5 Top South Korean Actors Who Always Remain In Headlines

Today the top South Korean actors and actresses remain in the news headlines along with the other industries male and female actors. Since, last few years, people are enjoying watching Korean movies and dramas.

However, people like us, who do not understand the Korean language, still watch it in dubbed version whether it is English or Hindi. There are a dozen of top male and female South Korean actors with so much of talent.

Now a day, people like to know latest news on South Korean celebrities. To know every detail about people’s favorite actors, the audiences keep their eye on the TV screen or internet.

The South Korean actors make place in the people’s heart with their acting skills and good look as well. Besides that, among all the Korean actors there are few actors who always remain in the news for their works in both personal and professional life.

Top 5 Most Famous South Korean Actors

Now we will discuss on the top 5 south Korean famous actors nowadays. Let us take a brief look on this matter.

1. Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi is one of the top listed South Korean actors in Korean film industry. He is an actor, model and singer as well. Most of the people know him as a flower boy. His historical drama character as prince made him very popular among the people. In addition, he receives overnight popularity. He looks very charming in his traditional Korean cloths.

After the first role in the king and the clown, he shows his acting skills and becomes everyone’s favorite. Besides that, he did many other films and dramas.

2. Lee Jong Suk

At first, Lee Jong Suk started his career as a model at fifteen. In a very young age, he started modeling. After that, he started giving auditions for the TV dramas. In addition, succeed to get his first role as a schoolchild. In that character, he shows all his acting talent and gains people’s admiration. Soon after, he becomes very popular and favorite. He is also a very looking and charming actor.

3. Song Joong Ki

This actor is very popular in Asia. Therefore, Song Joong Ki, another one of the top South Korean actors, talked in Korean film industry. He is hallyu star as well. The remarkable drama of his is Sungkyunkwan Scandal. On the other hand, for his running man show, he sang songs and the popularity of him rises rapidly. Nevertheless, song Joong’s first leading role or as a solo actor was the innocent man which was a melodrama.

4. Ji Chang Wook

Wook received his fame just after doing the series of smile again. After that, he did Warrior Baek Dong Soo and Empress Ki dramas as well. Though at the same time, he starred in many other highly popular drama series as well which are Healer, The K2, and Suspicious Partner. The handsome look of him and his acting ability offered him the success that he deserves.

5. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho not only famous in Korean industry but his popularity extends to china as well. Besides that, from many other countries as well, he receives his popularity. The acting career of him takes in his own way from the popular drama KBS2. People always remembered him for his lovely role in the dramas like The Heirs, City Hunters, and Legend of the Blue Sea. Even he had done movies that are produced by china film industry and he becomes very successful.


Therefore, here are few top South Korean actors for you. To know latest news on South Korean celebrities, you can search on internet by your favorite actor’s name.

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