5 Major Benefits Of A Home Intercom System

Home intercom systems rose to popularity in the 60s and 70s; but the intercom systems available today are far more advanced. Although many of the benefits remain the same, some innovative features like video screens are entirely new. If you are creating the smart home of your dreams; you may want to add a system like the ones from Phono to your tech lineup. From increasing home value to strengthening home safety, here are five significant benefits of installing a home intercom system.

Top 5 Benefits Of A Home Intercom System

5 Major Benefits Of A Home Intercom System 1

Increase Home Value

This may not be the first thing you think of when considering a home intercom system, but it’s an added bonus. If you ever determine to sell your home; you can be sure an intercom system will be seen as a perk to potential buyers.

Smart homes are becoming more sought after as people realize the convenience home tech brings.

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5 Major Benefits Of A Home Intercom System 2

Strengthen Home Safety

A home intercom system allows you to screen people who come to your front door; and if you get a model with video integration, you can also monitor who is outside your home.

The presence of a video intercom is often enough to deter criminals. In addition, you can make announcements to the house in an emergency like a dangerous weather situation.

In this case, you can instantly alert everyone without having to worry that they aren’t near their phones.

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Communicate With the Household

In addition to announcements in emergency situations, you can tell everyone in the home that it’s time to leave the house for an engagement, start the game night, or come down for dinner.

This makes coordinating a household much easier, especially if you have a large family or lots of roommates.

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5 Major Benefits Of A Home Intercom System 3

Go Wireless

Many intercoms now have app integration where you can view the video cameras; or communicate with the system from your phone.

This makes it easy to communicate with the house when you are away from home; or not next to a control panel.

Though a hardwired intercom is still a great option; but wireless systems are available if you don’t want to attach the system to your home.

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Lock and Unlock the Doors

Some systems now integrate with security door locks and other innovative home features; so you can let people into your home without getting up.

If you have app integration as well; you can let visitors in when you’re not home to take care of pets, put packages inside, or other household needs.

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A home intercom system is an excellent addition to smart homes. They can help enhance safety and convenience while increasing the value of your home.

Consider what system is best suited to your needs; by deciding if wired or wireless is a better choice for your house. Also, consider if a video is necessary for you or if an audio-only system will take care of your concerns.

As always, consulting a professional company for your options; and installation will help you make the right choice for you and your family.

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