How To Make Small Bathroom Feel Bigger: 20+ Small Bathroom Ideas

How to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger? When it comes to small bathrooms, many of us feel that we have to compromise on everything. If we want a bathroom with a bigger space; then we have to choose between taking up more space and spending less. But if you can’t afford a more oversized bathroom, don’t let this stop you from having the space you need. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or design.

20+ Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger Or Look Bigger

Add A Mirror On The Wall

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The mirror is one of the most effective ways to make your bathroom look bigger. You can use it to ensure that you’re not getting too close to the wall; and avoid any accidents, like hitting your head on it. It can also act as a decoration for your room.

With a mirror on the wall, you don’t have to worry about this problem. You can also place it in one corner of your bathroom. That way, you’ll have a curved space and will still be able to see everything happening inside the room. With just a little ingenuity, these small bathroom ideas became “big.”

Paint The Borders

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Border paint is a great way to make your bathroom feel bigger and more spacious. It’s also a cost-effective solution for making your bathroom look nicer and more expensive. The best thing about border paint is that it doesn’t take much space at all.

You can place it behind the sink and under the bathtub. It only takes a few inches to make it more comprehensive for you but give your bathroom that extra dimension!

The wall where you want to apply the paint should be cleaned and prepared beforehand if necessary. Then, choose a good paint of ink or pattern and brush on its required amount of dry stain into your walls.

Opt For A Patterned Floor

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A patterned floor is a distinctive way to make your bathroom feel bigger. This type of flooring is perfect for adding style and interest to your space; without taking up too much room with its size. Patterned floors add visual depth and dimension to the area that you will be in. You can see different patterned floors in epoxy flooring.

They will help break up visual distractions and create a feeling of space that will play into your vision for the bathroom. Some patterns available are variegated, which have many different design elements are going on at once; while others feature smooth lines with small details. Patterns come in both wood tones and white tones.

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Paint A Mural

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A mural is a great way to make your bathrooms feel larger. Mural paintings can be applied on all types of surfaces, giving an exciting touch to every space. This process needs time and effort, but the results are well worth it! The best thing about the mural is that it can make your room look more vibrant and imaginative.

Mural paintings are great for making rooms feel more extensive, as they provide an illusion of space. The mural will draw your attention to it, making you feel like there is more space in your bathroom than what is available. You need not do anything else if you want this effect; such as using furniture that gives the room a different color or pattern.

Keep The Sink Clutter-Free

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Keeping your sink clutter-free is an easy way to make your bathroom feel bigger. All you need to do is choose the proper storage for all of your dirty dishes; so there’s no more stacking them on top of each other or using towels as dish-towels.

Use baskets to put them in, or leave your sink clear for a while. It would be best to keep the bathroom clean so no dirt from any other surface leaks inside. The best thing about owning your sink clutter-free is that it makes cleaning much easier and more efficient. You can always plan out time to clean it instead of doing it when you haven’t got enough time.

Display Some Of Your Favorite Artwork On The Wall

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To make a bathroom feel bigger, you can use furniture that is different in color or pattern. You can even display your favorite artwork on the wall to make your bathroom look more spacious.

However, if you want even bigger walls with pictures or decals on them; there are also plenty of companies that offer bathroom murals to make your room feel more spacious. A mural is a painting whose colors draw the eye in different directions at once.

You can also display artwork that blends well with the room’s colors, such as paintings of people or animals. Not only does it feel larger because they are larger, but you’ll find them easier to clean, too. They don’t have any small pockets on the wall for dirt to collect.

Put Up Some Shelves

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One of the best ideas to make your bathroom feel bigger is by putting up some shelves. These are easy to do, and they will help store things that you might not want or need in their original place.

You can put them up on the walls, but they’re even more visually appealing if you put some shelving over the bathtub. You can even attach some hooks to these spots instantly, which will make cleaning a lot easier.

A good tip for using shelves is that you should only use those with sturdy bottom items; anything from porcelain plates to glass pots to bamboo shoe racks is a great option.

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Use Creative Storage Solutions

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A bathroom is a space that only a few people take care of. It can be hard to feel like you have more than just a shower and toilet in the room. To increase the size, try adding some creative storage solutions.

The simplest way is to put a shelf over the bathroom. This makes it easy to organize things like lotion and coins; plus it takes up much less space than a cabinet would have.

Place them close but not directly on top of the toilet for boxes where you might also want some extra storage room for makeup or other items. This way, it’s easy to grab these without having too much in front of you while using the facilities.

Consider Adding A Window

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Adding a window to the bathroom can make the space feel bigger. A window is just one of many ways to add more light and open up the space. A new view into your home is always an option, but it’s not something that everyone will want to do.

Sometimes it just won’t fit with the overall style of your home. Consider adding privacy curtains to all windows to add that extra effect into the room. You can place them at different places around the room; or you can make them all one very long curtain that would walk along with your bathtub.

Either way, they are pretty easy to put up and help keep light out of some regions of the bathroom. Rooms are great places for this since everyone needs privacy when they require undressing or showering. So you can consider keeping things very simple.

Set Up A Mirror On The Wall Opposite The Window

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Mirrors can be beneficial when you want to make a small bathroom look or feel bigger; then it’s essential not to stick them up in the corner. Mirrors help increase volume in an area by reflecting light into that room or another room.

It also helps create more of a feeling of open space if reflected light includes other bright areas. So to generate the illusion of more space in your room without adding actual geography, sticking to this general idea will go far in sprucing up an otherwise small bathroom.

It takes away that cramped feel while still reflecting enough light into the room. There are a few steps you can do with mirrors, depending on what kind of they look like and whether or not your bathroom is high-end.

If they’re a big ornate sort of mirror only appropriate for a hotel-type bathroom, they’ll probably frame very nicely, and they’ll help you accentuate the smallness of your space in due time. If it means anything, these pieces with plumbing fixtures will usually blend in well with a bathroom’s decor anyway.

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Paint The Walls A Light Color

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One of the best ideas to make your bathroom feel bigger is to paint the walls a light color. This will also brighten up any dark surroundings and can help bring some natural light into your space. This approach goes well with a lot of bathroom styles.

As long as the color is too bright for your particular space, you’ll have no problem offering people a bigger space from merely painting it any paint other than white or cream-colored.

It can give off an impression that way, but this works particularly well for couples with small bathrooms. Keep in mind, though, if you prefer to keep the color of your bathroom dark for better sound absorption of harsh water-borne elements, paint can obscure it somewhat.

Add A Small Rug

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When people are looking for ways to make their bathroom feel bigger, they can often overlook the addition of a small rug. This is because rugs are not always given the same attention as other pieces of furniture in a room.

However, many bathrooms are too cramped to be worth much adornment. If you choose to go with a small wild cropped rug, make sure it matches the color of your walls. If your bathroom’s walls are a dark color, choose a darker rug.

Be sure to place the rug decoratively against the wall and not on top of it, or else it will look out of space. It can provide an elegant décor that will work well with any style you have for this space.

Strands that embellish the room’s design could also work to make it feel larger. If you like, use delicate ribbons or pom-poms for your bathroom rugs. A few popular colors for rugs are black, grey, red, and bleached white stripes. Black is not only an easy on-with bare feet choice but also offers a certain mysterious comfort after a long day.

Consider Adding Some Artwork

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Adding artwork to your bathroom can make it feel less claustrophobic. You might be able to find vintage wallpaper, mirrors, or even framed pictures that will pair nicely with the other decor in your room.

You can even find bathroom-specific artwork like framed drawings of Daleks that would look great as a backdrop to an onyx heated towel rail/Yoga mat. Whether you’re hoarding those pieces of art under your bed or hanging them around the room, they will bring a fantastic addition to any bathroom decor.

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Use A Different Kind Of Light Fixture

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To make your bathroom feel more prominent, you can try changing out the light fixtures. Use a chandelier to illuminate your room instead of regular overhead lights. A chandelier in your bathroom can give it a completely different feel.

Electric lights are great for adding extra lighting to the room, but they also produce inefficient heat. A small light fixture with clear glass or colored walls will allow the bath’s atmosphere to be lit up without over-illumination. This will create a serene atmosphere where you can relax and unwind rather than running about getting ready for work.

Install A Taller Vanity

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Some people like to make their bathrooms feel bigger by installing a taller vanity. However, you should know that it will take more time and effort than just installing the typical one.

If you want to save money and time, you should consider installing a wall-mounted vanity instead. One of the reasons why people like taller vanities is because it allows for storage space that’s not used by an old flat surface cabinet.

Install plumbing tiling around all edges of your tub; this allows for walls to get uniform-sized. This can improve the overall space in your bathroom, making it feel bigger than one you don’t have tiling around all sides of your bathtub’s contours.

Install A Skylight

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Skylights can brighten up a room. They also let in natural light, which makes the room feel bigger. A skylight is easy to install and can be done with little cost or effort.

Installing one in your bathroom will help give it an open feeling while adding natural light to the working space. One of the most typical mistakes people make is not considering enough space when choosing a piece of new bathroom furniture.

Unless you have a large room but with little function or storage for your appliances and bedroom accessories, too many pieces can clutter up the look of your bathroom wall-to-wall. The most popular choices are mirrors, vanity mirrors, window fog lights, and shower lights.

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Keep The Floor Clear

Keep The Floor Clear

Your bathroom can feel small and cramped even if it’s not. By keeping the floor clear of clutter, you’ll create more room for your feet to move around confidently. This will also help you sidestep, tripping over all the things hiding in the corner of your bathroom.

In addition to making your entire room feel bigger, it also makes the area more open for you. Installing floor tiles with a grout color that matches the tile on your shower or tub can help create all-around unity in your bathroom.

Install A Taller Shower

Install A Taller Shower

A taller shower can be a great way to make your bathroom feel more spacious. If the height of your current shower is too low, you can install a taller one that will give you more room to move around and bathe.

A higher shower head will also help wash away soap scum and hair that can trap moisture and ruin the overall appearance. Installing a taller shower with grooves or raised borders to help break up the space may also give you an extra boost in the room.

Select Glass Shower Door

Select Glass Shower Door

Glass shower doors are an excellent way to increase the size of your bathroom. They also make it feel more open and light. They can be made of tempered glass, which is a sturdy material that will not shatter when hit with force or break if bumped into quickly.

There are several types of glass shower door options on the market. Sizes of showers doors range from a slight 4-inch difference between ceiling height and floor level to a sizeable 30-plus gap between the ceiling and floor. Installation costs today are much lower than those of just a few years ago because there have been so many innovations in the industry.

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Install Frameless Cabinets

Install Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets seem to be the perfect solution for those who want a modern and clean look. You can install these cabinets in any room, and they leave the wall free and allow it to breathe. They also help make a small bathroom feel much bigger than before.

These cabinets come in many different styles and shapes. Some come with expensive glass shelves that can help keep your bathroom shiny white at all times. Other kinds are entirely naked except for the handles, which are simple yet elegant.

Frameless cabinets will eliminate any distractions about storing your toiletries or towels in a specific area of the room. They work well when you would rather have a much bigger bath area, which is often the case for those who live in small apartments or homes with restricted space.

Install A Pedestal Sink

Install A Pedestal Sink

Installing a pedestal sink in your bathroom can make it feel larger and more functional. The pedestal sinks are great for installing in the corner of the room because they take up less space than a large bowl or washbasin. They also help to break up the wall and create more spatial options in the bathroom.

The sinks will make your entire shower area look larger and feel more open because these pedestals are set off by using different materials like marble or granite. There are many pedestal sinks to choose from, which you can decide would fit best in your style.

Use A Bathtub Caddy

Use A Bathtub Caddy

The bathroom is one of the important common spaces in your home. It’s where you take a shower and wash your hands after using the bathroom, and it’s where you collect your dirty laundry and put on deodorant.

It’s where you brush your teeth and get ready for bed. For many people, their bathroom is also where they choose to entertain guests and hold important personal business.

Bathtub caddies are unique pieces of furniture that will help you make use of this space in your home more efficiently. You can use them to store all manners of items around the house, from toilet paper to laundry detergent.

Other uses for a bathtub caddy include an area to keep extra towels and washcloths, as well as a place to get ready before leaving the bathroom each time you shower or bathe.

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Add A Ladder For Towels

Even the smallest space needs a ladder, whether it be to get to hard-to-reach things or for ease of use. This is the case in the bathroom as well. If you want your bathroom to feel bigger, then you can add a towel ladder from one side of your shower to another.

This will make it easy to grab a towel at the bottom of your shower and put on pajamas or underwear with no issues. These ladders come in multiple styles, different color woods, or stainless steel finishes; you can find more than one pattern for any space that you’re trying to transform.

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Final Words

A bathroom is a small place, but it has a significant impact on the way we feel. We pay a lot of time in our bathroom. Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger are all about making your bathroom feel bigger.

You can achieve this by changing the accessories, accessories, lighting, and color of the room. If you are looking for a way to make your bathroom look bigger without buying new furniture or remodeling it, then these small bathroom ideas are perfect for you.

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