Dig Into Old Home Foundation Repair Solutions

You don’t always need to rebuild an old home. If you hire an old home foundation repair expert, he will suggest accurate repair solutions based on the style and age of your home. Understand common problems in old homes alongside different solutions.

Let’s get started.

Old Home Foundation Repair Solutions – 4 Common Foundation Problems

Dig Into Old Home Foundation Repair Solutions 2

If a home is older more than fifty years, then it will be considered old. Over time, many environmental factors affect the quality of material, and thereby, you start noticing warning signs in these old homes.

It would help if you never overlooked these signs and always hire an expert for inspection. Don’t try the DIY approach because you don’t know what’s hazardous is underlying a wide crack.

Uneven Floors

Many homeowners believe that creaking and uneven floors are common issues with old homes. Well, it might be a sign of a bigger problem. It would help if you made different structural and nonstructural cracks.

Many foundation repair companies offer a free inspection and avail their services to understand floor and wall issues better. They overlook signs like bowing walls by considering them nothing but age-related issues.

Sticky Doors and Windows

When a person notices sticky doors and windows, he thinks that something is wrong with the door and will get a quick fix. He ignores cabinets and frames. They might have some damage signs too.

When your home foundation shifts, the reality is that it also creates window and door jamming or brings gaps in windows or doors.

Drywall Cracks

When your home foundation settles with time due to soil type or poor backfills, then you start noticing drywall cracks.

Building settlement increases stress and pressure; thereby, cracks appear on the floor and drywall.

Cracked Concrete Foundation

Many homeowners worry about foundation cracks. But not all cracks affect the home’s structural integrity. Some foundation cracks are serious, and some aren’t. Foundation movement is one of the causes of structural cracks, and these cracks can eventually threaten a building’s structural integrity if you do not repair them promptly. Concrete shrinkage during the curing process can cause non-structural cracks, and these cracks don’t threaten a building’s structural integrity.

It would help if you understood that hairline cracks don’t require immediate professional help. But as soon as you notice diagonal or stair-like cracks, it’s an obvious sign of structural damage. You need to perform a stability check by inserting a screwdriver.

If that crack is more than one inch and your concrete chips or flakes, it’s suggested to call foundation repair experts.

3 Solutions for Old Home Foundation Repair

Here are some solutions offered by experts.

Dig Into Old Home Foundation Repair Solutions 1

Steel Pier Pilings

It is an advanced old home foundation reinforcement solution in the construction industry. This option prevents further foundation damage by transferring the structure’s weight off the weaker soil and onto the steel piers.

This vertical support offers an ultimate structural lift to an acceptable level. It would help if you went with this underpinning solution as it is good enough to deal with future settlement issues. 

Concrete Staples

If a crack is more significant than a hairline, you need to seek concrete staples services. This carbon fiber material is designed to enhance support to concrete slabs while providing it the ultimate stability.

If you have cracks in your concrete structure, you need to go with this old home foundation repair solution as it won’t let existing cracks get larger or broader than before.

Carbon Fiber Straps

When you have cracks in the basement walls or bowing walls, contractors fix them with carbon fiber straps.

These produce works as a bridge between two broken sections of a concrete slab and provides the support it needs.

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