What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Staging In Real Estate?

This guide will help you discover the basics of virtual staging in real estate, and its benefits. It will surely make you consider hiring a virtual staging specialist if you are ever in need of selling space. Besides that, going to this guide, you will also learn more about:

What Is Virtual Staging In Real Estate?

Virtual staging as a concept uses technology to improve the potential buyer’s impression of the home or office space that is put up for sale or rent. It is a state-of-the-art technology that promises sales growth, faster sale agreements, and it doesn’t even take a lot of time to have a fully staged space ready for sale.

If you showcase the space you sell empty, buyers will not be able to see the place’s full potential. It can be not easy to imagine working or living in a space that you can’t picture complete. On the other hand, if you start putting up real furniture pieces and accessories, you will waste a lot of time, money and nerves, and still not reach your goal.

People today mostly do their search for a home or office online, and going through all that trouble to attract a few buyers is not worth it. That is when virtual staging comes in and practically saves the day.

How more traditional home and office staging compares to the modern virtual staging approach

  • What virtual staging is, an explanation
  • The benefits of staging
  • How does virtual staging work
  • Virtual staging software
  • And some other useful pieces of information.

So, without wasting any longer of your precious time, let’s dive into the creative world of home staging.

What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Staging In Real Estate 1

What Came Before Virtual Staging Was Perfected?

Long before virtual staging got to where it is today, people could only rely on the traditional in-person staging if they wanted to make a sale and prepare the space adequately. Some sellers used to stage their home themselves, but they soon realized the benefits of virtual staging and started to hire a real estate agent to make a quicker and more profitable sale.

To achieve that quick sale at a high rate, real estate agents started placing appealing furniture pieces, artwork pieces, and other details to make the home more presentable for potential buyers. They even installed kitchen appliances so that space got a homier and completed look. Buyers should see a fully equipped space, rather than an empty one with only walls and bare windows.

Over time real estate agents noticed that staged homes were more comfortable to imagine oneself living in. Their general opinion of the space was leaning towards a sale far more often than before when everything was empty and cold. This is the beginning of staging, and real estate agents saw firsthand how important it was and how useful it would be.

Several agents started working more closely with interior designers to have a clearer idea of which designs work and which pieces go well together. As expected, many companies started working on making staging better, cheaper, faster, and more convenient.

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What Are The Main Benefits Of Virtual Staging In Real Estate?

What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Staging In Real Estate 2

Visual Appeal

As you may have expected, making the space intended for sale more appealing is one of the main goals of staging. And this goes for both traditional and virtual ones. When real estate agents and designers do their magic, they highlight what’s best about the space. Also, they somehow manage to de-emphasize the opposing sides of the room, home, office, or any other space.

One way to always make sure that the space is appealing and presentable is to declutter it, de-personalize it, and use trendy and neutral furniture pieces and decorations.

All this work will help the buyer see him/herself living there. It is a crucial moment in their decision-making process. Will they be able to imagine themselves living or working in the space you sell?

Alone, with family members, or coworkers – it doesn’t matter. What matters here is that the result of the virtual staging is a successful sale. Many studies have proven that staging helps the sale process, and it adds to property value.

Higher Property Value And Less Time On The Market

Experience and data have shown that if a home is staged correctly, it will sell an incredible 87% faster than offering bare walls. On average, this means 26 days on the market, compared to almost 200 days for spaces that haven’t been staged before listing. This is extremely convenient for both the real estate agent and the seller as well.

The agent has more time for their next project, and the seller will get their money faster. And if that was not enough, properties staged before showcasing them to buyers sell for 17% more than spaces that were not staged. A win-win scenario!

What Is New In The Virtual Staging In Real Estate?

Technology moves ahead, and we have seen its impact in almost every field imaginable. Home staging is not an exception. As we mentioned above, companies worked hard to perfect the process of staging, and virtual staging is by far the best they’ve created so far. It is the cheaper option, the more convenient one, and the faster route to making a sale.

The cost of staging a home for sale using the technology virtual staging benefits will be much lower than hiring a company to bring real furniture pieces and decorations and mess around in your home.

Put in simpler words; virtual staging is a tech term that entails editing and optimizing photos made by real estate agents. The photos are the empty spaces sellers put on the market (be it a home, office, or any other space). But, the virtual staging specialists add furniture and décor to those photos to make them more presentable.

They also edit the photos, and in some cases, they also add blue sky or other details to enhance the exterior of the space. When you stage your home for living and trust virtual staging experts to take care of the parts, you will end up with a quick sale. You will get happy buyers, and a great sale price.

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Virtual Staging Benefits: How Does This Technology Actually Work In Real Estate?

The first thing you need to know regarding this type of technology is that the virtual staging experts have limitless design capabilities. They can use any empty space in a room of your choosing. You can contact possible buyers, get to know them and their needs or preferences. Also, you can make sure that the next time they see a photo of the place you sell it is per their taste.

If they prefer more modern styles, you can ask the experts to design in that way. The same goes for if they want a more rustic approach. Whatever helps them imagine their next few years are living or working there.

As for the technology itself, it is pretty advanced, and companies keep improving it as we speak. Virtual staging experts rely massively on 3D design software. Moreover, they use gaming technology so that the result is as realistic as possible and responsive too.

Even though this may sound confusing for non-experts, this technology is top-notch. Explained in simpler terms, the team of experts uses sophisticated software to create a realistic view of each room’s interior.

What makes it even further interesting is that the potential buyer can see the room from a first-person perspective. Amazing, right? The creators strive to achieve that goal so that the buyer can have a real sense of the home or office space, size, the light conditions and conceptualize a real overall impression of the thing they see.

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A Few Final Thoughts

It is evident if you still have doubts about whether this concept works. The tech part may seem challenging to understand. But you will be convinced just how virtual staging benefits and helps once you see the result.

The benefits are many. You will have lower costs when preparing the space for sale. You won’t have to rent furniture or appliances or hire people to rearrange the ones you already have.

It is highly convenient since you won’t be doing anything. You hire a trustworthy virtual staging company and let them do their magic. You will have the final product in just a couple of days. Opposed to the traditional staging, where it takes more time to finish the project.

As mentioned before, you have creative freedom, which you can use to meet the buyer’s expectations more easily. And lastly, it is time and money-saving. The only name you need to pay attention to is the company you choose. Make sure that the photos they create aren’t too fake or too photoshopped. Bad photos can turn customers away since they won’t trust you enough to come and take a look.

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