Buying The Best Shop Air Compressor To Ease Your Works

Are you looking for a air compressor? To ease you in buying the best shop air compressor, here is the example product and several tips before buying one.

For some people, owning an air compressor can be in vain if they do not know how to use it. But, if you have it in your garage, this can ease your job on so many levels.

An air compressor can be used for sanders, grinders, inflating tires, and many more. That is why if you do not have it, you need to consider having one.

However, you may do not have sufficient knowledge about finding the best shop air compressors. We have the solution for you. At, you can choose your best shop air compressors with various choices and different features.

2 Example Products To Check Before Buying The Best Shop Air Compressor

Buying the Best Shop Air Compressor to Ease Your Works Craftsman CMEC6150K Air Compressor

1. Craftsman CMEC6150K Air Compressor

If you want to have an air compressor at home, then Craftsman can be one of your choices.

This air compressor has a 7-gallon tank capacity with a powerful motor. That is why many users are considered this as one of the best shop air compressors.

Made in the USA, this air compressor has 13 sets for many tasks. The power can reach up to an 0,8 horsepower motor. In terms of maintenance, this tool has an oil-free pump and can enhance the tool’s longevity. You will also get several accessories like a blowgun, PVC air hose, and tire inflator adaptor if you want to have one.

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Buying the Best Shop Air Compressor to Ease Your Works California Air Tools 1P1060S

2. California Air Tools 1P1060S

The other best shop air compressor is California Air Tools 1P1060S.

What makes it interesting is that this air compressor is quiet but powerful. It is suitable for those who are looking for an air compressor that has low noise.

With 0.6 horsepower when operating in low RPM up to 1680, this air compressor has a powerful performance and minimum depreciation and vibration. Besides, this air compressor also has an oil-free pump and can work up to 3000 hours at any hindrance. The gallon tank weighs at least 29 lbs, which means light and easy to carry and move wherever you want.

Those two products are the only example products you can buy as your reference. At, you can still purchase other types and make sure you choose one based on your need. To make it easy to find one, pay attention to the next section.

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Guidelines In Buying The Best Shop Air Compressor

After you see some of the best shop air compressors reviews, you need to know if several things can help you buy the perfect unit based on your needs.

By knowing these factors, you will know what kind of shop air compressor suits you and what elements you need to check before buying it.

Oil-Free VS. Oil-Lubricated

Nowadays, it is safe to say that oil-free shop air compressors are more prevalent in the market. Many people favor oil-free compressors due to the air produced from them is much cleaner. Besides, it can save you more money since you do not need to buy oil repeatedly. Also, the air compressor tank does not require frequent maintenance.

A different thing that makes this stand out is that it is safe for the environment. Hence, if you do not like to clean the air compressor regularly, you should buy an oil-free air compressor unit.

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Tank Capacity

When it comes to checking a particular shop air compressor product, you need to pay attention to its tank capacity. There are several capacity alternatives that you can choose based on your need. Therefore, it would help you understand the purpose of having a shop air compressor first to understand the tank capacity you need.

For instance, if you need it to provide power for your air hammer. Then, a small tank should be enough for you. If you have a purpose of using it for powering your spray painter or use it to refill fuel for your vehicle, you will need a much bigger tank capacity.


These two elements are essential when you want to know the efficiency of your shop air compressor. PSI shows the level of the airflow produced from the shop air compressor. As for CFM, it shows you the rate of airflow of the product.

If you need a shop air compressor that can work for a long duration. It means you need a shop air compressor with higher PSI since it can produce a continuous air stream.

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Thinking all of these aspects will help you in determining before buying the best shop air compressor that you should buy. Suppose that you still need more product reviews or further explanations on things you need to consider before purchasing a shop air compressor.

You can visit to gain more information about this matter and find more furniture reviews to help you work on your DIY projects.

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