Pros And Cons Of Having Roller Blinds In Your Home

If you are looking to have complete control over the amount of light in your home, then roller blinds should be your top pick when it comes to window dressing. Here, we have noted 10 pros and cons of roller blinds. Roller blinds give your home a classic and stylish look compared to curtains.

Roller blinds are made of single cloth fabrics wrapped around a casing. You can control them either manually by pulling a cord attached to the sides or by using a remote. Roller blinds are mainly made of polyester, vinyl, and PVC materials, which greatly determines where you plan on using your roller blinds.

If you plan to use in areas with a high level of humidity, such as the kitchen and bathroom, you need to choose a fabric that is waterproof. But generally speaking; polyester roller blinds work well with all room types in your house. For roller blinds to give your home service, you need to choose the correct fabric for the correct room. Also, you must ensure they are skillfully crafted.

Roller Blinds Pros And Cons

Pros And Cons Of Having Roller Blinds In Your Home 1

Pros Of Roller Blinds In Your Home

  • Aesthetic: Roller blinds give your home an elegant look as there is no extra fabric around compared to traditional curtains. They can even be tailored to fit perfectly into your window frame. Hence you do not have to worry about your pet or children playing with them.
  • Versatility: Roller blinds come in various colors, styles, patterns, models, shapes, and a wide range of designs to choose from. You can also choose vertical or horizontal blinds, depending on your liking.
  • Durability: If you are looking for a window dressing that will serve you for a long time, then you can never go wrong with roller blinds. They are UV resistant; hence you do not have to worry about fading constantly.
  • Easy To Clean: For traditional curtains, you sometimes have to set a day to clean your curtains. Especially if your home is in a dust-prone location. You only need a vacuum cleaner to have fresh roller blinds, and you do not have to clean them frequently.
  • Easy To Operate: You can either open roller blinds using a remote, preferably for high windows, or the chain connected to a cord at the side by pulling it either up or down. With the advancement in technology, we have roller blinds where you press a button or use voice commands to close or open. You can allow light partially or completely by opening them to a certain degree as per your need.
  • Privacy: Roller blinds help you maintain privacy in your home and keep your business away from strangers and neighbors. Homeowners also have a choice between opaque and translucent roller blinds.
  • Cool Your House: If you are a homeowner who has been suffering under the scorching sun, then consider using roller blinds that have energy-efficient insulation. Also, choose lighter roller blinds or high-quality fabrics that will control heat penetration and UV rays.

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Pros And Cons Of Having Roller Blinds In Your Home 2

Cons Of Having Roller Blinds In Your Home

Roller blinds have more benefits for homeowners, and here are a few disadvantages that one may encounter:

  • Not Suitable For All Window Types: Some irregularly shaped windows may not find roller blinds that fit. If necessary, homeowners will have to seek the services of roller blinds experts to design one for them, which may come at an extra cost.
  • Dangling Cords: It may pose a danger to pets and children if left unsupervised. Children can even pull them down completely if they use the cord and blinds as toys. Since they are not strongly mounted compared to traditional curtains.
  • Noise: During windy days, if the windows are left open, then the roller blinds flap against the walls causing distracting noises. Homeowners must ensure their windows are tightly locked during heavy winds and storms. Also they must ensure roll up the blinds if windows have to be opened, or use magnetic rails to keep them in place.

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Final Word

Roller blinds are the most important window treatment for your home. Roller blinds have pros and cons. So, you only need to choose the correct type of roller blinds for your rooms to experience the desired effect.

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