Reasons Why Having An Excellent Magento 2 Store Pickup For Your E-commerce Store

Why to have a Magento 2 Store Pickup For Your E-commerce Store? Nowadays, due to advanced technologies, customers are using various communication channels; to interact with the brands online in their shopping journey easily.

So being an E-commerce Merchant that’s too Magento, you might have analyzed that your customers; or guest users visit your website to view the products they are looking for but not place the order online. And I’m pretty sure that you might know some reasons behind this. Right?

One of the reasons is that the customers are afraid of paying extra money on the delivery of products; or might be OK for buying the same product; from their nearby outlets of the same brand as per their convenience time.

Magento 2 store owners need not worry about this problem because Magento 2 extensions help them; to scale their online business smoothly and make their eCommerce store more advanced.

The best module for this solution is Magento 2 Store Pickup, where store admin is allowed; to add multiple stores to their website easily from the back end admin panel. Customers are allowed to choose their nearest store from the checkout page to pick up their orders.

This makes customers easy to pick their orders as per their convenience and also improves the shopping experience. Additionally, there will be an improvement in in-store sales and conversion rates too.

Full feature list of Magento 2 Store

  1. Configure multiple stores with the locations and the store’s operational timings.
  2. Use Google Maps to set the storage location.
  3. Create and add store tags for better navigation.
  4. Customers can schedule their order pick up as per their flexible time.
  5. Search stores by distance, by country, by state, by city & zip code.
  6. View the complete details of stores, including name, address, operational timings, and location.
  7. Improve customer service by providing the nearest storage facility to them.
  8. Store admin can quickly delete or edit the store details anytime.
  9. While adding a new product or edit the previously added product; the admin can assign the product to desired physical stores.
  10. Product availability can be checked by customers before scheduling their pickup.
  11. Customers can view the list of all the physical stores and the pin mark or custom tag icon.
  12. All the details about the store are listed on the website so a customer can contact the store quickly.
  13. Easy to check the store details with one click
  14. Various ways to search the nearest stores fast and easy
  15. View multiple stores on a single map
  16. Well organized layout to display the information about the stores.

Benefits of Magento 2 store

Raise in the offline sale

Magento 2 store admin can quickly drive more sales to their offline stores using this Store Pickup extension. It allows buyers to view the product online and purchase the same; by visiting your physical store and collecting the product.

Enhance Shopping Experience

Think from the customer’s point of view; then allow them to collect their product from your offline store as per their scheduled date and time. This will increase the customer’s satisfaction level; and encourage them to visit online stores more and more for future shopping.

Reduce Order Cost

Collecting the product from an offline store directly cuts the product delivery charges. Moreover, changes during online shopping and are sometimes quite expensive.

No Wait for Product Delivery

Using the feature of this extension of self-pickup, the product from the nearest store cut the delivery price; and cut the long delivery time. Which means they need not wait for days to do so get their product to deliver. Just visit the nearest store and pick the item in so less time.

Increase in Sales

There are chances that when customers visit the physical store, they might purchase more products. Because, meeting them in person helps store owners up-sell or cross-sell more products with the one customer ordered.

Using Store Pickup for Magento 2, customers can easily schedule the self-picked date and time of the order in advance; as per the working schedule of the store and reduce the shipping fee. It is a useful tool for merchants to offer store pickup functionality to their customers; by adding their store location, zip code, contact number, opening-closing timings, etc.

Using the zip code, customers can view the navigational directions to reach that store. Once the store details have been added, so next, whenever the store admin will edit the previously made products; or add any of the new products on his eStore. He will be able to assign that product to any of his added stores.

Key Features Magento 2 store

Add new store

Store Owners can manually configure multiple stores and add the store location details; such as store address, opening and closing time of stores, holidays, and a description about every store.

All these details will be displayed to the customers when they search for the store. Also, admin can add any new physical stores to the list anytime later.

Add store vacation mode

Store Owners can add holidays or excluded days for a particular or multiple stores; to restrict the customers to schedule an order pickup. Admin can easily add the date on which the physical stores will remain closed and the name of the holiday.

Search pickup locations

Customers can easily search for the stores and view the list of stores in the form of list view; and even on a Google Map.

Store selection option during checkout

All the physical stores added by admin will be listed in the shipping method section of the checkout page; where customers can select the preferred location to pick up their order. 


So, you can not ignore such powerful and useful features of Magento 2 Store Pickup Extension; which can boost your offline business and enhance the customer’s shopping experience like never before.

Looking for Magento 2 Extensions or want to build a new Magento 2 eCommerce store? Or need to upgrade the existing one? Contact us today for your development solutions or custom requirement.

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