A Closer Look At Hangers As Ear Accessories

Hanger accessories were traditionally worn as large gauge earrings that stretched the lobes that hung over the shoulder. Today, there are numerous types of ear hangers you can add to your everyday look; including thick spirals and U-shaped gauge earrings. Let’s take a closer look at these hangers and how you can wear them to achieve your desired look.

A Closer Look at Hangers as Ear Accessories

What Are Ear Hangers?

Ear hangers are pieces of jewelry that you wear in already-stretched ears. Usually, they hang below the earlobes, hence the name ‘hangers’. It is advisable to avoid using these hangers to stretch your ears; because, if they are weighted, they can lead to uneven stretching. Additionally, trying your ears with these can lead to tearing and prevent you from going back to a bit of stretch.

Ear hangers are more of a fashion statement rather than a tool to stretch your ears. Most of them are not very heavy and will not produce the required results. That said, to rock your great ear hangers safely; we usually recommend a minimum plug size of 6mm, which means 2-gauge ear hangers.

Ear Hangers Vs. Ear Weights

Hangers and ear weights tend to look the same, and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. However, the deciding difference between the two is that ear hangers are hanging earrings for stretched ears; that typically weigh the same as a standard pair of earrings. Ear hangers can be made from several materials but mostly brass or wood; and are usually hooks, spirals, or hoops with dangling decorations.

On the other hand, ear weights are worn inside the earlobes; similar to ear hangers but are heavier. They come in a wide variety of sizes and weights. For instance, a 10mm ear weight can be used for an ear stretch minimum of 10mm and comfortably sit in overstretched ears.

The weight of ear weights usually varies from very light to heavy. A light ear weight can be worn all day comfortably and be barely noticeable; but a heavy ear weight might be too cumbersome for all-day wear. Consequently, you should consider your lobes before picking the best weight and design.

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A Simple Guide to Stretching Your Ears

Over the centuries, many people have undergone the process of stretching their ears. However, if you are a beginner and wish to stretch your ears; make sure to consult an expert in a studio. A professional will pierce your ears and direct you to gauge your ears safely until you achieve desirable results.

A Closer Look at Hangers as Ear Accessories 1

Furthermore, professionals will provide you with essential tips on how to take care of your ears post-stretching; and train you on what measures to take after getting an ear infection. Alternatively, you can purchase a professional ear stretching kit and easily stretch your ears in the comfort of your home.

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With options ranging from traditional hand-carved bone to hoops and spirals, our ear stretching kit comes with a wide array of ear hangers; in various styles to fit any individual’s taste and preferences. You are most likely to get a 14-gauge piercing size but; once you fully decide on ear stretching, you can later upgrade to a size 12 gauge (2mm) taper.

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