Vanity Unit: Choosing The Best One For Your Bathroom

Vanity is defined by Wikipedia as “a small vanity, especially for use by the wearer in a bathroom”. In layman’s terms, vanity unit is defined as a small, shaped glass box with a mirror on its front or back, usually fitted with a cabinet on top of it. Vanity mirrors are usually placed above the sink, offering a view of one’s mouth as well as offering one with a view of his/her reflection. It is a crucial fixture in the bathroom; it may either make or break the look of the room.

Vanity Unit - Choosing The Best One For Your Bathroom 1

Vanity Mirrors

Many people overlook vanity mirrors or keep them out of sight. However, these should never be treated lightly, as they can significantly enhance the bathroom and make a massive difference in how you feel about yourself and your bathroom.

Wood Vanity Unit

Wood vanity units are a traditional choice, which goes well with most bathroom designs. And, wood blends in well with a wide variety of home decors. However, there are modern wood finishes that come with modern designs that fit well with most bathrooms. Whether you prefer a traditional look or sleek, clean lines, the choice is entirely up to you.

Corner Vanity Unit

Corner vanities are ubiquitous pieces of bathroom vanity furniture. They offer a sleek, elegant finish to any bathroom and come in many different sizes and shapes to match any other bathroom look. Some corner vanities are even double-lined to prevent slipping when a person is brushing their teeth or shaving. Some corner vanity units even have built-in storage cabinets underneath to increase their usefulness further.

Of course, fixtures for your bathroom vanity sink are an essential aspect of purchasing this type of unit. You will need to think about what is available in today’s market and what is currently within your price range. Some popular choices include under-counter sinks, single countertops, vessel sinks, glass tops, and even stainless steel sinks.

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Vanity Unit and Price

While the price is a major deciding factor when choosing a vanity unit, there are also many more aspects to consider. It is best to do your research entirely before choosing any particular style or make sure that it matches your bathroom’s general design theme.

Disadvantages of Vanity Units

There are some disadvantages to buying bathroom vanities rather than other types of fixtures. Firstly, these units don’t offer a great deal of storage space. If you only need a small set of items stored in a shallow cabinet, they may not be worth the extra cost. They are also typically fitted with pedestal sinks, so the actual vanity unit may be smaller than you would like.

Drawers are a trendy addition to the bathroom vanity. They are convenient, as they offer the perfect place for storing all your small personal care products. If you purchase a vanity with no drawers, you may need to buy extra storage space around the outside of the cupboards to get the items you require. Vanities with drawers can also save space if you choose a sliding design. Many designs feature a slide to the side and, when closed, will store items on the other side of the drawer.

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Different Types of Vanity

Depending on your bathroom style, you can choose from a wide range of different styles of vanities. You can find ones that have a contemporary feel, others that have a traditional feel to them. You can also find a modern look that incorporates different mirror styles, including chrome, gold, and silver ones. In most cases, a vanity unit will have two sinks with either a single basin or two separate ones. If you have decided to go for either double sinks or perhaps a triple sink, you can usually change them easily with a few taps.

There are several types of sinks that you can use on your new vanity. Vessel sinks are one type that you can consider. These sinks feature the advantage of creating a contemporary look in the bathroom with their circular shape and providing you with much more room on the countertop area. If you want a double sink, you can also get one that features two vessel sinks.

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