How To Keep Your Floors Looking New

So, you splurged on expensive new floors, but now the reality of wear and tear on those floors is hitting you. While it will take some time and elbow grease, you can keep your pricey flooring looking nice by caring for it properly. Caring correctly for your floors not only keep your floors looking new but also saves you money on costly replacements.

Read the tips below and have your guests in awe of how well-maintained your floors are.

How To Keep Your Marble Floors Looking New?

How To Keep Your Marble Floors Looking New

Although they are expensive, marble floors are simply beautiful. Marble floor care Bronxville NY is imperative to keeping your marble floors in good condition.

One competent practice is to dust mop once per week for each person or animal living in your home.

So, if you have a couple of people and one pet, you should dust mop three times weekly. Deep clean the floors monthly using a mild soap less cleanser with a neutral pH.

Get to stains quickly and try to blot them out. If the stain has previously been set, use a hydrogen peroxide and ammonia combination to remove it.

How To Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Fresh?

How To Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Clean

Keeping hardwood floors looking new or their best can be a daunting task, especially in rainy or snowy weather.

To keep your floors from showing their age, try placing a shoe removal station with seating and a place for dirty shoes right by your door.

Further, keep a rag handy for wiping up wet areas quickly. Vacuum hardwood floors weekly with a floor brush attachment that won’t scratch the surface.

Mop floors monthly with a product made specifically for hardwood. Be careful not to use a soaking wet mop, but use a damp one instead. Sop up any sitting water as it is harmful to wooden floors.

How To Keep Your Carpeted Floors Looking New?

How To Keep Your Carpeted Floors Looking New

Cleaning carpets is typically less time-consuming than hard floors because they don’t require frequent mopping or scrubbing.

Clean your carpets by frequently vacuuming with a quality vacuum set to the appropriate height for the carpet piling. It would be great if you vacuumed at least once per week, more in high-traffic areas of the home.

Clean the rugs with a carpet or steam cleaner at least once each year. If you have carpeted areas of your home that take a particular beating, consider using a cleaner on them semiannually instead.


Well-cared-for flooring is essential to keeping your home looking its best. Follow the tips above for your marble, hardwood, or carpeted floors to keep your floors looking new for years to come.

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