Setting Up A New House Checklist – 7 Homemaking Tips

Moving and setting up a new house brings with it exciting new possibilities. A home is not only just a building, and as your new living space, you want to make it as comfy and homely as quickly as possible. However, a place you can call home requires that you put in the effort to make it seem and feel like one, and changes have to be made to give it a new look of your choice. Here, the setting up a new house checklist to help you transform your new living space into a proper home.

Checklist For Setting Up A New House Before Moving

Setting Up A New House Checklist - 7 Homemaking Tips 1

1. Set Up The Utilities In Your New House

When moving into a new house, you have to consider many things, but setting up utilities should be your top priority. Utilities include electricity, water, gas, and internet connections, as well as setting up your mail, trash, and recycling. It’s not the most thrilling part of the moving process, and however, it is the most necessary. Setting up utilities at your new house before moving in makes for a smooth transition.

2. Prepare The Place For Unloading

Hiring a moving agency or renting a truck for moving your belongings is a significant part of the whole moving experience. If you’re in the U.S., chances are you’ve heard of Penske. A multinational that now offers rent a truck service in some well-known countries in all the continents. Hiring the right movers will ensure that your belongings are kept safe from damage during the move.

Put everything in labeled boxes, load the furniture first, and keep essentials where you can easily retrieve them. Doing these will ensure that you can quickly unpack at your new home.

3. Change All The Locks

You can’t call it home unless you have been handed over the keys to the house. Your new landlord will give you the keys to the house, but you are better off changing the locks once you move in because you never know how many spare keys are in circulation to the door to your house. So, in the spirit of precaution and being safe, change the locks as soon as you can. If you like to beef up the security of your house, consider installing security cameras for good measure.

Setting Up A New House Checklist - 7 Homemaking Tips 2

4. Put Up Some Art

Now that your new home is furnished and you have done all the unpacking, it is time to make the home feel like your own. To add that personal touch to your house, consider adding display art on the walls to show off your own aesthetic taste. So, instead of bare, ugly fences, your guests will have something to look at and talk about upon first entering your abode. And besides, the art will add to the house’s personality, something that the people will associate with you.

5. Set Up The Hardware In The New House

Most people accept whatever comes with the house in terms of the hardware, like the doorknobs, light switch panels, faucets, etc. However, the hardware plays a significant role in determining the house’s overall look. If you have a theme that you want to stick to throughout, then you must consider changing the hardware.

6. Fill Your Home With Plants

Plants improve the air quality of an indoor space, but they also play a huge role in interior design. A plant can instantly brighten a place up, and you can use it as an aesthetic decoration. Beautiful potted plants on the window sill and near the doors and couches or on top of shelves can instantly lift up the house’s look. On top of that, plants also have health benefits; like looking at the green plants can improve eyesight, the plants provide oxygen and help reduce stress. Therefore, invest in setting up some indoor plants to make your new house as naturally aesthetic as possible.

7. Stock Up On Essentials

Essentials, like cleaning supplies or food items, are usually the first things you will need to set up to your new house. You can go so far with surviving on take-outs, so you need to stock up on food as quickly as you can. Also, consider picking up the food you can carry with you; like food cans, dried fruits, and other essential pantry items. Make sure that you bring all the cleaning essentials that you’d need right after the move. Make sure that they are accessible and packed in a separate box.


Setting up a new house is an exciting experience and brings a new beginning possibility. Try to follow the “setting up a new house checklist” mentioned above and easily make the transition from your old home to your new home.

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