around it.

You must remember that when measuring the dimensions of your conference room, you must remove any existing furniture. This includes things like file cabinets, credenzas, and different furniture pieces. Once you have done this, you will be left with the total space your conference table can occupy.

In addition to determining the number of seats you need, it is also important to consider the shape you would like for your conference table. Many business managers opt for traditional rectangular tables, but plenty of other options can work just as well. For example, U-shaped conference tables can promote team equality. It allows the designated leader to take on a more prominent role.

Your conference table is a big part of your meeting room’s overall look and feel. So it’s important to consider what type of statement you would like it to make. Choosing a modern design that can accommodate your team members while also making a statement about your business is the best way.

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How To Choose The Perfect Size Conference Table For Your Meeting Room 2

The Shape of the Room

A conference table that’s too big in size will crowd the room and make it difficult for attendees to move around. It’s important to leave at least three feet of space around the table for a safe and comfortable walkway.

The room’s shape also plays a role in choosing the perfect conference table size. A round conference table can create a more casual atmosphere. But, a rectangular or square one provides an organizational focus. Lastly, consider the dimensions of the conference room itself and what other furniture will be in there. For example, you’ll need enough space for the conference table, chairs, and other furnishings, such as a video projector or AV equipment.

Suppose you’ll use the conference room for different meetings, like brainstorming or impromptu gatherings. Then, consider a tall conference table. It will allow people to stand during a session. You can use these tables in common areas like kitchens and communal spaces. It can enable people to interact and collaborate on projects without gathering in the conference room. For more formal meetings, you’ll want to stick with a traditional conference table with the added benefits of standing work. These tall conference tables are also great for collaboration with remote teams.


The conference table is the focal point of your conference room and should reflect your company’s aesthetic. You may want a traditional rectangular table that exudes an image of stability and professionalism. Also, you may want a contemporary design that indicates your business’s creation and progress.

There are many sizes of conference tables to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find perfect one that fits the style and function of your space. You’ll also have to decide whether to get a solid wood table or an engineered wooden option. The former is made from natural wood that’s layered together, sealed, and pressed into sheets. The latter uses thinly sliced veneers and is applied to the table’s surface.

Finally, you’ll need to consider the power sources plugged into your conference table. It’s common for phones, laptops, and an audio/visual device to be used in meetings. So you’ll need to ensure your table has enough power module ports for everyone to plug in and stay charged.

Your conference table should vacate enough clearance for chairs to move around it without getting in the way of each other. You’ll need at least 30″ of clearance between each chair and the table edge. Also, you should provide at least 56″ of space between your conference table and any visual display boards or easels placed near it.

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