Things to Consider When Choosing Your Shower Faucet

The shower faucet consists of at least a shower set. That includes the faucet, connected to the showerhead by a flexible hose, and a mounting bracket. Add comfort options to your bathroom by choosing the best shower faucet from the mixer to the built-in column; all our advice to find the solution that will suit your needs.

Essential Elements in a Shower Faucet

The shower faucet includes the four essential elements in a shower. These are:

  1. The shower faucet.
  2. The shower hose.
  3. And, the showerhead.
  4. The hand shower wall bracket or a shower bar slider to attach the showerhead.

Each of these can be purchased separately or as a kit with a wall bracket or shower bar. Typically, the kits include the head, the flexible, and the support or the shower bar. But the shower faucet is usually purchased separately.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Shower Faucet 1

The Shower Faucet

The shower faucet does not have a spout; but a connector on which the shower hose is screwed or clipped to differentiate it from the bathtub faucet.

There are mainly three types of the shower faucet.

The Mixer

It has two handles, one for cold water flow, and the other for hot water. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the flow of the two knobs to obtain the desired temperature; which can cause a moment of discomfort and waste of water.

The Mechanical Mixer

It has a single lever that controls both the temperature on one axis and the water flow on another. While it is easier to operate with one hand; the water temperature setting still needs to be fine-tuned with each use.

The Thermostatic Mixer

It is equipped with two controls: one for regulating the water flow and the other for the temperature. So, blocking at 38 ° C limits the risk of burns. As the temperature remains constant, it is incredibly easy and pleasant to use.

The Shower Hose

The shower hose is the hose that connects the faucet to the showerhead. Also, it exists in 2 materials, stainless steel or plastic and different lengths.

The Material of the Shower Hose

  • Made of plastic, it is easy to maintain, but less resistant than the stainless steel models. To increase its resistance, it is reinforced with metal wires.
  • In stainless steel, it is resistant. It will be less flexible with a single stapling than a flexible double staple; which will be much more comfortable in use.

The Length of the Shower Hose

For your comfort, pay attention to the hose’s length; which must be adapted to that of the largest user to bring the knob at least 10 cm above his head. There are three standard hose sizes: 1.50m, 1.75m, and 2m. As a guide, a hose of 1.50 m may be sufficient for a shower enclosure; while a longer hose will be necessary to shower comfortably in a bathtub.

The Shower Head

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Shower Faucet 2

The showerhead or hand shower is the part that diffuses; the water in the shower once it is connected to the tap by a hose.

On the aesthetic side, there are several shapes or finishes, and in all cases; it can be held in hand or rest on support for more comfort. Sometimes designed in metal, it will generally be made of ABS; a plastic material insensitive to rust, and exceptionally resistant to shocks.

The showerheads are available in several shapes, round, square, rectangular, or cylindrical. Furthermore, the finishes are varied, chrome, matt, or colored. There is something for everyone.

The difference in the price of the hand showers is played out on the technical side. Also, the options available to the showerhead. From the shower to the single jet to head of multi-jet shower, some models offer different types of jets; Like, Rain shower, toning, massage, drop by drop, misting, showering can become a real moment of relaxation.

Side options, the showerhead can be equipped:

  • An eco-stop function, which makes it possible to temporarily stop the water flow; when you soap yourself, for example, before returning to the same flow and the same temperature.
  • A flow regulator that saves water.
  • LEDs that diffuse light to indicate the level of water consumption.

In regions where the water is incredibly hard, be sure to choose a model equipped with a jet system equipped with silicone-based spikes. Therefore, that will clog less quickly and will be cleaned more easily.

The Shower Column

The shower column adds to the trio, faucet, hose, shower head, a high head, or rain shower for more comfort. While some columns take the form of a simple bar; others conceal all the connections and connections in a shell for a more refined aesthetic.

The High Head or Rain Shower

To form round, square, or rectangular, usually, by plastic or metal, the high apple is available in several sizes; 20 cm in diameter or side until XXL formats.

Its size and the number of pins are the criteria that determine the degree of comfort of a shower. So, the larger the showerhead, the more water that pours out is abundant and will envelop you in water. Moreover, the more there are many pins. Also, the more the water will be distributed smoothly, while a smaller number will offer more power.

The Shape and Dimensions of the Shower Columns

The shower column can take different shapes: rectangular, rounded, etc.

Particular attention must be paid to the choice of its dimensions. Indeed, its high head height must be adapted to the largest user, and ideally placed 2.10 m from the receiver.

Shower Column Options

Some shower columns are available without taps to connect them to an existing shower tap. So, you can quickly improve your shower or your bathtub by decorating it; with a high head and enjoy its shower rain.

The Shower Column can also be:
  • Hydromassage: it is then equipped with adjustable nozzles at thigh and back height for relaxing or toning massages. Discover all the hydro massage shower columns.
  • Luminous: it is equipped with LEDs for a chromotherapy function.
  • Musical: it is equipped with a connected speaker to enjoy your favorite music in your shower.

Recessed Shower Columns

Some models of shower columns can be built into the shower partition; leaving only the high head, the mixer controls, and the water outlet for the showerhead.

They offer an exceptionally sleek design, but their installation a little more complex requires work.

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