How To Get Marriage Certificate Attestation And Apostille?

Marriage Certificate Attestation and Marriage Certificate Apostille are crucial documents requiring legalization. A marriage certificate authentication is essential in proving the legitimacy of your document. The marriage certificate attestation process is a grant given as permission by the native government to enter a foreign country. So, a foreign country government office requires proof of your marriage certificate attestation as you are showing documents or acquiring a visa. 

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Marriage Certificate Attestation

The process is not a direct approach and is lengthy. You can find expert services offered by professionals. They complete the entire procedure of marriage certificate attestation on behalf of you.

What Is Marriage Certificate Attestation?

Marriage Certificate attestation is a significant attestation process that includes procuring an attestation stamp from the designated officials. Also, the marriage certificate attestation is a must from the country that issues the certificate.

What Is The Need For Marriage Certificate Attestation?

A marriage certificate attestation is a validation of the document’s genuineness that is required abroad. The attestation on the marriage certificate proves that you are married legally to the other countries.

With the marriage certificate attestation, getting sponsorship for your spouse or a family residence visa is possible. The authorities’ issues require specific documents to process and the marriage certification authentication issued by the country where the marriage took place is legal.

How to get Marriage Certificate Attestation?

Getting marriage certificate attestation is helpful and a must as it is your personal document. If you do not know the procedure or have limited time, it is best to look for attestation services. So, knowing the process is a must, and it is not any short process.

How To Get Marriage Certificate Attestation And Apostille 2

Hiring an agent or a company providing attestation services is useful. They know the procedure and charge you for the attestation services that they do on your behalf. To make a marriage certificate attestation for UAE, visit a certified legal service provider for apostille/attestation service.

Such organizations have expert agents who know the legal procedure and stamp work, making the work less complicated and adequately done for evaluation purposes. They also take care of all the paper, stamps, and seals from the officials.

The advantage is they do it faster, have enough experience to offer you hassle-free services. They also know if there are any changes in the rules. Besides, to facilitate clients, the service providers provide pick-up and delivery facilities, charging an extra fee.

What Is The Benefit Of Getting A Marriage Certificate Attestation?

A marriage certificate attestation is beneficial as it gives evidence of you being married legally. It is a personal document that requires you to get a visa, passport, work permit, etc. Acquiring a marriage certificate attestation is helpful if your spouse is living abroad. It also helps in life insurance benefits, for bank deposits, and also to receive family pension.

What Is A Marriage Certificate Attestation Process?

If you plan to reside abroad with your partner, you need to get the marriage certificate attested with a stamp or signature on the document. The certificate must be attested at all three levels to get the authentication for visiting a foreign country. It would help if you went through specific procedures to get your marriage certificate attested. You need to attach your ID proof and the marriage certificate, such as a PAN card, Aadhaar card, and birth certificate.

Here are the steps required to get your marriage certificate attested.

Notary Attestation

The first step is to get the notary attestation. Get the stamp or signature from the regional office and then go for the further process step by step. The attestation can be done by the regional or local officer, the lawyer, or the prescribed department official. This legalized procedure is to be done by the authorised personnel only.

Home Department Attestation

The next step is to get the apostille attestation from the state officers. You need to get the stamp or signature from the department if you are going abroad. You need to submit the document to the office, after which it will be verified and attested by the authorized officer, after which you can collect it from the office.

SDM Attestation

The Sub-Divisional Magistrate attestation is the process of getting stamps on your personal document such as a marriage certificate and birth certificate from the state level department. The officer verifies the document correctly and authenticates its legality. It is an exceptional process for SHD and HRD, depending upon the type of document.    

MEA Stamp

The Ministry of External Affairs is the central government authority that manages the foreign affairs of the country. It is necessary to get the MEA attestation and  MEA stamp on your document if you are going abroad. The ministry authenticate the personal, commercial and educational documents. 

Embassy Attestation

The last and final stage is to get the embassy attestation. This one provides the legal authenticity of the document. It would help if you went to the authorized authority of the country where you are going to visit. Get the final verification from the embassy, and then you can visit abroad without any bothering.  

As your marriage certificate is a crucial document, there is no chance of making mistakes. When you are getting the document attested, make sure that you follow the procedure correctly. It needs almost three to four weeks to get the certificate verified. 

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Marriage Certificate Apostille

Several documents may be required to circulate as evidence. The verification and certification of certificates is an obligation in professional and personal life at certain stages. Legalizing a certificate is an essential aspect, and it confirms the dependability and prominence of a document. It reveals the trustworthiness of the document or certificate holder, ensuring the reason to travel is good. The apostille seal is required on a certificate when a foreign country is with the Hague Convention.

What is Marriage Certificate Apostille?

A marriage certificate apostille is the process of receiving an apostille sticker. It is an authentication part of the apostille-mandated documents to prove the document’s reliability, and it indicates you are trustworthy.

When Do You Need Marriage Certificate Apostille?

How To Get Marriage Certificate Attestation And Apostille 3

A marriage certificate attestation validates the document authenticity when required abroad. It is a must to give evidence to the countries you are going to that you are legally married.

It helps in getting sponsorship for the spouse or a family residence visa. The authorities issuing require specified documents to further the processing.

The certification authentication is issued from the country the marriage took place.

How To Get A Marriage Certificate Apostille?

Marriage certificate legalization is a procedure. It facilitates hiring skilled professionals for authentication.  You can always acquire the apostille on your marriage certificate by providing the essential evidence. It is a lengthy process, and best to acquire it through apostille agents.

Ensure the agents are reliable and trustworthy. They have professionals to carry out the legalization procedure. They have skilled staff, and relevant experience. So, they offer perfect legalization services.

Their proficiency and skill in rendering certificate legalization are that you may submit documents and get the stamp and signature on the documents. The legalization procedure is faster when an agent helps you to get it.

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What is the Procedure for Marriage Certificate Apostille?

Acquiring on marriage certificate an apostille seal is a lengthy procedure. It was earlier handled only by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). From 2019 January, the legalization procedure is decentralized for the documents to RPOs and Branch secretariats. It is more convenient for the general public.

Yet, it is a long process and does not complete in a day or two. The procedure for the marriage certificate apostilles is: 

Notary Attestation

The notary certification is necessary before other procedures, and it is the first action. It is the local notary offering the attestation in the form of a stamp and a signature. Also, the notary is the primary step of the verification procedure in the legalization of any certificate. It is a must on personal and educational documents to get the legalization from the local notary.

Home Department Attestation

The certification of personal documents is performed by the State Home Department.  The personal documents include a birth certificate, marriage certificate, and death certificate. Thus, as the Home Department has restrictions in performing the personal documents verification, there are authorities to attest the documents.

SDM Attestation

It is a Home Department variant. SDM is Sub-Divisional Magistrate. It works individually as a standalone of the state government. In many cases, the authorities may ask for HRD attestation on the educational documents.


The MEA at this stage gives a sticker containing the name and applicants’ other details. The MEA offers a stamp in association with the apostille sticker on the documents. It is the final apostille stage that is performed by the central government.

What is the time-length to get Marriage Certificate Apostille?

Certificate authentication is not a process of one step. It depends on the document type, the state that issued the document, and how much the procedure may take the legalization further.

The standard methods include the offline procedure to complete in two to three weeks or extend slightly. However, acquiring apostille services in Mumbai on your behalf to complete the process means the time-length is a lot lesser.

Expected cost of a Marriage Certificate Apostille?

The marriage certificate authentication is in several stages. The apostille attestation procedure fee relies on the authentication type you require if you need legalization from all or only from the MEA.

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