10 Amazing Hand Sanitizer Facts You May Not Be Knowing

Hand sanitizer has become a crucial thing to use regularly after the pandemic. There are several hand sanitizer facts, myths, and misconceptions that is used daily. The sanitizer is eligible to kill germs and bacteria present on the hand and works well when soap and water are not readily available.

There are different hand sanitizers available in the market, including gel-based sanitizer, foam-based sanitizer, and a liquid sanitizer. You can choose the one you like. You need to take a small amount of sanitizer on your palm and rub it on both sides of your hand properly so that it covers every area of the palm perfectly.

10 Amazing Hand Sanitizer Facts

Here are some of the fantastic hand sanitizer facts that you may not know and now have a look at those facts and myths.

10 Amazing Hand Sanitizer Facts You May Not Be Knowing 1

1. Hand sanitizer only kills Germs and not Clean your Hands?

It is believed that hand sanitizers only kill the germs present on your hands and don’t clean your hands. This is not true; if we compare it with soap and water, it is evident that soap and water clean your hand more appropriately than a sanitizer, but it is not useless to clean your hands. It’s just a misconception that sanitizers can clean your hands nicely and even wipe out the germs present. Get the sanitizer dispenser and use it whenever needed.

2. Effectiveness of a Hand Sanitizer

A hand sanitizer is as effective as soap and water. You need to be cautious while using it, and after that, you can get relief from the microorganisms and bacteria present on your hands. You don’t need to doubt the effectiveness of a hand sanitizer as it can kill germs and bacteria at optimum. Choose the one with more than 70% alcohol in it as it can be very much effective compared to the one that has less amount of alcohol.

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3. The Sanitizer does not treat all the Germs Equally

There are various germs of bacteria present in the air and on the things that you touch. Every germ and bacteria require different treatment. One of the hand sanitizer facts is that if we talk about hand sanitizer, it is eligible to kill the common germs but not the noroviruses and deadly germs. They are effective against these potent viruses but not as much as soap and water do. You can use sanitizer but make sure that you wash your hands once you reach home or wherever you find clean water and soap.

4. Hand Sanitizers are Safe for Kids

If you think that the sanitizer can harm your child, then you are wrong. Don’t use the harder ones for them but give them the mild ones whenever they touch something or play. They are safe for kids above the age of 8 who understand things well and don’t place their hands in their mouths or touch dirty places. Kids have soft and delicate skin, so make sure that they use soap and water whenever required.

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10 Amazing Hand Sanitizer Facts You May Not Be Knowing 3

5. Hand Sanitizers Protect against Flu Viruses

Yes, of course, hand sanitizers can protect you against flu viruses. It is one of the hand sanitizer facts. The sanitizers can kill a massive amount of germs present on your hands, and they even reduce the transmission of certain diseases. They won’t work on greasy and oily skin as a sanitizer can’t wipe out grease and oil, so it is advised to use soap and water. Otherwise, sanitizers can protect you from all the common viruses and flu viruses.

6. Homemade Sanitizers are not so Effective

You will get thousands of searches regarding making hand sanitizers at home, and many of you might even have tried it. But do you think these sanitizers are as effective as those you purchase from the market and the brands you get in the store? As you are not a professional, it is good to get one from the store and use it whenever you go out or at your workplace.

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7. Irritating the Skin

One of the hand sanitizer facts is irritation on skin. Probably a hand sanitizer does not irritate the skin as kids, and senior people can use it. But if your skin is irritable or has any skin disorder, you should consult your physician or doctor before using it. There are scarce chances of skin irritation, and therefore you can use it, but if you have any uncertainty, consult your doctor before using it. Or else the skin reactions are infrequent while using the sanitizer.

10 Amazing Hand Sanitizer Facts You May Not Be Knowing 2

8. Using it in the Right Quantity

You require to apply the right amount of hand sanitizer to clean your hands and kill germs and bacteria. There is some automatic sanitizer dispenser in which you can adjust the amount of the sanitizer so that you receive the correct amount as soon as you put your hand under it. You can fill any sanitizer in the dispenser and use it whenever required. A good thing about the sanitizer is that it is available in different capacities and can be refilled easily.

9. Choose the One that has more Amount of Alcohol  

A hand sanitizer is much more effective if it contains a high amount of alcohol. The sanitizer you use must have more than 70% or at least 70% alcohol present. The main ingredient that kills germs and viruses is alcohol. So whenever you purchase a sanitizer, do check that the amount of alcohol in it is high. The dosage and ingredients in the sanitizer matter, so choose one with the right amount of ingredients.

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10. Hand Sanitizer or Soap and Water?

You can use hand sanitizer all day, but then soap and water are always better when it comes to comparison. It cleans your hand correctly, keeping you free from germs and bacteria. You can fill the sanitizer in an automatic sanitizer dispenser and use it whenever required. You can install both the wall-mounted soap dispenser and sanitizer dispenser or put the tabletop one at certain places at your workplace and home.

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