Best Real Estate Sales Techniques in 2022

Today we give you a complete guide with everything you need to know about real estate sales techniques. Read and learn about techniques and where to use them.

What Are Real Estate Sales Techniques?

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The real estate sales techniques are the set of methodologies and paths that help the realtor go through the sales funnel with a client, leading him to the closing.

To follow this path, the real estate agent goes through stages such as Discovery, benefit delivery, action triggers, objection outline, closings, etc.

At the end of this journey, any customer will be much more likely to close a purchase. And the advantages of being a high-performance realtor to improve your results and hit goals.

The Main Benefits of Using Real Estate Sales Techniques

Using the suitable real estate sales techniques will differentiate you from your colleague next door to make sales in whatever segment.

Among the main benefits of using real estate sales techniques

  1. Increase quality in customer service
  2. Get to know the clients’ client’s needs in-depth.
  3. Getting through the real estate sales funnel more easily.
  4. Make more closings
  5. Improve conversion rates between steps in the sales funnel
  6. Being able to deal with any unforeseen circumstances during the negotiation
  7. Do not be afraid to receive objections from the customer.

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Real Estate Sales Funnel

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First, the sales funnel is a customer service methodology. In this case, it turned to the real estate market, as the name suggests.

This methodology carries that name precisely because it looks like a funnel visually.

To which a top is a large number of opportunities, but still ”cold”.

As the customer is taken to the other stages, they will taper off until the bottom of the funnel is reached with fewer opportunities but “hot.”

Therefore, the real estate sales funnel should be used generally within the real estate market as a form of customer service guide.

The stages of a real estate sales funnel are structures according to the service flow that a lead is conducted within the real estate company until becoming a customer.

And they look like this:

  • Opportunity
  • Attendance
  • Scheduled Visit
  • Visit Held
  • Proposal

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Real Estate Sales Script

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A sales script is a document that serves to guide the lead in each step of the sales funnel.

So, it is right to state that the sales script is nothing more than the written script.

What you should talk about, and how you should act to conduct a lead in each of the funnels, from when he arrives as an opportunity until he becomes a customer.

Within a real estate sales script, you must address all connection points with the customer during a real estate service.

The Methodologies Used in the Real Estate Sales Techniques

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We’ve talked so far about how the real estate agent can lead a lead and make him go through all the steps of a service funnel until he becomes a customer.

So, now, we will present two methodologies that, if used correctly, will undoubtedly increase your conversions and closings.

  1. AIDA Methodology
  2. Spin Selling

What is AIDA Methodology?

This methodology is also widely used in digital marketing strategies. Therefore, in the content that we are going to present, we are making an easy adaptation to use the AIDA Methodology in sales.

In other words, this methodology is a logical sequence that the realtor needs to adopt throughout his negotiation. To make it easier to lead a lead through their buying journey.

What is Spin Selling?

Spin Selling is another service methodology. Used to conduct a lead within the sales funnel and with the help of a good sales script and other more advanced real estate sales techniques.

The word SPIN, similarly to AIDA, is also an acronym. That is, each letter represents something different and is also divided into four stages.

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How to Use Words of Desire in Real Estate Sales Techniques?

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It would help if you used Wish Words in your sales script, which will draw your lead closer to a purchase.

It would benefit if you did not use the words of desire to act subconsciously and, therefore, in exaggeration. But preferably at strategic points in your negotiation.

 That’s because everything happens on the emotional and psychological side of the client.

Mental Triggers for Sales

Indeed, one of the first obstacles that a real estate agent encounters when dealing with a client is:

  • Not getting his trust or not adding enough value for him to make a decision more quickly.

There are foolproof real estate sales techniques for this that can and should be used in all of your customer connection channels. Whether through real estate ads or in-person attendance.

These real estate sales techniques are called Mental Triggers and can be easily applied in the sale of real estate.

Mental triggers are shortcuts used to facilitate a decision that needs to be made and justified by our brain.

Therefore, they are nothing more than the parameters adopted by us unconsciously, so there is no need to carefully evaluate each decision.

Cold Call Technique 

We just talked about prospecting for new leads to get you connected. When it comes to doing this over the phone, there is a widely used technique even though it is Cold Call, or translating, “cold call.”

And making a cold call in the real estate market is becoming more and more of a challenge. This is due to the countless telemarketing companies and robot calls that often annoy people.

Cold Call is used as a first contact link for someone who does not know you and has not requested your contact. Among real estate brokers, this practice is also called an active offer to sell real estate.

The best tactic to make a Cold Call is to use the PPO technique, which translated from English means the perspective process.

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How to Offer Properties by Phone?

How to Offer Properties by Phone
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Traditional telephone real estate sales techniques are not as effective as they used to be.

That’s because consumer behavior now is to go after knowledge long before buying.

With the extensive use of the internet, one click is enough to find everything on any subject.

Therefore, the first rule for offering real estate over the phone is never to try to sell anything.

Remember that many times that person doesn’t even know you or even asked for your contact.

This is the time to connect and bring undeniable benefits to the conversation.

Finally, to be successful in ”cold” contacts, whether by phone, email, or Whatsapp, it is valuable that you prepare yourself with a pre-call survey.

 We list some tips for you to put into practice in your active property offer process more intelligently:

  • Use information that is generated through real estate marketing companies
  • Trace a buying process, not a selling process
  • Ensure productivity
  • Invest your time with what you have interest

Sales Approach Techniques

This article about methodologies applied to the real estate sales techniques notes that the main point is the first contact.

It would help if you got the leads’ attention, and only then can you develop your sales script.

First, more than 70% of people who buy real estate start this process online. And therefore, your approach must fit the lead source channel.

And to make this situation more competitive in the market, many potential customers make their contact available to more than one broker or real estate agent.

Therefore, to prioritize this service, you need to stand out and use real estate sales techniques focused exclusively on the approach.

For example:

Telephone approach

First of all, the contact must be almost immediate. To increase your possibilities of connecting with the lead.

Approach a Client by WhatsApp

This will possibly be the approach most requested by your leads and even preferred by several realtors.

Email approach

Eventually, a lead can fill out a form and only make the email available to the first contact.

In that case, you must better target your real estate sales techniques. That’s because everything inside an email needs to enchant and draw attention to an answer:

  • Write an exciting topic.
  • Get to the point in the email.
  • Work with only one message.
  • Generate value
  • Offer a clear benefit.
  • Have an efficient Call-to-Action

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Open Questions for Sale of Real Estate

Indeed, at some point in your profession, you have heard of open and closed questions.

There is no right or wrong in this case. Each question’s impact is proportional to each stage that the lead is within the sales funnel and their purchase journey.

So, it is possible to use both questions to perform a complete service and focus on customer experience.

The open questions will provide you with more excellent knowledge about the pain of your possible client.

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Real Estate Sales Closing Techniques

Closing Techniques
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It is common for us to find real estate agents who do not “give closings.”

That is, expect the lead to contact and suggest closing the purchase.

It would be the ideal world for every realtor.

On the other hand, we find professionals in the market who are flustered and “close” out of hours.

So it seems to pressure the customer to buy the property. And in turn, they end up losing the deal for good.

So, when is the best time to close?

 The closing has to be an outcome of the negotiation. That is, nothing before that is acceptable. If there are still points for further discussion, it is not the time to close.

The intention of using a real estate closing technique is to bring the client into a state of ecstasy and desire.

To do this, you must turn to the sales script and trace the lead’s reactions up to that moment and bring back at closing the benefits that have most charmed him so far.

You can also use some preliminary questions for closing. This is if you are not sure that this is the right time to try to close the sale.

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Real Estate Sales Techniques Course for Realtors

There are numerous courses available in the commercial area, especially when it comes to real estate sales techniques. Indeed, not all are exclusively for the realtor.

Most certainly, many of them will bring a strategy that you can adapt to any niche market.

Besides free videos on YouTube with real estate sales techniques and several other “real estate gurus” offering to teach some free methods.

But, if you choose to study alone, there is already a vast choice of books and films you can use.

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